LunaOne: A Decentralised Economy

As more and more people have a genuine interest in the virtual space for entertainment, work, commerce, and everyday life, there has emerged a desire for like-minded people to better foster social connections. The LunaOne metaverse has harnessed these transformative opportunities by developing an augmented VR-based world independent of our physical one, where people can socialize and engage in a seemingly unlimited variety of virtual experiences, all supported by the exclusive XLN token.

Most metaverses are based on third-party blockchains and use NFTs as the basis of interaction in the ecosystem. LunaOne is one of the unique projects in the metaverse. LunaOne is a decentralized virtual place that allows you to earn, study, shop, or game in a seamless Web 3.0 environment. It uses an open-world concept to give users the full benefits from games, education, work, and other activities in the metaverse. 

Unlike other projects in the metaverse with LunaOne, you can connect the virtual and the real world by receiving virtual benefits that have value in the real world. The link between the virtual and the real world is made possible through a personal avatar.

Once LunaOne is launched, it will have several development paths, including business, gaming, entertainment, and education. Each path will have two main characteristics:

Simplified: Avatars can finish any task or use the hyperverse for gaming to gain experience and rewards. 

LunaOne Features

DAO – Decentralised decision making

LunaOne was created with people in mind; hence, the people make decisions for the platform through voting. This ensures fairness as people can make decisions that favor them. 

Uses a custom blockchain 

Unlike other metaverses based on third-party blockchains, LunaOne uses a custom blockchain. This ensures it’s decentralized and can handle various tasks and activities planned for release.

Having a custom blockchain also helps to avoid third-party infrastructure fees and inconveniences. This makes LunaOne cheaper and more efficient. 

Has real-world benefit

The development of its avatars makes it possible to have real-world benefits. This is unlike other metaverses, where the benefits are limited to the virtual world. 

LunaOne uses a decentralized server

LunaOne uses a native distributed file cloud to ensure it has maximum decentralization. That means there’s nothing stored on centralized servers or third-party sites. 

Limitless opportunities

Since LunaOne is decentralized and is on the metaverse, it provides limitless opportunities for users. With avatars, you can have anything in the virtual world and enjoy the benefits in the real world. 

LunaOne uses a community-driven launchpad for NFT 

This makes it possible for non-blockchain developers to add NFTs to the platform.

This is unlike many metaverses whereby the NFTs have limited applications. 

The LunaOne Launcher gives users a lot of possibilities for internal decentralized products.

LunaOne Economy

The LunaOne platform will be governed by its native XLN token.

The token will initially be launched on the Binance Smart Chain before the platform launches its decentralized blockchain on the metaverse. The Binance Smart Chain has been selected for its affordability during purchase and long-term stability.

The token has been made such that it is a high interest-bearing asset, which will help its users directly get revenue to their wallets. The token will allow users to earn money. Some of its benefits include:

Passive Income

For every token sent, the platform charges a 2% transaction fee. The fee is then distributed to all token holders in the ecosystem, which is an excellent way to earn passive income. 


All XLN token holders will use that token for governance. The voting rights will depend on the number of tokens they’re holding. The more tokens they have, the higher the voting power.

Voting will be for the regular decisions of the ecosystem, such as how the coin will be used or how the platform will develop. 

VIP access 

Holders with a certain number of tokens will have access to VIP areas, features, and benefits. 

For anyone to access the LunaOne metaverse, you will need to have the XLN tokens. Tokens will help them acquire some of the best assets in the LunaOne metaverse, such as condos, ships, and NFTs.

LunaOne Project

The LunaOne project will be based on Web 3.0 as its foundation. There will be a decentralized file storage in the metaverse, which will enable all the users to collect and store data by distributing and segmenting it among all users of the LunaOne metaverse. Through the LunaOne launcher, users will have the power to become a storage node and, in return, give hard disk space as a reward.

As mentioned earlier, LunaOne was made with the community in mind. Through the LunaOne streaming platform, the community will have its own internal streaming service to drive engagement. The platform aims to encourage users to stream their own gameplay and watch others. There will also be an incentive system for the same. A streamer will either get an avatar for the extra experience or get rewards in tokens for having a follower base. 

The platform also plans to have a decentralized messaging service. Inside the LunaOne metaverse, DFS will store all communication, which will give users confidence in data security. Users will also have the freedom to create personalized groups or channels.

LunaOne is also working on an AR/VR device by partnering with relevant manufacturers. It plans to release a branded device for the project, enabling users to better interact with the avatars.

LunaOne will hold different events without necessarily needing any third-party providers. Any tickets for the events will be purchased using the tokens. The platform plans to support various sports, concerts, competitions, tournaments, and virtual events.

LunaOne will be a form of real estate as it will be split into different districts. Users have the chance to use the avatars to buy real estate or to invite friends to visit them. Properties will be in the form of NFTs and put in different classes and customizations. Different properties will allow the avatars to access new quests, change looks, invite friends, or participate in various events for prizes.

Through the LunaOne Launcher, users will access decentralized file storage, communications, and video streaming platforms. Through the Launcher, it will also be possible to access the first version of events before the LunaOne metaverse is live.

LunaOne will have an NFT marketplace where users can sell or exchange their NFTs.


There is no doubt that LunaOne has been made with the user in mind. The convenience that the ecosystem comes with makes it irresistible. Its metaverse, tokens, and features make it one of the best you will ever come across. Users are always looking for a place they can have fun while still interacting with others and making money on the side. 

Currently, the XLN token is on sale at a 15% bonus. The bonus decreases by day, and thus it is better to act fast for a higher bonus. One can buy the tokens directly from the website using crypto or bank transfer.

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