Ledger Nano X – The growth & emergence of cryptocurrencies

The crypto market is forecasted to increase from $2.3T in 2021 to $8.5T by 2026, growing at 30% CAGR. Some of the key drivers of this growth in cryptocurrency are DLT (or distributed ledger technology) and increased investments in venture capital.

As far as consumers are concerned, cryptocurrency investing opportunities offer them faster and cheaper P2P payment options when compared to those provided by traditional money service providers, without requiring any personal details from them.

The price volatility of these digital currencies and the fact that consumers get the opportunity for speculative cryptocurrency investing are two reasons why consumers use cryptos for trading rather than buying goods and services.Listen to this article 

On the other hand, merchants and businesses have also helped drive the growth and emergence of cryptocurrencies. With cryptos, they enjoy a low transaction fee and lower risk of volatility, thereby offering an instantaneous settlement. Cryptos also help merchants and businesses to eliminate chargebacks, which have only encouraged them to accept and pay in cryptos.

Additionally, tech developers have also contributed to the growth of the global crypto market. Many have focused on developing crypto exchanges, wallet services, as well as alternative cryptos. Others who have joined the cryptocurrency bandwagon (eventually resulting in cryptos becoming more popular) have been the millions of crypto investors globally. Cryptocurrency-investing enthusiasts are aware of the opportunities offered by these digital currencies and cryptography. As a result, they have always been optimistic about the growth of cryptocurrencies and have also been the key drivers of crypto adoption and the economy.

In this article, learn more about the Ledger Nano X wallet and what makes it the gateway to cryptocurrencies. Also, find out why hardware wallets are crucial for storing cryptocurrencies.


When Bitcoin was first launched and was only a few years old, cryptocurrency-investing enthusiasts had little option but to pick between online crypto wallets that offered a lot of conveniences but not to secure and hardware crypto wallets, which were highly secure but slightly difficult to use. However, today, crypto hardware wallets have gained much popularity. Hardware wallets have not only matured but also offer ease of usage, ownership, and security simultaneously.

So, if you are interested in cryptocurrency investing and trading and are searching for a cold storage wallet, then hardware wallets are undoubtedly the best option.

Hardware wallets store your private keys away from the internet or any devices connected with the internet, which keeps your cryptocurrency asset safe from any cyber attack. These keys are stored on a piece of hardware, which implies that you won’t lose the wallet until it is stolen or you end up misplacing it. Also, you still have the option of recovering your private keys with the help of the seed phrase. Additionally, hardware wallets are very easy to use. They store several coins as well as tokens, including ETH, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.


Ledger Nano X is essentially a hardware wallet that provides users with the much-needed opportunity to start their crypto journey, while ensuring a whole new level of security. If you are fond of cryptocurrency investing and would like to trade cryptos while ensuring they remain safe, then it is best to choose a wallet, such as the Ledger Nano X. It offers the highest level of safety or protection as your private keys remain safeguarded in a certified as well as secure chip.

The chip has been designed to safeguard your wallet against sophisticated attacks. It also features a custom OS for additional protection. The Ledger hardware wallets happen to be the only wallets to come with custom OS (called BOLOS) that safeguards your funds against all kinds of malicious attacks. The wallet also offers a genuine check or an authentication process, which ensures that no one can tamper with the device or it becomes compromised by any third party.

Another benefit of using the Ledger Nano X is that it allows you to install as many as 100 apps (simultaneously installed). The wallet comes with 5-times additional storage space available for apps, compared to the Ledger Nano S wallet. All the apps that are supported by the Ledger Nano S wallet also operate on the Ledger Nano X wallet with the help of a USB cable, as well as the desktop computer.

With Ledger Nano X, you can easily manage your cryptos while on the move by connecting the hardware wallet to your smartphones using Ledger Live. Once connected, you can manage your crypto assets everywhere.


As far as the Ledger Nano X is concerned, it comes with the Ledger Live application. This combination works together to provide users with a single solution. The Ledger Live app allows users to purchase, trade, grow, and sell their crypto assets (with our partners). Ledger hardware wallets when used in combination with the Ledger Live app, lets you store, secure as well as manage your cryptos with ease. With the app on your smartphone, you no longer need to go through an exchange since everything can be easily managed through the Ledger Live app. The app is highly secure and allows crypto users to store and manage more than 1800 cryptocurrencies easily. While the Ledger Nano secures their cryptocurrencies and transactions.

When you own cryptocurrencies, you require a safe place for storing your funds. Those who engage in cryptocurrency investing are aware that one shouldn’t be storing their cryptos on any exchange. This is why hardware wallets are the best way forward!

With Ledger Nano X, users enjoy a whole new level of financial freedom, security, and convenience. Below, find some of the many advantages of the Ledger Nano X wallet.

Financial Freedom

As the owner of cryptocurrencies, you are the only person who should have access or complete control over your private keys. But you must also keep it highly secure. The Ledger Nano X wallet, in combination with the Ledger Live application, is the ideal way to securing your funds. The hardware wallet allows you to keep your private keys safeguarded under all circumstances in a secure and certified chip. No one can access the wallet apart from you.

The Ledger Live app lets you purchase, grow and exchange cryptos safely using a single app. It is this excellent combination that provides users with complete ownership.

One-Stop Destination for Cryptos

Using the Ledger Live app, cryptocurrency-investing enthusiasts can use their Ledger Nano X wallet to manage more than 1800 coins, as well as tokens directly from their desktop or smartphone. As a result, users can access multiple crypto services as and when required.

Buying and Selling Cryptos

As the owner of the Ledger Nano X wallet, users can purchase BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, USDT, Polkadot and Dogecoin directly via the Ledger Live app from Coinify. The Ledger Live app also lets users sell Bitcoins in exchange for fiat currency as and when needed.

Exchange Cryptos

The wallet also allows users to swap one cryptocurrency for another and gain value, as well as try new crypto assets. The Ledger Nano X wallet enables users to swap cryptos quickly and easily while also diversifying their crypto assets directly via Ledger Live.

Grow Crypto Assets

Another benefit of using the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet is that it allows you to easily grow your crypto assets by staking cryptocurrencies such as Cosmos, Algorand, Tron, Polkadot, and more. One can also lend cryptos to maximise their interest.

Stay in Control

With a clear and simplified interface in place, the Ledger Live app allows you to monitor your existing balance, as well as manage all the transactions. Thus, you remain in complete control every time you access your wallet.

Manage Your Actions

Users can view everything they do on the Ledger Live app on the screens of their Ledger Nano X wallet. This implies that they can control whatever is happening at any point in time and that too in a safe as well as secure manner.

Use more than 50 Compatible Wallets

For crypto assets that are not supported by the Ledger Live app, users also get the option to use a compatible external wallet to manage their cryptos. This is one of the best services offered by Ledger, especially for those keen on cryptocurrency investing.

Industry-grade Security

The Ledger Nano X is one of the certified hardware wallets available in the market today. All Ledger hardware wallets are the only and one of the first wallets certified for offering industry-grade security by ANSSI, the leading cybersecurity agency in France.


To sum up, if cryptocurrency investing is something that you have always been interested in, then having a secure and easy-to-use wallet should be your priority. Remember, crypto trading isn’t just about buying and selling cryptos alone. You also require a secure digital hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano X wallet, to keep your funds and private keys safe. Also, the Ledger Nano X that comes along with the Ledger Live app offers the ideal solution for secure storing, as well as managing your cryptocurrencies. With the Ledger Nano X wallet, which is also one of the world’s leading hardware wallets, users can trade more than 1800 cryptocurrencies while maximising their gains.

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