The success of the cryptocurrency markets largely depends on financial freedom and social engagement. Financial freedom comes from its decentralized nature that enables people to transcend geographical boundaries while increasing their earnings. 

PlutusFi Platform

PlutusFi is a SocialFi environment where financial influencers or influencers are rewarded for sharing their expertise. It is a place where people can learn and invest, using tools to automate and facilitate trading. The objective is to allow all interested parties to participate equally.

PlutusFi offers second layer services to empower cryptocurrency companies, community leaders, traders and holders by connecting first layer providers such as exchanges and social platforms, thereby creating a safe social trading network for blockchain fans. 

Much more than traditional bots and market making providers, PlutusFi grants social liquidity, encouraging trading, establishing a profitable network of shared knowledge and resources, while fostering cryptocurrency adoption through professional traders and Finfluencers.

The SocialFi’s ideal is to simplify asset trading and cryptocurrency adoption. PlutusFi offers relevant tools to Finfluencers, project listings on new markets, and profitable solutions for both beginners and professional traders via automated trading strategies, blockchain solutions, and key partnerships. 

The Copy Trading system of PlutusFi enables cryptocurrency holders and less experienced traders to profit from market flows, seamlessly activating automated strategies, built by professionals. The SocialFi network is composed of layers of data security, social privacy, public contents, and social trackers, since every bot has a tracking code leading to a trader’s wallet, to properly recognize and reward members based on their engagement efforts and performance levels.

Facilitating Cryptocurrency Trade  

There are many features of PlutusFi that facilitate cryptocurrency trade. Trading Bots, Liquidity Bots, PlutusVision and NFTs are some of the notable ones. 

The Trading Bot of PlutusFi makes trading simple and easy for everyone, thereby encouraging investments. It provides complex solutions through simple interfaces, focusing on ease of usage and softening the learning curve. Its simplicity translates into efficiency. 

PlutusFi offers an intuitive tool for traders and community leaders to set up profitable trading bot profiles for their audience. The Trading Bot will mirror the same strategies that specialists are using for their personal investments, so that PlutusFi users can match their gains. 

High Frequency Trading (HFT) is not a trend but an essential tool to outperform other traders. Users can intuitively trade assets, safely manage investment portfolios across multiple platforms, track asset prices live and trading performances with specific trading pairs in different markets. One can automate orders and activate preset trading robots or easily customize strategies, thereby saving time.

The Liquidity Bot, also known as the market maker bot, is a complete solution for cryptocurrency projects to kickstart their market activities. The Liquidity Bots assist newly listed cryptocurrencies by actively quoting two-sided markets, providing Bids and Offers along with their market size. Through this technique, Liquidity Bots are able to provide better liquidity and market depth. It is a great way of kickstarting a new market and attracting more investors. 

An illiquid market means there is a big spread between the closest Bid and Ask orders, which hinders the trading volume. On the other hand, a liquid market attracts more traders, since they are able to trade higher volumes without incurring losses as a result of price disparities. 

All Bid and Ask orders get registered in the Order Book. The bigger the orders and the way they are spread across different prices, the bigger is the market depth. Market depth has a close relationship with liquidity, since healthy markets require well-spread trades across Order books. Without the Liquidity Bots, new markets will suffer from insufficient transactions, resulting in fewer investment activities. 

Another interesting tool of the PlutusFi platform is PlutusVision, that provides essential tools for community leaders, so that they waste less time worrying about or seeking the latest crypto market trends and dedicate more time growing their own communities. 

Through this dashboard, Finfluencers can check how engaged are their followers and the effectiveness of their content, their earnings with PlutusFi services as well as other relevant Business Intelligence data to guide their growth. The PlutusVision dashboard also provides hot leads about the latest events, trading signals regarding market shifts, Airdrop possibilities and much more.

NFT is another tool that can greatly benefit community management and social interactions. They can be utilized for many purposes, like community tickets, representing different social ranks. Each NFT is a relevant social market that might unlock specific events, special rewards, additional features, governance rights, property shares and even share revenues inside the ecosystem. 

Finfluencer Benefits

PlutusFi was built to facilitate the flow of information by promoting traditional influencers into Finfluencers, through SocialFi practices. In this new relationship between experts and their public, those who have the knowledge are rewarded for helping their communities generate income, while others can learn and collaborate with the community in other ways. 


The initial roadmap of the PlutusFi project started way back in 2018 and is expected to continue until the last quarter of 2024. The first phases of the roadmap included core team formation, market research, funding and product prototypes and all have been completed. The beta testing of the products and their releases will comprise the bulk of PlutusFi activities through 2024.

In the second quarter of 2022, PlutusFi will undertake the second round of private fundraising, launch the PLUFI token ICO, commence the Trading Bots’ Open Beta period, and begin the initial development of PlutusVision and the Liquidity Bots, among other activities.

The next year will witness the release of the Liquidity Bots and a mobile application for the Trading Bots. Additionally, 2023 will kick-start the NFT features and a much upgraded Trading Bot v2.0. All the above activities of the next year will be spread over the four quarters of 2023.

PlutusFi Team

The PlutusFi project is developed by people with over 5 years of experience in cryptocurrency exchanges. The PlutusFi board is divided by cores, with each core responsible for different aspects of the project. No single person is responsible for a decision and every decision-making event is discussed within each group, then communicated and, if necessary, further discussed and voted with other groups before getting implemented. 

The key cores of the PlutusFi board are marketing and growth development core, project development core, technical development core and venture development core.  

For the marketing and growth development core, the community is the core element of the project and, therefore, social engagement and user growth are the pillars of the SocialFi ideal. So, the team will run campaigns and promotions to reach and invite new users on an ongoing basis.

The main tasks of the project development core will be to brainstorm services, products, features, improvements and connecting the dots between each idea. They will go through user-requested suggestions, design innovative solutions, allocate resources and set new milestones.

The technical development core is responsible for building everything the project development core envisions. It ranges from response and security back-end to front-end interfaces, bug fixes, server updates as well as new feature developments and deployments. Finally, the venture development core of PlutusFi will seek new clients for its B2B solutions.


SocialFi enables users to obtain more benefits by monetizing and tokenizing their influence. The thriving social economic model is the future of Finfluencers, resulting in a self-consistent economic system, thereby helping more people with different levels of social impact to obtain benefits according to their social influence.

Partnerships are the most important elements to stand out in the cryptocurrency space and the main goal of PlutusFi is to perpetuate the burgeoning social cycle of community-driven discoveries and engagements, where Finfluencers and crypto enthusiasts can build their own futures.

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