Gold Secured Currency is the world’s first growth token and the first token with an increasing asset value. GSX offers its owners the benefits of a minimum asset value, similar to that of stable cryptocurrency, and the ability to grow in value. GSX blends the advantages of the best stable coins and cryptocurrencies into a single trust-secured coin that offers the best of both worlds.

Starting with the trust-backed assets, the projected asset value will be .046 cents percent of the total asset value. As the value of trust-backed assets continues to rise, the value of the GSX will rise as a result.

What Exactly Is GSX? 

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) is a growth token that rewards its holders with income in exchange for maintaining the value of their assets. GSX is a trust-backed token that appreciates over time, and it combines the advantageous qualities of cryptocurrency, stable coin, and investment coin into a single coin. The currency is maintained on the Apollo Blockchain, ensuring that valid, decentralised transactions are carried out without interference faster than other blockchains.

Gold Secured Currency has around several acres of property in Zimbabwe that is used for gold and platinum mining. All commissions from token transactions are used to further the development of the company infrastructure and their mining fields and precious metals.

How GSX Secures Investments With Gold 

By investing in GSX, token holders will be transformed into trust beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will be assured security of their investment and don’t need to worry about losing the complete value of their investment if something were to happen to the company. Half of the mines’ income will be used to maintain and improve the token’s infrastructure. 

Benefits Of GSX

Increases In Monetary Value 

Another noteworthy attribute of the GSX is that its value is only expected to increase in the future. First and foremost, it is backed by gold and gold-bearing territory. The worth of these two items has always increased over time. The current market’s trends do not portend a different conclusion in the future. It is expected that the coin’s worth, and thus, the value of the holder’s investment, will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

Stakeholders Who Benefit From Gold Mining

As a result, holders of GSX will automatically acquire increased value from the GSX asset-backed trust as a result of the gold mining that Gold Secured Currency will establish. The holders of GSX will automatically become the beneficiaries of all of the infrastructure and investments that this firm will have. These investments will  be reinvested into GSX and raise its value and the value held by GSX investors.


Even though the first cryptocurrency was introduced more than a decade ago, a large portion of the population is still unfamiliar with how digital assets work. As a result, potential investors may find it difficult to place their trust in a company. Investors in cryptocurrency investment initiatives, such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), must confirm the existence of gold-backed reserves, just as they would in other types of investments. Apollo Fintech is concerned with the security of its investors and will allow third-party auditing of their assets as part of its business model. Third-party auditors will check the assets regularly and make their reports available to the public. The information on the asset valuation will be made available to potential investors, and they will be kept informed about the safety of their investment.

Holders Has The Legal Right To Sell

Holders of the GSX coin have the option to sell the coin back to Apollo Fintech. The price at which they sell it back will be determined by the current market value of the company’s gold stock. Alternatively, they may choose to sell the coins to third parties using Apollo’s Knox Exchange or another compatible exchange platform.

Anyone who owns GSX coins worth $200,000 or more can redeem them through Apollo’s token programme, which the company runs. The liquidity of the holder is improved as a result of this gesture.

Are GSX Tokens As Profitable As Other Cryptocurrencies?

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) introduces a new asset backing trend: asset-trust backing complemented by gold backing. Gold is the most stable and reliable investment asset available today. It has maintained a high level of value for more than 3,000 years. 

Since the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, the use of gold as a backing for stable coins helps to ensure their long-term stability. As a result, users of the GSX are given the assurance that their assets will not depreciate beyond the minimum value set. Users have the option to redeem their GSX coin investments if there are any issues with their investments. When they redeem their stable token, they will receive the amount of gold equivalent to the value of their stable coin. 

For Both Beginners And Seasoned Experts

The number of users and the number of transactions in the cryptocurrency market have skyrocketed in recent years. According to a recent analysis by Kaspersky, at least 19% of the world’s population has purchased and utilised cryptocurrency as of the beginning of 2019. Considering that cryptography has only been around for a little more than a decade, this is a significant increase. A significant portion of the world’s population, on the other hand, is still wary about cryptocurrency. One of the reasons for hesitancy is the lack of a strong cryptographic system that integrates all essential services while also focusing on future development. Unfortunately, that shortfall is being addressed by Apollo Fintech, a major blockchain-based organisation. It has launched GSX, a growth token with a wealth of features and a gold backing. The coin incorporates all of the necessary elements to provide investors with the finest possible investment experience in the cryptocurrency world.

The Volatility Of Cryptocurrency Does Not Affect The GSX 

The volatility of cryptocurrency has less of an impact on the value of the GSX index. The gold backing ensures that the coin will not exceed a particular threshold, resulting in a decrease in value. It is the only growth coin in the world that has seen its value improve over time. Achieving high liquidity for the coins is likewise a simple process. Keep in mind that GSX is not just any ordinary currency; it also possesses crypto-asset characteristics. As a result, it is the most diversified of all the cryptocurrencies currently in circulation worldwide. The desire for diversity increases, and as a result, the liquidity of the asset increases.

Furthermore, the Apollo Blockchain linked to the GSX boosts the liquidity of the stable coin in circulation. The Apollo Blockchain is capable of hosting a national currency and the National Payment Platform, which is compatible with CBDCs. The site will also host the Apollo Dex, which will allow for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency in a matter of seconds. While the blockchain’s existing features are important, they are only a small element of the company’s grand vision for the future. According to current plans, the best social networking platform of all time is even being considered for implementation. 


As a gold-backed cryptocurrency, GSX brings together various features to provide consumers with a comprehensive experience. The coin’s worth will always increase faster than the value of the assets that support it. The company’s regulations are transparent because of the frequent auditing that takes place. The company further protects the long-term security and viability of the coin, allowing it to operate smoothly. As we watch other big relationships in many sectors, we conclude that GSX has more to give.

Investing in Gold Secured Currency is the best cryptocurrency investment you can make. The features provided by the development team are intended to improve the financial ecosystem that exists in the cryptocurrency industry. The coin’s value is increasing in perpetuity, making it a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency and growth token at the same time. In addition to the fact that gold, one of the world’s most valuable metals, backs the value of the growth token, it is also a less volatile and consequently more secure metal. As a result, it is a given that the GSX coin will attract even more investors (and traditional investors) into the cryptocurrency field in the future. Gold Secured Currency (GSX) is and will continue to be the ultimate crypto investment.

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