Content creators are becoming more creative by the day and end users are streaming to obtain the best of what the market has to offer. Many content creators are raising concerns over issues of privacy, ownership, pay and piracy. Also, cases of poor pay due to involvement of intermediaries are bringing about high costs of production for individuals. The video game market is changing, with problems raising from the builders as well as the end users

Both parties are looking at seamless participation, while at the same time, receiving the best service. Gamers on the other hand are looking to experience the best of the gaming industry.

What Is The Mainframe Lending Protocol?

The MainFrame Protocol refers to the set of tools designed to suit the needs, wants, and content creator of the future. As a platform, the MainFrame Lending Protocol is not only unique but it is also secure with a user-friendly interface. The platform is making it possible for video game developers to tokenise assets inside their video games or ease hosting and production expenses by using simple tools to bring to life their ideas. Platform creators for streaming decide to reward their users for sharing resources using Theta’s, TFUEL, or MainFrame protocols that are their frame tokens. Developers for dApp intend to launch their project on Theta. The solutions that currently exist in the market tend to offer a solution to only one problem at a given time. This is not only time-consuming but it also reduces on aspects such as efficiency and reliability of a platform. 

The Mainframe Team likes to think that they are building the new generation of Guilds using the tools of the 21st century, as the blockchain technology is finally allowing people to seamlessly work together from any part of the world thus] allowing game developers and artists to reach to a new levels of collaboration. 

To achieve this, according to the MainFrame white paper, MainFrame Protocol created tools like the: 

-Game builder (which allows game creators to put together assets into 3D games such as GTA5)

-Streaming platform builder (for the live video content creators) 

-Asset marketplace (a place where everyone can buy new assets for their later use)

-Launchpad (a project that allows everyone to raise funds for their project as well as launching it to the Mainframe community and to the world) 

-Low latency communication component 

-The MainFrame (MAIN) token is a multipurpose utility token used over an array of applications such as the listed ones as well as new developments.  

Moreover, as some parts of the MainFrame Protocol are easily forkable and open source, there are some parts of the Protocol which cannot be forked due to centralized technology like our Unity Game builder and our belief is that centralized technology can coexist with decentralized technology using a strong governance system where token holders are engaged in shaping the protocol.”

The MainFrame Lending Protocol team is focused on providing a set of complete tools for media content developers to establish applications where both fiat and crypto payments can seamlessly coexist. Protocol’s main focus is to establish auditable and transparent systems easily through tokenisation of the MainFrame. Also, integration payment of fiat assists the MainFrame Lending Protocol in encouraging more content creators to utilise the platform and save users who are not experienced from the risk of using cryptocurrencies. The main agenda is the development of blockchain systems that are unified and transparent, which means that users who choose to use the fiat version of the MainFrame Lending Protocol app will have a created wallet in the system’s blockchain that brings all proceeds of the protocol, both fiat and crypto, into the system. With the government systems, the society is allowed to shape the platform to their choosing by suggesting ideas through a voting system. 

Involving the content creators through the government systems offers the team the ability to understand the gamers’ requirements and needs better. A MainFrame protocol is a designed system for the users by the users. In addition, MainFrame protocols consist of a low latency CDN component that allows streaming of audio or video by the users at -0.5 seconds latency. Users who decide to become nodes and share their resources with the P2P CDN are rewarded by the frame token for delivering bandwidth.

Drawbacks Of Centralised Technologies

Centralisation is the systematic reservation of authority in making decisions at the top management level. It is the process where decision-making centralisation is left for the few individuals in management. All the crucial decisions, actions, and subjects at the bottom level are subject to the approval of the management at the top level. All the roles of subordinates are reduced, and the top level of management assumes full authority in running the activities of the business. The following are the main disadvantages of centralisation. 

1.Centralisation is unstable for a large organisation

Centralisation is not practical in large business organisations with different branches in different locations. Communication of managerial decisions in operational levels that are different is difficult in the management hierarchy. The management level at the top cannot supervise the activities of the business effectively and control all activities of the company. For content creators and gamers, seamless participation is a key aspect, especially considering that streaming games is a universal aspect. 

2.Destroy individual initiative 

Centralisation revolves around only one person. One person takes all decisions and decides on the method of implementing them. No other person is allowed to apply their judgment, even when there are glaring lacunae in the choice of the decision. Centralisation also destroys the initiatives made by subordinates.

3.Manager is overburdened 

In centralisation, the managers at the top management level are overwhelmed with authority and responsibility in the management of every activity of the company. They get overburdened with routine work, while the subordinate has no sufficient work. Most of the work is carried out by the manager daily while their subordinates do not have enough work. The centralisation of all power does not let the chief executive put more time into crucial tasks in planning, coordinating, and motivating. There is not enough time for them to devote to other main problems, which reduces the efficiency of working of the organisation.

4.Slow down the operation

Under a centralisation setup, the operation of the organisation is slowed down. Only one person carries out all major decisions, and their unavailability keeps issues pending. Even clarification in decision making is directed to the top manager, who wastes a lot of time in formalities. The operations of an enterprise can be turned up if the subordinates are given the power to interpret and make decisions.

5.Possibility of misusing power

The authorities of managers in centralisation top-level lead to underutilisation of power. Top-level managers use their power based on their judgment, leading to misuse of authority for managers with inadequate abilities or skills.

6.Low morale motivation

The bottom-level managers and subordinates feel uncomfortable while doing their work, as assigned by their top managers. It demoralises them when they have all the skills and knowledge required to perform different tasks like the senior managers. Still, they don’t have the opportunity and authority to do that. They are not given a chance to show and develop their personality, which demotivates them and affects their morale.

7.No scope of specialisation

Centralisation does not provide any scope for specialisation because decisions are made and taken by only one person who may not have specialisation in all areas. In the current world, there is a need to employ a specialised individual. The new specialist can implement and introduce new ideas in the field that can increase the performance of an organisation.

8.Lack of environmental adaptation

The environment for business currently is dynamic as it changes with time. It is important to make decisions faster to solve issues concerning the department or branches in any business. In a dynamic environment, centralisation is not applicable because flexibility does not come from top management levels.

9.Inappropriate for routine decisions

Top-level managers devote their maximum time to making routine decisions in centralisation. As a result, they have no extra time in no-programmed decisions. This creates a negative impact on the long-term performance of the organisation.

MainFrame solutions

MainFrame solutions refer to a marketing web design and a brand company that develops a professional-looking, highly secure, responsive, fully-optimised website that achieves high-ranking SEO scores. Digital marketing services involve search engine optimisation and Google Ads campaigns for gaining maximum exposure. All graphic designing is done in-house, including logo designs, video editing, Photoshop, and much more. MainFrame solutions are robust, resilient, securable, and technologically-advanced platforms for hybrid cloud. Flexible, affordable, responsive, and quick solutions are required in the journey to the cloud. Cloud is a requirement that is needed without compromise. The IBM MainFrame solution addresses security risks and complex migration challenges, while unleashing developers’ power and maintaining stable and predictable pricing of the cloud. 

The transformative MainFrame allows the protection against breaches, minimises outages and delivers more. IBM cloud parks and cloud-native applications let companies strategically modernise existing MainFrame applications to reduce costs and obtain digital readiness. Application of MainFrame solutions includes: securing banking data for millions. The implemented strategy of Fiducia and GAD IT AG takes advantage of the capability of IBM to increase protection while facilitating agility. It modernises development practices. The farm of the state increases the development of new digital services by implementing DevOps pipelines and practices on IBM z/OS systems. MainFrame supports Arizonans as a service to those who are in need. The state of Arizona moved its MainFrame conditions to IBM MainFrame as a service to assist in modernising and serve citizens better. 

The MainFrame server provides technical services in helping people make most of their MainFrame investment with a wide range of services that includes design, develop and implement cloud support, the security enterprise, analytics, and performance and server resilience.  The MainFrame solutions offer a lower cost of ownership, optimised environment, ease of operation, hardware and software options, backups and recovery plans for disaster, themes for transformation with flexible services and services. MainFrame solutions provide consultation services for any solution review.

Unique Features Of The Mainframe Lending Protocol

MainFrame computers play a vital role in the daily functioning of many of the world’s largest corporations. Much of the popularity and longevity of the MainFrame are owed to its inherent reliability and stability. Most of the busiest websites store their production database on a MainFrame host. Some of the features of the MainFrame include:

1.It is reliable, available, and serviceable

The reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) is the main design feature for all aspects of the computer systems. It involves applications that are crucial in the processing of data. Large cooperation companies use application MainFrames that depend on scalability and reliability.

2.Greatest processing power

MainFrame protocols have a great processing capacity. There are big CPUs that contain high processing power that is embedded within the frame.

3.MainFrame security

Computers that contain the MainFrame have extensive capabilities to share and protect the firm’s data among different users simultaneously. The most valuable resources in any firm are data. Listing of customers’ data accounting and employee information is the main function of the carried out MainFrame. This data is critical and requires it to be securely managing and controlling, making it available to users authorised to see it.

4.MainFrame scalability 

The scalability of a particular computing platform determines the degree to which the IT organisation adds capacity without disruption to normal business processes or without incurring excessive overhead. In business, positive results in IT infrastructure to cope with increased demand are triggered by positive results.

5.MainFrame compatibility

An application’s ability to function in the system or other devices and or programs is compatible. Customers have a huge financial investment in their application and data. 

6.Increased performance by sharing the workload

They can share the workload among different processors and input and output devices. This enables its ability of processing and power-efficiency, and increases performance.

7.Centralised computing

The MainFrame handles centralised computing where all the operations occur within the processor section of the MainFrame, and results are observed in the desktop monitor, assisted by a utility or program running on the background of the MainFrame.

8.Huge memory capacity 

The MainFrame operations take its presence in large-scale operations and support the capacity of the memory embedded within the MainFrame.

9.Running in multiple OS

Powered By Theta Blockchain! Here’s Why!

Theta Blockchain is well known for its capabilities in the industry as blockchain becomes the hottest tech buzzword. Generally, Theta Blockchain refers to a decentralised video delivery network that provides both technical and economic solutions, specifically for the streaming sector. Powering MainFrame, it not only provides streaming solutions but also offers investors a chance to receive incentives. Organisations can double down on the reliability of data by paring with MainFrames. With the aim of streaming to meet the demands of the future, Theta Blockchain, the only end-to-end infrastructure for decentralised video streaming and delivery. Streaming video have been made easier and beneficial for content creators and gamers. 

The key objective of incorporating Theta Blockchain is to significantly reduce the cost of the Content Delivery Network (CDN).


In conclusion, MainFrame protocols are very important in the computing industry today. It enables developers to generate blockchains and Theta, which enable them to control gaming, video editing, and streaming platforms, creating content, and for investing cryptocurrencies. Content creators now have a good reason to make the best of their creativity and ideas. 

Note: It is our pleasure to announce that the long-awaited Binary Ghost video game is out, but at the demo stage. This is a major step into assessing its functionality. Currently, the demo is fully functional, and considering that it has been an ambitious project not just for the game builders but also for gamers alike, it integrates several different technologies to bring great ideas into reality. 

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