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Markets are slowly climbing this Monday seeing markets remain stable and even climb a bit following Saturday’s predicted dump. However, no major momentum can be seen yet as total capitalization hovers just over $220 billion.

Bitcoin is trading at $6,626 which is up just one percent on the day. After falling to a weekly low of $6,380 which is lower than Monday last week! Ethereum, however, seems to be struggling and the match continues between ETH and XRP for the 2nd place spot looks like ETH is holding though but for how long.


The cryptocurrency market as we all know performed beautifully last year with over 900% gains throughout. You would be very hard pressed to find these levels of gains anywhere else in the financial sector. If you were aware and if you were a very early adopter to the crypto markets and with a crypto investment of a mere £1000 investment at the beginning of the year, it would have returned in excess of £10k less than a 12 months later.

This type of strategy is known as long-term crypto investment strategy, however this year, as many of crypto investors will know it’s been a strong bearish market and many investors who have simply been Hodling will have been a harsh experience over the year however if you have truly been managing your crypto portfolio as Platinum members have you would be looking a nice % profit going into October.

So is investing in cryptocurrency for the long-term a good idea?

If you were to look at growing economies and review the curve of growth of a 5 year period you would be pleasantly surprised the S&P 500 achieved over 60% increase and the FTSE one of the most traded Indices was over 25%.

It is clear that although there is always going to be volatility in any market there is a clear bullish sentiment over time for new economies. So having a brief look at some simple examples it seems long-term investing in crypto does have its merits. 

Those who don’t have the time or skillset to manage a profiting cryptocurrency portfolio on a daily basis may have been leaning more towards investing in actively managed crypto hedge funds instead of the individual cryptocurrency trading. Platinum offers an effective alternative with a portfolio analysis services and trader supporting services.


Here’s our selection for what we think are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in October. Great potential gains and longer-term investments.


NEO currently number 14 in market capitalisation with $1,236,095,714 and currently trading at $19.02.  NEO achieved an all-time high of $195.51 and so offers great value right now for the future.  Neo can be found on most exchanges and is a top tear coin,  Bibox, Binance and Bitfinex.

NEO saw a dramatic rise in 2017, especially after rebranding from Antshares, however, they didn’t stop there. NEO has been compared on many levels to Ethereum. ASs ETH has ERC20 tokens NEO has NEP5 Tokens and they have begun to be used. NEO was designed originally to be regulator-friendly with a centralized approach many crypto’s that are currently in the market are often focused on decentralisation so much so they will never be regulator friendly. With the political uncertainty in China over the blockchain, it is clear that if the regulations go the way of cryptos NEO will be a major player moving forward.


Currently number 16 in market capitalisation with $949,353,137 and currently trading at $9.94.  BNB achieved an all-time high of $24.76 and so offers great value right now for the future. The fees on Binance are typically 0.15%. As a comparison, the fees on Bittrex are typically 0.25%. Binance is one of the first exchanges to create direct utility of its coin through trading services. Bittrex, Poloniex, Krachen some of the top exchanges of the years simply do not have a coin!

Binance has not only created a great exchange to make crypto easily tradeable but by trading using BNB you do not have any fee’s so when compared to other exchanges this is extremely favourable.

Being the 2nd largest crypto exchange as reported by coinmarketcap Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, topping the trading volume for a number of different cryptocurrencies on a daily basis now.

Binance is just absolutely smashing the industry by not only offering a method for trading without any fee’s but also offering an active referral scheme where refers can make a % of the traders of the person who is referred. I also like this part of their white paper known as a Binance Coin Burn.

“Every quarter, we will use 20% of our profits to buy back BNB and destroy them, until we buy 50% of all the BNB (100MM) back. All buy-back transactions will be announced on the blockchain. We eventually will destroy 100MM BNB, leaving 100MM BNB remaining.”


ONT currently number 27 in market capitalisation with $367,345,722 and currently trading at $1.99. ONT achieved an all-time high of $11.59 and so offers great value right now for the future. Ontology can be purchased on Binance, Huboi, OKEx and many other exchanges.

Ontology has been known and advertised from the beginning is a very ambitious project and not just another Blockchain looking to solve speed and scaling issues or event cross chain interconnectivity. Ontology wants to build a public blockchain and a distributed platform to help collaborate with trustworthy entities.

Ontology will work with NEO. The Onchain team worked on Ontology. Onchain founded Da HongFei and Erik Zhang. NEO and Ontology are Onchain products.

It is good to know that Onchain is working on the Decentralized Network Architecture (DNA) system and plans to work with the Chinese government. If Onchain succeeds in this, Ontology and NEO will also succeed.

Ontology offers a solution by providing private blockchains to entities, which are then linked to the NEO ecosystem. What this means in practice is that, for example, an entity can start an identity verification service for NEO but which actually stores the sensitive ID information on a private Ontology blockchain.


ZRX currently number 28 in market capitalisation with $350,286,972 and currently trading at $0.648930. ZRX achieved an all-time high of $2.39 and so offers great value right now for the future. ZRX can be purchased on Hitbtc, Binance, Bittrex and many other exchanges.

one of the biggest criticisms of late of ETH is its security surrounding transactions, ZRX has the power to reshape the Ethereum ecosystem. 0x protocol enables transactions of ERC20 tokens between users in a secure, trustless, feeless, and quick manner through the use of Ethereum smart contracts. The only cost is the standard gas fees for processing on the network.

The main idea for 0x is to be used by other projects as a back-end transaction protocol. Thus, the 0x protocol itself is application-agnostic and helps decouple the transaction protocol layer from the application layer. 0x protocol is also partnered with several large crypto companies like Augur and Aragon.


In conclusion, managing a portfolio and growing your assets in the crypto space is not an easy task when working on your own. Platinum has now been established in the financial sector for over 11 years and has been working tirelessly over the past 3 years analysing and working with clients to educate mentor and support to maximise returns from your crypto portfolio. Get in touch today for a free review and we will be more than happy to see where we can generate extra % gains!

If you’ve booked your session above, we look forward to speaking to you soon! Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day!

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