Many crypto exchanges today have entered the digital assets trading market. However, there is definitely room for new players/exchanges in the market, especially those with the right approach and offerings. One such crypto exchange is the BlockQuake platform, which has managed to take digital asset trading or crypto exchange trading a notch higher. Although the BlockQuake platform is not yet live, it is likely to be launched before the end of the second quarter of 2021.Listen to this article 

In this article, learn how you can take advantage of a unique opportunity with a company on the precipice of launching that goes beyond just investing in any one particular cryptocurrency. Also, find out how the BlockQuake platform aims to tackle the challenges present in the crypto industry to help provide a better trading experience, and how, as an investor in BlockQuake (more details on the Wefunder platform), you can benefit from that.


The market capitalization of the global crypto market has risen from USD $136 Billion in January 2019 to over USD $1.74 Trillion* today. Thus, it is quite evident that the cryptocurrency market has witnessed outstanding growth in the past couple of years. Given the growth and emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, people now have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fintech company entering the crypto market.

This is where platforms like Wefunder, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms, come into the picture. Today, many companies look forward to taking advantage of crowdfunding platforms that allow businesses to raise funds for their unique products and services. These funds, gathered from regular individuals in the form of small investments, provide a much-needed boost to start-up companies. One such popular crowdfunding platform that makes this possible is Wefunder. So, if you are looking to start cryptocurrency investing and want to learn more about the BlockQuake platform, then check out the company’s Wefunder profilewhich has additional details about the platform and investment opportunity.


Today, investors from all backgrounds and walks of life are flocking to the crypto market because it promises exciting returns, cross-border remittances, and other multiple use cases. The challenge for traders is to find a suitable cryptocurrency investing and trading platform that ensures security, uniformity, and regulation. Cryptocurrency-investing enthusiasts have realised that the current crypto market has its own set of issues, ranging from concerns related to cybersecurity, the need to maintain several trading accounts on multiple exchanges, illiquid markets, and more. Other issues that exist in the crypto space include inaccurate and inconsistent asset pricing, and lack of fiat currency onramps, as well as trading pair options.

Traders today conduct multiple online transactions to manage their finances, including options, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Often, in the process, they tend to overlook the cybersecurity or the security aspect, which puts their accounts at risk, leaving them susceptible to online hackers and other fraudsters. Given the above challenges, one should choose a cryptocurrency-investing platform that is safe to access, use and explore.


Established by professionals from the world of traditional finance with a vast amount of experience in areas such as compliance, regulations, and audit, BlockQuake aims to provide similar transparency and trust that they had experienced in the traditional financial market.

At launch, traders will be able to trade with over fifty pairs, based on their needs and preferences. The BlockQuake platform will continue to onboard fiat currencies and cryptos, allowing users to access numerous trading options, using a single platform.

The platform charges a flat and low trading fee, while there is no fee for withdrawals through the platform. Users will, as usual, have to pay network or gas fees to the respective blockchain. Users can deposit funds via their debit or credit card or wire transfer. In addition, BlockQuake provides cryptocurrency investors with safe and secure wallets for their cryptos and fiat deposits. BlockQuake also ensures that all its users undergo the globally-recognised KYC verification procedure to avoid cases of fraud and to comply with financial best practices. The platform can be easily accessed by both institutional and retail traders, retirement, corporate, as well as trust accounts.

The BlockQuake Exchange sources its liquidity from the top global market makers, allowing users to trade with what they want and whenever they want. BlockQuake’s platform is designed using HFT (high-frequency trading technology), with an advanced matching engine capable of handling millions of crypto transactions every second. Apart from this, the platform offers industry-grade protection against cyberattacks, data encryption, as well as compliance with privacy and financial security standards to ensure the highest level of protection for customers’ data.

BlockQuake addresses security concerns by mandating the use of app-based 2FA, which is not a requirement for most exchanges, and utilises SOC2 certified hot vault or wallet infrastructure provider Fireblocks, which is backed by both Fidelity and Bank of New York Mellon. This institutional level security will protect its users’ digital assets during hot wallet storage, as well as a secure transmission.  These measures make it a highly secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange in the market.

The platform is designed for both experienced and novice traders. It can be easily accessed and is perfect for algo traders and professionals looking to trade multiple cryptos, since crypto trading across different platforms can be time-consuming.

BlockQuake has also entered into a partnership with custodian Prime Trust and applied for the New York State BitLicense, to become the industry-standard as far as global compliance is concerned.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for a platform that offers global liquidity, accurate pricing, transparency, wallet security, and custody solutions, along with regulatory compliance, then you should explore the BlockQuake platform.

To learn more about BlockQuake and investment opportunity, visit Wefunder at


In a world where cryptos are fast becoming a norm and are also being embraced by new and experienced traders alike, platforms like BlockQuake aim to revolutionise the world of digital asset trading. With its diverse crypto and fiat currency offerings, along with robust security and transparent trading, BlockQuake functions as a one-stop destination for those interested in cryptocurrency investing.


*Crypto Market Cap as of 5/21/21. Until the offering statement is filed, no offer to buy securities can be accepted & no part of the purchase price can be received; once the offering statement is filed, purchase price can be received only through an intermediary’s platform. No money or other consideration is being solicited, & if sent in response, will not be accepted. All investments must meet crowdfunding platform criteria and terms in order to be accepted. Certain restrictions apply. A person’s indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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