LunaOne  is promoting its tokens by giving a bonus. The bonus is decreasing every day, now at 25%. It is only a day left before the bonus drops to 24%. The XLN tokens will allow people to interact and access the LunaOne metaverse and purchase NFTs and property. 

LunaOne is the only metaverse that allows users to earn, shop, socialize, create, study, and game, and attend events, all that in a seamless Web3 environment.

Just like other metaverses, LunaOne users will also use an avatar. It is the one that will link the virtual and the real world. The avatar will mainly be used for gaming, education, and attending events. Avatars can earn via an internal work platform, can study and apply knowledge in scientific work, and participate in professional cybersport events.

The metaverse has been made with the community in mind, and hence there is DAO decision making, which is decentralized. Other metaverses use third-party infrastructure, but for LunaOne it uses a tailor-made blockchain, which helps solve specific tasks.

LunaOne has an advantage in that it does its own avatar development. Unlike other character development, this ensures real-world benefits; the benefits are limited to the virtual world. Unlike other metaverses that use third-party storage, which is centralized, LunaOne uses a native Distributed File System (DFS), which ensures real decentralization. 

Since LunaOne is made with the community in mind, it gives anyone the freedom to add NFTs to the metaverse. The NFTs are not limited to a certain application but can be used for different applications across the ecosystem.

The XLN tokens are the native tokens for the ecosystem for transactions. Token holders will use them for staking, NFTs, and the marketplace. They can be accessed in different ways, including via credit cards. 

About LunaOne

LunaOne is the only community-owned, decentralized virtual place that allows earning, studying, and gaming in a seamless Web 3.0 environment.

“LunaOne has already developed significant technological breakthroughs giving it unique intellectual property to drive its Metaverse. This gives LunaOne key industry-leading advantages in delivering a hyper-realistic and fully immersive experience and Platinum is helping us spread this information to a wider Crypto audience.” – Daniel Puzny, LunaOne CEO

Articulating on the LunaOne project’s solutions, Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly said, “I’m sure learning about LunaOne’s metaverses which allows earning, shopping, socializing, creating, studying, and gaming all in a seamless Web 3.0 environment will be an enriching experience for both our analysts and readers. I am positive, we will be the first to share the new developments taking place with the LunaOne project.”

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