As cryptocurrency investing continues to evolve, ideas and innovations keep coming up to help any crypto investor use it to the maximum. Some are about investing in this industry through stock trades, whereas others are about transactions, including sending and receiving money. The latest invention is platforms to allow people to pay for various services using cryptocurrency.

It is no secret that many apps exist that allow service providers and people looking for them to assist each other. However, there is one such invention that’s uniquely shaping this industry.

It is none other than the iZOBi App. What is it, and how is it different from the rest? How does it work, and how would it benefit its user? There is only one way to find out. So, without further ado, let’s discuss more about the iZOBi App and why it is the best marketplace for any crypto investor out there considering cryptocurrency investing. Read on.


Have you ever used Uber? If your answer to the question is a resounding yes, then iZOBi App wouldn’t be something so new to you. After all, their working systems are similar, especially going by how they work. However, the latter has introduced cryptocurrency in its operation. It is a marketplace for anyone looking for handy jobs. Equally important, it closes the gap between cryptocurrency and how it is possible to use it daily.

The app comes in handy when booking or finding various home services. It is a go-to app for a customer looking for freelancers ready to help with search services. Do you want any electrical installation or to repair the existing one? Are you looking for a dog walker, caretaker, nanny, cleaner, gardener, painter, carpenter, or plumber? If you are nodding, the iZOBi App is the place to be. It is a pool of people offering such services, and as a customer, all you need is to search and then choose accordingly.

However, unlike other common services, it is unique in various ways. Some of them are the following aspects.


Gone were the days when the only currency known to man were physical monies. As days went by, the introduction of liquid cash occurred, but the trending one now is cryptocurrency. The more people understand the benefits of cryptocurrency investing, the more they prefer it over the other types. That would include the payment of home services such as painting and plumbing. Fortunately, iZOBi App is filling that gap. Therefore, any crypto investor will be in a position to use their coins to pay for these basic yet vital services that people often overlook until they are in dire need of them.


For so long, platforms offering services similar to the ones iZOBi App offer have oppressed both parties. The customers have to pay a lot, but the handyman pockets pretty little at the end of the day. After all, there is a massive chunk of the money taken by the app owners as platform fees. As if that’s not enough, a delay of funds also happens, inconveniencing the service provider. However, as a crypto investor, there is no need to worry about it with this new application.


Have you ever hired a service provider whose job left a lot to be desired? If so, that’s about to change because this app guarantees nothing short of excellence. As a customer, you can rest assured of finding services worth your hard-earned money. Never again will you ever pay for mediocre services.


For customers, hiring home services will never give you any headache again. A problem will be solved as soon as it needs fixing. That’s because the iZOBi App has a pool of service providers ready to offer you services whenever you need them. You don’t spend a lot of time looking for them. You also don’t have to worry about various terms and conditions.

On the other hand, services providers also don’t need to undergo tests to offer their services. It is effortless and straightforward for both people. Balancing the two is a rare thing, no doubt.


The app is evident that cryptocurrency investing could make managing your house easy. With the iZOBi App, Handyman, it will be as easy as a walk to the park. That’s because the designers designed it with the homeowners in mind. It has several services that make the app easy to use, despite managing a wide array of services. Organising your house or office will be easy thanks to these essential services.


To begin with, homemakers often need cleaning services. You don’t have to go through the challenges of finding and hiring one if you have the iZOBi App. It will simplify the process of finding a cleaner, no doubt. Make payments for cleaning services using the iZOBi tokens, and you will enjoy seamless benefits from investing in cryptocurrencies through this excellent app.


Have you ever experienced an issue with your plumbing? If you have, you know how urgently you needed it solved due to its inconveniences. However, as much as you wanted it solved as soon as possible, that may be impossible. You might spend a reasonable amount of time looking for a plumber. Under such circumstances, how are you expected to stay for long with a clogged sink or broken pipe? Remember that your plumbing system needs frequent maintenance to avoid significant issues. As a crypto investor, this app could help you manage all that, since you can pay for these services using crypto via the iZOBi App.


From electrical installation to repair, the Handyman app will help you get services from qualified professions on-demand. Upon getting the desired benefits, you can use your iZOBi tokens to settle that bill.


Once your lawn demands mowing, don’t hesitate to go to this application. You don’t want it looking untidy and neglected. It also harbours pests that may harm you and your loved ones. The beauty that comes with frequent mowing is pleasant. Consequently, finding the right man for the job will ensure that the results are worth every penny. Above all, cash isn’t necessary because you can use your iZOBi token to pay instead.


Sometimes, all you want is for your kid’s performance to improve. Therefore, you consider looking for a tutor to make it happen. After all, it offers unique learning, relevant to the individual student, one-on-one attention, self-directed and self-paced learning, and much more. However, where do you find a teacher who can deliver the desired results? You have no reason to worry since this application has got you covered. You will easily hire a professional tutor for your kid. In addition to ensuring your kid gets the help they need, the app has an extra benefit. You can use your cryptocurrencies to buy iZOBi tokens. After that, use them to pay your child’s tutor.


If you are a working mum, a nanny is an integral part of your life. If that’s the case, finding a great babysitter could make your life easy. You don’t have to worry about the child when away, which is suitable for your peace of mind. You also get to go to a movie once in a while, even if you are a stay-at-home mum. iZOBi App will ensure that you hire one easy and fast. Last but not least, pay using cryptocurrencies, which is only possible with this application.


You don’t have to neglect your pet when busy. Again, grab the application and get in touch with a pet sitter. When making the payment, you need not worry about cash. As long as you have cryptocurrencies, all you have to do is use them to buy iZOBi tokens and then pay your dog walker using this app.


If you have a sick, disabled or older person who needs a caregiver, this app will also make it easy to hire one. As if that’s not enough, the app will give you a chance to pay for the services using crypto.

Given all that the app can offer, Handyman by iZOBi allows you to manage everything. It comes to the rescue of homemakers juggling between their jobs and maintaining their homes. It provides dog walking, caretaker, nanny, cleaning and gardening services. Expect it to help you with the likes of painting, carpentry, electrical appliance repair, plumbing and much more. With all that under control, how else would you struggle with managing your home? Above all, it makes payment with cryptocurrencies easy. That’s why it is crucial to consider it, especially during cryptocurrency investing.


You are probably wondering how this resourceful app works. The steps are pretty simple. Check them out!

  • Upon opening the app, the first thing to do is to add the address. It shouldn’t necessarily be your place but rather where you want the services delivered. After all, you may be looking for cleaning services in your office and not your home.
  • Select among ten services. They include Cleaner, Environment, Electrician, Plumber and Handyman. The rest of the services’ categories are Refurbish, Care/Assistance, Teacher, Babysitting and Pet Sitting.
  • Once you select the service you need, the iZOBi App prompts you to choose between two different hourly rates. For instance, someone looking for a cleaner can choose between cleaning with detergent and cleaning without it. The two have different rates to ensure that every service user only pays for what they need.
  • Then, go ahead and select a handyperson near you. Feel free to use the reviews of the service providers to choose the most suitable one.
  • The app then notifies you of the predicted amount of time it will take the handyman to conclude the work. You are at liberty to change the amount of time if you deem fit.
  • If you are okay with the estimated duration or, upon changing it accordingly, go ahead and confirm.
  • Next, wait for that particular handyman to accept your work.
  • Once the job is over, the customer can pay via iZOBi tokens or using a card.
  • Finally, feel free to leave a review for the cleaner, plumber or any other service provider based on the results.


The main focus that iZOBi plans to use crypto investor funds are coming up with a blockchain ecosystem. Instead of just creating it, it will evolve the technology so as to have ample power to facilitate offering home services on-demand. That’s a great utilisation of the funds, given the benefits of blockchain technology. First of all, it ensures that various contracts don’t go unrecorded. On the contrary, each and every one of them is transformed into a unique record using a digital code before storing it in a database. The databases are transparent and shared.

Nevertheless, the sharing is in a way that doesn’t jeopardise the security of the transaction. No one can tamper with any existing record either by deleting or editing it. Therefore, iZOBi App will have what it takes to change the world. From payment to task to process to the agreement, all those will never be the same again. With the digital signature and code, it will be possible to identify, validate, store and share them. That is something that freelancers are yet to experience, resulting in friction all the time. Through such cryptocurrency investing, the issues will become a thing of the past.


It is important to note that iZOBi has its own Binance Smart Chain-based cryptocurrency, the iZOBi token. Its type is the BEP-20 token. These tokens will be a mode of payment by customers for the services the handymen provide. In the case of tips, the service providers will also be in the form of these tokens.

For anyone looking for a significant cryptocurrency investing opportunity, this one will do. The maximum number of tokens to be generated will be 5 billion. At the moment, the price of one token is as low as €0.05 each. It is also possible to buy them using other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and BNB. At the moment, anyone can buy them. There are high chances of their price going up in the future. It is a wise investment, no doubt.


Clearly, every crypto investor should be considering this app. After all, the iZOBi App is a great investment opportunity for anyone considering cryptocurrency investing. First of all, it makes it easy for handypersons to get jobs while those in need of their services get them quickly. The system is free, limitless and borderless. Once the system is onboard, the price of its tokens will rise. When that time comes, it would be better to be an owner of a few, if not many. Cryptocurrency’s future is bright, and no one should let an opportunity to be part of it slip away. When an opportunity knocks on your door, open it, lest you regret it later on.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor. 



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