Nunu Spirits: NFT gaming ecosystem helps to promote greenery in real life!

NFTs have made a significant impact on technology. From art and sports collectibles to real estate and gaming, they are disrupting a number of industries. NFTs are now a part of some exciting new developments, such as casual gaming. Several gaming NFT models let you earn tokens while playing, and you can also trade them with other players. 

What is Nunu Spirits?

The Nunu Spirits is a game universe consisting of a collection of NFTs that can grow into trees that are also planted in the real world. The game is an environmentally-friendly NFT game that combines casual gaming and blockchain technology so that players can earn while playing it. The growth of the Nuniverse is based on players’ tree planting. Participating in the game is the easiest way to save the Nunu’s and the forest simultaneously.

What makes Nunu Spirits good for the environment?

Games allow you to collect digital items that are always available, but these items don’t solve any real problems. The environmental impact of these systems is becoming more problematic. On the other hand, Nunu Spirit is a gaming ecosystem that encourages planting trees and the collection of green NFTs. NUNU NFTs offers a novel way to own items due to the immutable ledgers of the blockchain, which store, record, and allow for trading of these certifiably unique items. A tree planting initiative, Nunu spirits works throughout the world to plant trees. Initial tree planting partners hail from Brazil, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Even though many cryptos promote green initiatives, very few are intended to directly impact the environment. Nunu Spirits addresses this problem. Nunu Spirit’s foundation consists of three main elements – a fun game, a collectible, and an ecological mission. By playing this game, players worldwide can contribute to reforestation efforts. Below are some of the most notable features it offers:

Encourage ecological action

Nunu Spirits’ game world is so cute and fun that it actually connects to the real world through direct and traceable ecological actions. Nunu Spirits’ game world reflects the real world. The game allows players to keep track of how many trees they planted in the real world and where they are. In other words, the more trees the player plants in the real world, the more rewards they will receive in-game. Nunu also collects eco funds from token sales and sustains itself through transaction fees.

Next Generation NFTs

The Nunu Spirits brand stands out among other NFTs. With tokenising actions like tree planting, players can see the tangible impact of their ecological efforts. Additionally, Nunu rewards players with NUGO tokens for their actions in the game. In addition to powering the game’s progression, these tokens can also be exchanged. The game’s NFT assets are being created in 3D within a fully-functional 3D engine called UNITY 3D. Those who have NFTs can even print them themselves on 3D printers at home. Further, they will be able to enjoy more immersive gaming scenes in the future with immersive technologies such as VR, AR, and XR.

Have fun playing games

The game Nunu Spirits allows players to collect cute nature spirits that they can play within a brand new world filled with unique and exciting party games, such as Parkour Tag, Racing, The Floor is Toxic, and Capture the Flag. This game is being developed in Unity 3D, one of today’s most popular and flexible development platforms. With custom in-house architecture systems in place, the team can easily add party games and content to the game, so users need not worry about game bugs and updates.

Mission of reforestation

Nunu Spirits is engaged in reforestation missions with decentralised governance. Investors can vote on new features, eco-fund allocations, and more with decentralised governance. Nunu promotes environment-friendly initiatives by awarding in-game rewards for real-world cleanup efforts.

Tokenising the economy

What is the main use of NNT, Nunu & NUGO?

The environmentally-friendly project Nunu Spirits has different tokens. This includes three types of tokens: Nunu, NNT, and NUGO. Let’s take a look at the uses of these three tokens in Nunu Spirit.

Uses of NNT Token

The NNT token has a fixed supply, making it a key asset for storing value in the ecosystem. The NNT holders will decide how to allocate resources and design the network and system upgrades needed to shape Nunu Spirit’s future. As an ecosystem currency, NNT can be used to fund reforestation, system development, and maintenance. The NNT can be used to buy and sell Nunu in-game and on the web. Additionally, NNT can be exchanged for other currencies on exchange sites.

Uses of Nunu Token

With NUNU Token, there can be no ambiguity about ownership of digital items. It ensures tangible engagement by ensuring ownership of unique assets. Several NUNU abilities make gameplay more interesting. There are many ways to build a collection, including focusing on rarity, limited supply, and one-of-a-kind pieces. NUNU Elders let you grow new NUNU Seedlings and give you better chances for seasonal Seedling drops. Whenever a Nunu becomes a tree, tree data is automatically recorded to the NFT itself. Additionally, NUNU’s can be downloaded as STL files. Those concerned about ownership can use prints that include proof of ownership.

Uses of NUGO Token

There is no fixed number of NUGO tokens available. Players can earn them through playing the game and burning them upon use. The NUGO token can only be generated through gameplay and interaction with the game world. You can buy and sell it on the market, and it is burned when you use it. The NUGO is the basic currency used in the game and makes the world go round. A small fee is associated with NUGO transactions that range between 3-4% and is converted to NNT behind the scenes and added to the treasury.

A brief overview to Nunu Spirits game world

Nunu Spirits is set in a pretty fantasy world with bright colors, but it’s not just a game. There are parallels between our world and this fantasy world. Planting real trees in the real world directly affects the game world; the more trees players plant in the real world, the more the game world expands.

All players have their own personal safe zones in the game. These are the places where Seedlings play and frolic. In simple ways, players can interact with their Nunu’s. You can pick up Seedlings and place them in weird places to see what happens. Guests will also have the opportunity to see your sanctuary, your collection, your awards, and even leave gifts on your island.

After being nurtured by spending time and sometimes NUGO in the Nunu world, Seedlings become Nunu Spirits. They can then leave their homes and venture into the wilds of Nunu country, far from the safety of their own homes.

Nunu Spirits’ plans for the future

Unlike other game ecosystems, Nunu Spirits have standards such as play-to-earn, governance, and marketplace, but also adds 3D NFTs and user direct eco-action. In addition, the gameplay is relevant to both genders and covers a broad age demographic, everyone can get behind planting trees! The team has a vast amount of experience with game development, smart contracts, and NFTs, along with excellent connections within the industry.

Since Nunu’s ecosystem is up and running, the team wants to continue building and improving the game’s features. There is an ambitious expansion plan that involves buying real estate in-game. It allows players to create their own content for a section of the Nunu world.


Humanity’s best traits are embodied in the Nunu Spirits. There are so many amazing things humans can do on this beautiful planet. Just imagine if we planted a million trees together. People together with Nunu Spirits can accomplish so much for the environment. The implementation of several innovative solutions will lead to creating an environment for NFTs that is both eco-friendly and sustainable. The initiative includes establishing a crypto-currency and new financial technologies that are green and rooted in nature. 

The Nunu Spirits brand is an ingenious creation that highly values ecology and its impact on the environment. The Nunu Spirits company is paving the way for a greener future by combining NFTs and planting trees.

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