New non-fungible tokens (NFT) by MetaDolls have changed the way we own digital collectibles. It is a unique blend of digital art, physical crafting, and blockchain technology. The dolls created by MetaDolls as NFT are one of a kind. They are not only visually captivating, they are so  valuable.

It is the perfect opportunity for collectors to own something unique, tangible, and valuable. It also opens the roadway for them to invest in crypto, diversify their portfolio and explore NFT space for investment and growth opportunities for them.

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The Growing Phenomenon of NFTs: A Brief Overview!

One of the fastest-growing phenomena in the world of digital art, collectibles, and unique as well as valuable assets is NFT. 

NFTs are digital assets verified on the blockchain. Blockchains are decentralised ledgers used to record digital transactions. Once recorded, the transaction cannot be reversed or deleted from the chain. It requires a high amount of computation power and skills to hack a blockchain. This can be done only before the formation of a new chain, which forms in a mere second.

Since NFT is verified on a blockchain, it cannot be duplicated. It is a golden opportunity for artists to sell their unique artwork without any risk of duplication or plagiarism. It has become a popular kind of digital art also used as collectibles, sports souvenirs, trading cards, and virtual real estate. 

Though people do question aspects like value, ownership, and environmental impact of the digital asset, some people are also worried about its deteriorating impact on the traditional industries active in sports, art, music, financial services, etc. Despite all of these speculations, NFTs are witnessing unprecedented growth and are seen as a promising investment opportunity. They are being sold for millions of dollars at auctions.

It will be interesting to note that these ink mints have witnessed record sales and increase of prices. Ink mints was the first collection on Metadolls and was launched at a price of 1 dollar and now sells for around 10 dollars. Some of them have even reached a whooping value of 500 dollars. Record sales and increase in value have been seen in metadolls as well. 

The increased popularity of NFTs has also diverted investors’ attention and interest toward investment in blockchain technology, which lays the foundation of NFTs.  

MetaDolls NFT: Understanding the Concept!

MetaDolls NFTs are digital dolls created by a Colombian artist in a virtual world. He uses some digital tools and platforms to create these digital dolls. These dolls are unique, tangible, and valuable assets for investors. 

Interestingly, the meta in the word MetaDolls signifies that these dolls are part of a larger virtual universe. This universe is created and maintained by a decentralised network of users. 

Digital collectors are attracted to these dolls as they are not simply static, digital images. They are interactive assets that can be customized and traded. Users can also program these dolls with pets and jewelry to perform various functions or display certain behaviour. 

Exclusivity, safety, and security make MetaDolls NFT one of the most attractive investment options in the new age digital world. 

MetaDolls NFT is a new concept in the market. People are still in the exploring phase of investment in these commodities. Investors are seeing it as a new way of collecting valuable digital art and building virtual communities on such platforms. However, investing in these dolls may give investors the added advantage of being an early bird, as the crypto market is expected to touch its peak in time to come. 

What Makes MetaDolls a Unique NFT Project?

MetaDolls can be designed, customised, and programmed by their owners. Some of the features that make MetaDolls unique are:

  1. Adaptation: Designs of MetaDolls are a reflection of their owner’s personality and thought process. They can design and adapt these dolls as per their vision, using a plethora of digital tools and platforms. This is the reason each doll is unique, having a different idea of conception.
  2. Interactivity: What makes MetaDolls fun and interesting is that they are not simple static images. Owners of the dolls can customize them and program them with pets and jewelry in the next drops, to perform various functions and display certain behaviours. It makes these dolls perfect for use on various platforms like gaming, social media, etc. 
  3. Security: Since MetaDolls are built on blockchain technology, they come with added security features. Ownership and transfer of ownership of the dolls are tracked and verified on a decentralised ledger. Blockchains cannot be hacked, modified, or duplicated, making these dolls one of a kind. 
  4. Rarity: Another feature that makes these MetaDolls unique and valuable is they are rare. These dolls are one of a kind and are limited in number. The scarcity of dolls makes them as most sought-after by investors and collectors of digital assets. 
  5. Artistic: MetaDolls are a reflection of the thoughts, vision, and personality of their creators. It is a medium, offering them a chance to express their creativity in new and exciting ways. They get the liberty to design and adapt their dolls as per their liking and create a doll that is one of a kind.  

What are MetaDolls Future Plans?

The future of MetaDolls will depend on a number of factors such as the evolution of the NFT market, the development of technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, and the demand for unique NFTs and digital assets such as MetaDolls. 

However, looking at the current trends, demands, and increasing popularity of NFTs, MetaDolls are here to stay, develop and expand with time. Future owners of the dolls will be exposed to many new technological integration, creativity, and diversified use of the dolls. Users will be able to interact with the dolls more realistically. 

The evolution of the dolls in terms of design, functionality, and behaviour will diversify their use on gaming platforms, social media platforms, and so on. 

MetaDolls has its roadmap for growth.

  1. In the first phase, MetaDolls launched a campaign with airdrops, giveaways, and OG mint spots.
  2. In phase two, OG members got an early bird advantage of minting dolls in their wallets. They were able to mint seven dolls per wallet.
  3. In phase three, there was a public sale of these dolls at
  4. In phase four, construction of the meta tattoo shop started after the land purchase. Smart contract interaction development for derivatives also started.
  5. In phase five, MetaDolls holders got exclusive free airdrops of MetaDolls accessories in the form of MetaJewellery and MetaPet.
  6. In phase six, MetaDolls holders were able to get free tattoos from the site in special IRL events.
  7. In this phase, seven boutiques for physical MetaDolls were launched. MetaDolls holders got access to hand-crafted physical dolls with real jewellery, accessories, hair dye, and tattoos.
  8. In phase eight, the meta tattoo shop was inaugurated.
  9. In phase nine, Infected Ink NFT is expected to come soon.

Meet the Creators: Exploring the Team Behind MetaDolls!

MetaDolls is the brainchild of a team of talented designers and developers who believed in the future of NFTs, saw an opportunity, and worked hard to create a platform where its users can express their individuality and creativity in the virtual world. The team is the perfect mix of experts in blockchain technology, design art, virtual world development, marketing, and sales. 

  • Alejandro Tattoo AR Rincon is the lead artist at MetaDolls.
  • Camilo Sardin is the CEO at MetaDolls.
  • Juan “JuaNFT” Esteban Sierra is the COO of the company.
  • N. is responsible for research and development, and content creation in the company.
  • Silvia Montilla Cortes is responsible for community building and web marketing of the company.
  • Marco Venegas is the community builder of the company. 


With the growth in the NFT market, advances in virtual reality and augmented reality, and the evolution of blockchain technology, MetaDolls are here to stay, evolve and expand. It is a very good opportunity for virtual users to express their thoughts and creativity through these dolls. These handcrafted dolls will give you a wonderful opportunity to own unique digital assets that are safe, tangible, and valuable.  

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