Cryptocurrencies are considered highly volatile assets. The asset-based cryptocurrencies are used for digitising an asset, and the record is stored on the blockchain. For example, if a real estate property is sold to an individual, the information will be digitised instead of requiring paperwork.

What Makes An Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency Different?

The asset-backed cryptocurrency is the crypto coin linked to an object having an economic value. The asset-backed cryptocurrency introduces price stability in the crypto market. These cryptocurrencies provide the investor with various benefits and built-in utility. The benefits include a self-executing smart contract and decentralised finance project that pays a high annual yield. However, it works well beyond the decentralised peer to peer payment option, but still, it doesn’t meet every investor goal.

It seems to be different from general cryptocurrency as it is less volatile. The asset-backed cryptocurrency is backed through tangible assets describing mechanics that affect cryptocurrency price change. They are tied to the external market to which they are linked to trade.

Why Investors Are Buying The AABB Gold Token (AABBG) 

Gold-backed crypto is a stable coin category in which token value is backed through the physical gold. When the crypto assets are pegged to physical assets, it is less volatile compared to other cryptocurrencies available for digital investment. Some of the investors hesitate to make digital investments due to privacy concerns. AABBG has a stable quality of a stablecoin with the token price supported at 0.1 grams of the spot price of gold, making it a safer investment for those who want a less volatile option. 

The company is publicly listed in the United States, providing vertical integration benefits of its value chain. As we know, mining activities influence the environment or surroundings. Asia Broadband includes a mission to minimise such impact and sustain the net social and financial benefits to affected individuals.

They partnered with Core State Holding Corp. (CSHC) to create its own digital wallet and proprietary exchange. Within the first few weeks of launch over $1 million AABBG tokens were sold!

The transactions made through AABB Wallet are end-to-end encrypted, restricting the unauthorised access of the third party. Asia Broadband promises the signature attributes of the normal crypto token such as transparency and hassle-free transferability. It will facilitate reducing the level of volatility and offer a sense of security for investors.

Benefits Of Asia Broadband’s Gold Backed Crypto Token

Asia Broadband’s AABB Gold Tokens are completely backed by gold, which comes from its owned gold mines in Latin America. Following the market stability, the AABBG token is poised to be better and more stable in value than other crypto assets. 

The company is planning to release its Merchant API, which will allow B2B and B2C transactions to take place with AABB Wallet. The investors will be entitled to receive cashback while purchasing AABB Gold Token for making digital investments.

Some of the major reasons for selecting Asia Broadband are listed below:

-Security: The Company offers end-to-end encryption payment, which restricts the unauthorised user to access the transaction details. 

-Lower transaction fee: The lower transaction fee (0.5%) makes the company an effective option for cryptocurrency investment. No deposit fees.

-Merchant API: Asia Broadband Merchant API facilitates B2B and B2C transactions done via AABB Wallet with security measures.

Why The AABB Gold Token Is Both The Present And The Future Of Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies

The minimum token price is associated with the existing spot price of gold, representing token benefits from the lower volatility of gold. Compared to the challenges of devalued fiat currencies, gold remains intact, and AABBG possibly also rises as a function of increasing gold prices. When the gold price fluctuates, the lower limit for the AABBG token possibly alters. However, the upside price will be driven as per market demand. Due to such reasons, the AABB Gold Token is both the present and future of Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies. The vertical integration of Mine-to-Token gold-backing makes the AABB Gold Token one of the most popular investment ideas concerning digital currency investment.

Asia Broadband is actively mining precious metals just the way it has been for the last 25 years. The company pledged to back their AABBG token with $30 million of gold reserves, with a max supply of 5.4 million tokens. Their aim is to become the world leader in providing a standard of exchange that is of excellent quality, is secure, transparent, trusted, and backed by gold. 


Asia Broadband, Inc. is focused and committed to performing the business operation with the code of conduct directed from an environment and ethics perspective. The company strives to meet long-term business associations, customer satisfaction and reliability. Therefore, if someone is looking to invest in digital currency, Asia Broadband provides a great platform with various benefits included.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Asia Broadband has come a long way in the sector of mining and cryptocurrency investment. The company’s journey shows a great progression in its business operation with satisfied customers.

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