The crypto stock market platform allows users to earn by investing in crypto coins, trade them and hold them at a high-interest rate. PointPay is a platform that provides you with all this functionality under one global crypto roof and hence it makes sense for users to consider PointPay.

If you are a newbie, you can learn how to make money on cryptocurrency investing and exchange; you can visit PointPay’s Crypto School. PointPay’s crypto school explains the entire process of cryptocurrency exchanges step-by-step.

PointPay offers low-cost and instant global fund transfers, disrupting the traditional banking model. The world has 1.5 billion people who possess neither financial knowledge nor banking services but are willing to take advantage of both. The simple user interface of PointPay is a lifesaver for these people.


PointPay has created an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem with ten working products. PointPay is the world’s first PointPay blockchain-based bank, with which customers can earn daily compound interest on their holdings of Bitcoin, stable dollar coin, and token gold.

PointPay is a cryptocurrency banking platform that allows inexpensive and instant money transfers. All of this is possible with native off-chain technology and the PointPay token (PXP). They have created a one-time simple registration process for all their products.

PointPay cryptocurrency exchange offers a custom design layout for traders. This is for all who wish to use advanced trading tools for placing stop-loss and profit orders. PointPay attempts to track daily changes in cryptocurrency prices for customers’ investment portfolios. Furthermore, PointPay provides customers with a legal payment gateway. Through this, they can use credit and debit cards to make payments.

PointPay is one of the best ways to manage, store and increase your cryptocurrency capital. Below, you’ll find a list of features they offer that will help users understand how PointPay helps them further:

– The PointPay blockchain-based bank offers daily compound interest on checking and savings accounts

– Various currencies are supported, such as Bitcoin, USDT, etc.

– Transferring money within the PointPay ecosystem is as simple as one-click

– Interest rates that are the best in the market

– Credit lines available instantly


PointPay allows users to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency with confidence. Its informative tutorials make trading simple for novices, as well as professionals. The PointPay trading platform supports market, limit, and stop orders. The PointPay Global Crypto Exchange provides merchants with the option to convert cryptocurrencies with ease. Here are some of the features of the PointPay trading platform:

– A simple way to convert cryptocurrencies

– Holders of PXP tokens will receive progressive discounts

– Customer support available 24/7

– Easily accessible from smartphones and tablets


PointPay allows you to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. With PointPay, you will receive the lowest fees, along with fast and secure transactions. There are a variety of features in the wallet, such as:

– Support for multiple currencies

– The ability to top up using QR codes

– Using email to send the funds

– Portfolio of cryptocurrencies

– Rates in real-time

– Their products can be used on all devices


The new blockchain-based bank, PointPay, provides crypto checking and crypto savings accounts to clients for the very first time. PointPay offers the broadest range of global crypto bank products. They offer some of the highest rates in the entire crypto industry, outperforming traditional banking rates.

Many top crypto assets offer interest rates of 4% to 8%, but the powerful features of the PXP token, increasing their rates gradually up to 30%. Purchasing PointPay (PXP) tokens allow you to be a part of the future of global cryptocurrencies and blockchain education through the PointPay Cryptocurrency School. PointPay token holders (PXP) who contribute to world education receive a greater rate of return (up to 30% per year). Through the exchange, everyone can save up to 80% on system fees.


In the PointPay ecosystem, the leading payment tool is the PointPay token (PXP). The PXP token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has been certified ERC-20 compliant. The system ensures the safety of user interaction and compatibility with third-party services. There is the integration of the PXP token into each product of the ecosystem.

The PXP token holder is entitled to a 40% discount on all internal transfer fees across the whole ecosystem. PXP holders can enjoy instant loan discounts when using the loan module. The payment system permits anyone to purchase PXP with 2% to 10% cashback. PXP-token holders will receive the following benefits as a result of using it:

– PointPay crypto exchange users can get discounts when they transact on the exchange.

– PointPay Crypto School provides premium videos with advanced trading strategies about making money using the cryptocurrency market.

– Token holders benefit from a higher interest rate for crypto deposits

– PointPay ecosystem discounts for internal transfer transactions.

PointPay has created iOS and Android mobile applications that are currently available for download. In this way, they demonstrate their commitment to maintaining their leadership position in cryptocurrencies.

The PointPay app allows users to track their crypto holdings and send digital assets to friends and family. In addition to real-time price updates, QR codes make it easy for users to fund their accounts. Furthermore, the instant swap functions can be used on the go.


PointPay offers a complete currency exchange platform as well as a custom transaction UI and fast exchange options. It is fully functional, has 24/7 support, offers a public API, and supports multilingual users. Soon, IEO will also be supported, along with CFDs and other encrypted derivatives, which will meet the requirements of both professional traders and early investors.

PointPay offers users the opportunity to earn money through the exchange service. Users can get a 50% referral bonus from system fees if they invite new members to the exchange. Payment will be given automatically once a recommendation begins trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

The exchange has a secure video training school for rookies. There is a lot of information covered in the video, including every aspect of crypto trading. There is also a movable trading area, and the trading area can be customised according to user preferences. Furthermore, PointPay offers a fast cryptocurrency exchange tab for fast currency exchanges.


Payments through PointPay are integrated with a bank account, an exchange, and a cryptocurrency wallet. If you’re looking for an easy way to get into the world of cryptocurrencies, PointPay could be a good choice. The payment system allows you to buy cryptocurrencies such as Tether USD, Ethereum, BTC, and others with a credit or debit card. You will even receive money directly from your account. When you gain money on a global crypto exchange and send the funds to your bank account, the system will handle the transaction on your behalf.

PointPay is also an impressive crypto wallet, and you can use it to send and receive crypto using an email address. The PointPay ecosystem is the only one where this functionality is valid. Moreover, the wallet offers a pie chart-like interactive graph that displays the user’s dollar assets portfolio.

Users of the PointPay platform can apply for instant crypto loans with their crypto assets as collateral. There is no requirement that users have a credit history to qualify for a loan. Furthermore, PointPay token holders (PXP) will enjoy lower interest rates on loans. PointPay token holders have the option to receive different discounts, depending on how many PXP tokens they have in their account. PointPay calculates the discount rate for customers based on their saving and checking accounts’ PXP balances. In addition, PXP tokens can be purchased on PointPay’s token sale platform to cut interest rates on loans. At the moment, crypto loans can be made for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

There will be new features of fiat loans and referral system coming soon in the platform. Moreover, they will accept more currencies as collateral in the future. PointPay allows its customers to take loans on their stable coin instead of selling cryptocurrencies. This amazing feature lets customers enjoy the growing value of their digital coins while paying a low rate of interest on their loans. Furthermore, PointPay bank enables its clients to apply for a loan from any part of the world.


Without widespread adoption, cryptocurrency’s development as a market driver is impossible. The question now becomes, why do we need cryptocurrency? The answer is pretty simple. We have no boundaries with it so that it can be used for payments anywhere in the world.

PointPay’s three years of experience in the market has demonstrated that the most effective strategy for solving such problems is to create multifunctional solutions for them. That’s what they’ve already done.

PointPay has developed a platform incorporating some products into a blockchain platform. These products are a blockchain-based bank, crypto exchange, crypto wallet, cryptocurrency loan module, and off-chain technology for instant payments. There are also cryptocurrency school, crypto mobile banking applications, for iOs and Android, token sale platform, and payment systems for cryptocurrency. These services are available anywhere in the world (except for countries on the US sanctions list).

PointPay works within the legal framework. The partner performs all necessary KYC/AML procedures in order to make the legal payment to the acquiring bank. It can prevent projects and customers from fraudulent activities.

The PointPay team created a series of step-by-step video tutorials. In a detailed example, they explained the basic concepts to help beginners start trading in the cryptocurrency market. Financial knowledge is the basic foundation of life.


There are high expectations for PointPay, which has established its global crypto ecosystem. The sale of their token is currently in progress. You will be a part of an exciting re-labelling project if you participate in this token sale. Anyone who believes in the unified ecosystem of the crypto industry can participate in the token sale. In the past, most crypto projects developed crypto wallets and crypto trading platforms. However, few people have thought about integrating encrypted blockchain banks where you can earn interest.

 Consequently, if someone wishes to access certain functions provided by their bank, they must convert their cryptocurrency to legal tender. PointPay’s self-contained ecosystem is undoubtedly viable for success. PointPay is the most popular banking project on the market, offering multifunctional applications.

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