The adoption of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry requires a consensus among multiple parties to promote end-to-end operability, connectivity, and scalability. The adoption of blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions can be fostered across the industry to facilitate the delivery of true innovation that will benefit patients as well as industry professionals.  

Healthcare providers and  systems have sought blockchain solutions that provide a single platform for safe communication, be it via text or video, and Radiologex has met this desire. Health experts can share sensitive information such as patient referral, clinical management, scheduling, transactions, as well as access curated content with built-in KYC. 

Unlike traditional methods of healthcare database management systems, blockchain technology provides decentralised management, traceable data, unchangeable databases, availability of data to all authorised users, and data provenance. Blockchain in healthcare is revolutionary in the following primary areas: 

– Protection of healthcare data 

– Managing electronic medical record data 

– Electronic health records data management 

– Point-of-care genomics management 

– Personal health record data management 

Blockchain technology is applicable in healthcare during research, seamlessly switching patients between providers, eases and quickens patient care, promotes data security, enhances mobile health apps and remote monitoring, health insurance claims, tracing and securing medical supplies, tracking diseases and outbreaks, as well as preventing theft of genomic data. 

Radiologex and Cryptonaire Weekly, on 3rd August 2021, proudly presented the only enterprise-focused medical blockchain project ecosystem that provides health IT for healthcare practitioners across the globe. 

A Brief Overview Of Radiologex & The Healthcare Industry

Radiologex Digital Encryption Environment (R-DEE), founded in the United States in 2019, is a health and medicine platform serving as the first Medical Interactive Network (MIN) that utilises blockchain technology. The platform is a real-time productivity and information resource available via a smart device, such as a laptop or smartphone, to addresses the modern needs of the global healthcare industry. As a software, R-DEE is available as a limited-use free offering, a subscription offering for individuals to access features on the platform, and an enterprise-level offering; the software is useable for desktop and mobile view available on Apple and Google stores. R-DEE’s all-in-one ecosystem provides clinical information systems, productivity tools, entire payment settlement sales and finance systems, medical imaging processing and storage, and more.

This platform encompasses a technological ecosystem that empowers users with the necessary tools to conduct tasks that are essential to global healthcare professionals and participants. The added advantage/competitive edge for the platform is that it’s fast, more secure, easier to integrate and offers customizable user solutions.

The Radiologex platform offers services ranging from state-of–the-art user and data authentication and verification to legacy system integration, and stands out as the only platform built for the healthcare industry with real-time authenticated users implementing R-DEE software. In regards to security, it boasts the highest security safeguards through built-in KYC, advanced user-authentication technology, and always-active tamper detection through Authlogex. 


The Radiologex team comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds such as medical physicians, blockchain experts, information systems and software developers, investment banking professionals as well as healthcare service providers. The team is led by George Tyler, the co-founder and blockchain architect of Radiologex. 

How Radiologex Connects Healthcare And Blockchain 

Radiologex connects the healthcare industry and blockchain by creating state-of-the-art security software to enable healthcare professionals and providers reliable and fast healthcare solutions. Blockchain technology enhances the operability and functionality of the platform to ensure that individuals can access healthcare solutions globally, thus promoting global disruption.  

R-DEE offers a variety of services to improve global healthcare by implementing blockchain tech, which include: 

– R-DEE Connect

This refers to a secure and reliable communication channel to ease collaboration among healthcare professionals with chat, video conferencing, and email tools. 

– R-DEE Marketplace 

This delivers a global commercial hub for healthcare equipment and products. 

– R-DEE Expert 

R-DEE expert provides a hub allowing for the search of professional services across the globe.

– R-DEE Manage 

Individuals can access clinical information management systems. 

– R-DEE Vault

Here, individuals have an unlimited capacity for file storage and sharing.

– R-DEE Scan

The PACS and MIMPS module allows users to share, review, and collaborate medical imaging.

– R-DEE Settle 

R-DEE Settle eases payment through ultra-secure, easy to use  in-network payment settlement and accounting.

Individuals have access to unlimited content on demand and app integration. 

All the services above are powered by cutting-edge blockchain tech and access to a global healthcare network. 

R-DEE Network Advantages In Healthcare  

According to a press release, George Tyler said, “There is simply nothing like R-DEE that exists today. It is the industry’s first and only Web 3.0 solution for managing all the time-consuming yet critical aspects of operating in this multi-faceted and task-heavy field, where speed and security are paramount.” 

The R-DEE network advantages are the reason this platform is gaining popularity worldwide. These benefits include:

Secure Authentication

Users benefit from state-of-the-art security with the objective of preventing hacks from both the clients’ side as well as preventing hacks from the cloud. Gone are the days when individuals had to worry about the loss of data and login credentials; as such, R-DEE places emphasis on security authentication and rapid access as a priority. Healthcare experts understand your industry risks, and have created the most trusted and secure healthcare platform currently available, backed by blockchain technology.

You no longer have to consider usernames and passwords. You must be wondering how individuals are keeping their information away from predators. Well, Radiologex partnered with Trusona, thus putting an end to usernames and passwords. Trusona provides unmatched assurance in digital identity, and by removing passwords from vulnerable users, immediately mitigates the most common attack vectors. 

Working with Trusona has led to unrivaled authentication and the creation of Authlogex, R-DEE’s always-active tamper detection for increased blockchain security. This secure approach enables users to access vital information quickly but, most importantly, safely at any time regardless of location. 

Identity proofing accounts for one of the reasons why the R-DEE network is advantageous. It contains a built-in Know-Your-Customer automation system. This system ensures that all users are verified before and while using the platform. R-DEE verifies users instantly and digitally by using photo ID’s as well as facial biometrics. Trust is not an aspect that Radiologex is willing to compromise. 

Considering that R-DEE is not dependent on unsafe SMS or multiple factor authentication, it retains a state-of-the-art security protocol fast-boarding platform with anti-replay technology. The idea is to improve healthcare quality by ensuring powerful user-authentication 

Looking at the above Radiologex review, the platform offers high-definition quality allowing professionals to view images as well as videos exactly as they were intended for the user to view. 

The idea is to save time due to seamless and fast speed as it also eliminates multiple redundant software and hardware-based systems and platforms. These systems are normally slow, requiring frequent maintenance and product training.

How To Invest With Radiologex 

Individuals now have the opportunity to invest in a tokenized preferred equity investment that is backed by a revenue royalty stream. Not only does the platform ease communication and research findings, but it also offers individuals the opportunity to invest. 

– Investor registration

To make any investment, the registration process is simplified. An individual will have to create an account for Radiologex via Securitize ID. To create an account, you will need to provide a valid email address and a password (8 characters minimum). Individuals are also required to read the provided privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions of Securitize ID. The next step would be to accept the provided terms and continue. 

It is only after registration that individuals can participate in a tokenized equity investment that is backed by a revenue royalty stream in the Radiologex STO public sale. 

Radiologex is a United States-based company that has one of a kind global medical interactive network (MIN); its operation is based on the blockchain model. The working product allows users to perform a broad range of tasks in one place. The aim of this network is to connect healthcare professionals across the globe in real-time. Know Your Customer (KYC) is used in the platform for authentication purposes; the network is one of the top STOs with a hundred million fixed security tokens that is limited to twenty million to be supplied in round one. Each security token represents digitized security with royalty to Radiologex platform revenues and potential proceeds from monetisation of the business through IPO or total sale. 

The requirements for investments are a minimum of $5000 for United States citizens and $2500 for non-United States citizens. The accepted initial way of investment is via wire transfer of either US dollars or Euro, or BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC cryptocurrency transfers. RDG security interest holders are entitled to distribution by contractual participation against twenty-five percent of generated revenues in Radiologex, which also includes a twenty-five percent buy out for the token holders. RDG preferred equities are tradable in digital asset exchange platforms which has potential liquidity as public exchanges are added later this year. The shares of the equity can be bought from the company platform, which is easy to use. The equity has a fixed face share value of one dollar in the round one of the launch.

Token Distribution

There are 100,000,000 tokens in total supply, and every security token Round 1 face value is $1.00, although it is expected to go up in Round 2. Round 1 will distribute 20 million security tokens. 

Dividends are paid out quarterly. The payout process for dividends is automated such that dividends are automatically dropped into an investor’s wallet or dashboard. 

Investors have the opportunity to own preferred equity shares in Radiologex, reaping from this new digital economy. Also, individuals can venture into the upcoming exchange listings, which opens the ability to trade RDG tokens on secondary markets. The platform creates not only for a better world health-wise but also a more stable financial arena.

Why Invest With Radiologex 

The technology behind Radiologex is utility patent pending. It has been tested and certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology of the U.S Department of Human and Health Services, surpassing HIPAA and regulatory requirements. It is also free to use on any compatible device. 

Everyone would want to make an investment knowing that the investment is secure. As the only ZERO-TRUST built technological architecture, R-DEE seeks to eliminate redundancy and unsecured legacy systems. With the implementation of blockchain technology, the third-tier of security dubbed Authlogex seeks to add a strong firewall, thus boosting security. This tier enables an extra node deployment as well as adds audit trials to enable data access. 

Investment returns are promising because each security token represents a tokenized digital asset allowing investors to secure a portion of Radiologex’s platform revenues and proceeds. As one of the top STO offerings, investors can receive generous Round 1 bonus incentives including a referral bonus of up to 100%, although this is limited to 100 investors. 

According to a press release, Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly, said, “Radiologex is unveiling a one-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art HealthIT and SaaS (Baas) solution for the $5 trillion Global Healthcare industry which continues to increase dramatically year on year The Radiologex Digital Encryption Environment (R-DEE)(R) is currently one of the most talked-about medical blockchain networks in the crypto circles. Project’s like Radiologex are exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”


This Radiologex review highlights the world’s first all-inclusive productivity and collaboration platform provided for healthcare professionals and companies. The key objective is to revolutionise the global healthcare blockchain-based health ecosystem through R-DEE. R-DEE solves several issues plaguing global healthcare and eliminates manual data errors, streamlines communication and collaboration among providers, eliminates unsecured system penetration, as well as verifies identity or access from users. 

This platform’s high speed interoperability network provides a solution to the global pandemic that is driving the need to increase digitised healthcare and reveal system inefficiencies. Health technology aims at providing better healthcare as well as growing and promoting entrepreneurs and investors. 

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