Mirai, a Japanese word meaning the future, is a platform that seeks to promote eco sustainable projects and make ecology look cool to the future and current generations. Until now, we have had piecemeal efforts by entrepreneurs and companies as they strive to create projects that are deemed to be ecologically sustainable. These projects have borne little to no fruit.

This may be attributed to a number of factors. First, there is a limited budget on these projects as they are not the core products of the sponsoring entities. Secondly, poor marketing and rollout of some of these projects has made them achieve little success. Finally, the level of ownership of some of these projects by the general public has been left wanting.

Mirai seeks to address these problems by creating a platform that is chiefly focused on the promotion of sustainable projects, This will involve identifying projects, funding them, and even promoting them to gain traction with the general public. This multi-faceted approach basically means that the company will be actively involved in multiple projects concurrently; the use of NFTs, tokens, DeFi, UX, and all the latest tech trends will be employed to bring to the general public the importance of investing in ecologically sustainable projects. Crypto investors will have a chance to purchase $MIRAI tokens from reputable exchanges. Once you have the tokens, you then get access to $NALA tokens, which will be sent to you in the form of an Airdrop, The total amount of $NALA tokens that will be assigned to you will depend on the amount of $MIRAI tokens that you bought. It is important to note that the $MIRAI tokens that you buy have been designed in such a way as to discourage speculative trading. In the event that a user would want to liquidate their $MIRAI positions, then a fee/penalty will be charged in the sale. This penalty will then be distributed among other token holders, liquidity pools of the Mirai platform, and also used to fund other sustainable projects. Doing this will discourage speculative trading and also encourage community members to hold their positions for longer. $NALA governance tokens can be used to vote on the direction of the platform.

What are the barriers to crypto growth and eco-sustainability?

Crypto currencies have been with us for almost ten years. There are thousands of crypto currencies and tokens in circulation. Recent estimates state that there are over 10,000 tokens and close to 2,000 crypto currencies. Of course, this number keeps increasing by the day. Even with this remarkable growth, there is still a lot that needs to be done to achieve full-scale adoption of crypto. Governments across the world still continue to legislate against crypto. However, much has been done and we are seeing central banks warming up to crypto and even creating their own central bank digital currencies. When it comes to ecological sustainability, there are still myriads of challenges that companies and individuals have to go through before we see any sustained impact. First, we find that there is a lack of incentive in the global market from companies to sustainably champion for ecological sustainability. Players in this space are few. In the event that incentives are created for the purchase of eco-friendly products, then these initiatives are usually time-bound and finite.


What this means is that people are enticed to get a few coins that can be redeemed within a given time frame. In the event that this is not done then they lose their rewards. Also, you find that in some instances, the organisations that are championing for sustainability may lack enough funds or the marketing prowess to push for their products. This often results in poor uptake of their products. Capital inadequacy is often cited as another reason why we see limited achievement in eco sustainability. Industry players may need to be trained and provided with adequate resources and technical knowhow so that they can be able to effectively deliver in the market. Players need some form of incubator that can help them and guide them on the process of setting up sustainable, eco-friendly businesses that can be impactful.

How does the Mirai ecosystem solve these problems?

Technology has made it possible for the world to become a global village. With the advent of blockchain, it is now even easier to decentralise services. In the recent past, we have seen an explosion of innovations in the blockchain world. Some of these are asset tokenisation, NFTs and DeFi. Mirai is keen to leverage on all of these latest technological trends to drive attention on ecologically sustainable projects. The platform has set up a sleek ecommerce platform that will be used for the promotion of sustainable and ecologically friendly businesses. The name of this platform is called  Save the Future. They have also set up an accelerator that identifies great ideas, funds them through a pool and brings them to market.

The platform also intends to galvanise support from the general public, It seeks to channel investment into ecologically sustainable projects. The $MIRAI token will be the token that the crypto community can purchase for this. To discourage speculation and trading on this token, then a fee of 10% is charged when a trader sells his $MIRAI token. This fee will be distributed in the following proportion: 3.33% will be distributed to other token holders in the platform, putting into consideration their token value. Another 3.33% will be blocked as liquidity and put into liquidity pools. About 1% will be cyclically removed. The remaining percentage, which is 2%, will be set aside in a green fund. This fund will be used for identifying sustainable projects, green initiatives, and also given to the community in the form of giveaways.

Community members will be encouraged to retain and even buy more tokens. A reward system will be set up whereby top token holders will be listed in the heroes table. This should encourage the community members to actively collect more tokens. The platform will also enable token holders to farm green NFTs and later release them into the market.

What are the pillars of Mirai’s work?

The main aim of Mirai is to make sure that ecology is the next biggest trend and drive attention to ecological conservation efforts. To achieve this, the platform uses the latest technological innovations to create products and services that will appeal to crypto investors.

The first is DeFi. The platform has set up a protocol that rewards token holders by awarding them with $NALA tokens through an Airdrop. These $NALA tokens can also be used to fund companies and also purchase educational services in the ecommerce platform.

Secondly, the other notable pillar on this platform is NFTs and Metaverse. The community will allow token holders to mint NFTs that they can later redeem after a given period. These NFTs can be sold back to the market or can be redeemed for physical products that will be shipped directly to the investors. If the investor opts for slow shipment, then they will also earn more rewards in the form of tokens.

The next pillar that will be used on this platform is GameFi. Mirai will organise games in order to encourage token holders to buy more tokens and hold them. There will be a heroes board that will be set up where top token holders will be rewarded and their names placed on the heroes board on the website. This should encourage more people to take part in the events by purchasing crypto and holding them.

The other pillar is community. It will build a closely-knit community where users will be rewarded with tokens for participating in games and competitions hosted by the company. The community will also identify socially sustainable projects that they can invest in. The projects will be funded and also promoted by the Mirai team so as to ensure that they gain traction. In certain instances, the team will also incubate some of these projects so as to make sure that they can be scaled up. The fifth pillar that guides this platform is sustainability.

A look at Mirai’s features

One of the key features on this platform is the ecommerce platform known as Save the Future. This is their flagship ecommerce platform that will be used to list all sustainable projects and partner with brands that intend to sell their products to community members. It is a web 3.0 platform that is powered by Save the Future’s protocol and operated by Mirai Labs. The brands that will be listed on this platform will be identified and voted for by the community. Users of the platform will be able to purchase products using $MIRAI tokens. One notable feature of this ecommerce platform is the concept of Green DeFi drop shipping, where users will earn rewards from staking eco-friendly products.


The Mirai platform is a complex ecosystem of initiatives aimed at making ecology cool and driving the world’s attention towards ecologically sustainable inventions. The team behind the development of this platform is well versed with the entrepreneurial landscape and has already set up successful businesses. So far, the Mirai platform has achieved significant success. They also have an active community that is rallying behind them and supporting their initiatives. Their tokenomics is also interesting as it encourages their users to hold their tokens and not trade them for speculative reasons. This is bound to keep the token price at a stable rate and we should see more crypto investors getting hold of these tokens. 

Finally, listing the platform on PancakeSwap and Bibipom means that in the event that investors would want to purchase these tokens, they can easily get them. Plans are underway to also list this token in other major exchanges across Europe.

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