Intro Blockchain gaming

Blockchain gaming has evolved into a serious gaming ecosystem across the world. We have seen the rise of GameFi, where players battle it out against each other and earn prizes in the form of tokens or NFTs. This has decentralised gaming and we no longer have one central entity that controls a gaming platform. Blockchain has removed this middleman and now players can engage in games, compete with each other and get paid instantly.


Blockchain gaming got rid of middle men by decentralising gaming and also enabled players to get rewarded through the use of tokens. However, there are still some challenges that are experienced in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Firstly, for a player to take part in a game, they need to be knowledgeable about blockchain tech and know their way around it. If you are not conversant with tokenomics and how to go about accessing your rewards and even wagering through blockchain tech, then you may not be able to participate in these games. If you do not know how to sell your rewards on the secondary market once you win, then you may be stuck with them. Secondly, there is a barrier to entry. If you do not have any tokens or NFTs with you, then you would not be able to participate in these games. Most of these games are Play to Earn games where you’ll need to deposit some amount of tokens or NFTs so that you can wage with other players. Third, the GameFi ecosystems seems to be crowded with thousands of games on offer. It is a crowded and highly competitive field that seems to be having the same platforms offering the same kind of games with slightly different variations. Finally, some people may argue that apart from the thrill that one gets from engaging in games, which is a good thing, there is little value that can be derived from these games. This is the case especially if you are not  making any winnings.

While blockchain gaming is here to stay and there is a lot of progress made in the gaming ecosystem, there is a need for platforms  to look for ingenious ways to create gaming products. 

What is Quizarena?

Quizarena is a platform that seeks to take the GameFi ecosystem to new levels through a concept known as learn to earn. On this platform, players get to compete with each other on quizzes offered in the form of questions or puzzles. Once you win, you are rewarded with tokens or NFTs that you can sell. The questions and puzzles all revolve around blockchain, DeFi, crypto. and NFTs. As this industry continues to evolve, so will the database of questions that will be asked. There are three categories of competitions on this platform. The first is free to play (F2P gaming) through the learn to earn concept. In this category, players answer questions for free, and once they answer them correctly, they are rewarded with tokens. The second is player vs player or compete to earn (C2E gaming). In this category, players compete against other players and whoever wins gets to bag a portion of the wagered amount. The third is a tournament. These are tournaments  organized on the platform and players will compete against each other. Whoever bags the most trophies gets to win an agreed amount of prize tokens and is also listed on the leaderboard.

The Quizarena platform focuses on educating the public about blockchain gaming, while at the same time, creating interactive games for the public to engage in. This is a novel way to approach the GameFi ecosystem. First, the free to play or F2P gaming feature gets rid of the need to have tokens before you play these games. All a gamer needs to do is to login and start playing. Once you answer the questions correctly, you earn tokens that you can use as in-game currency. These tokens give you access to other games that you can play within the platform. Secondly, focusing on e-learning  games means that the games are not only thrilling but also add value to the gamers. The gamers get to learn more about blockchain technology, and as they research more about this technology, they also get a chance to make higher winnings. Thirdly, the games have been designed to fit players on different skill levels. If you are a beginner, you can find a level that you are comfortable with on F2E gaming or C2E gaming and compete at that level. If you are highly skilled, then you can also compete at that higher level. Fourthly, Quizarena has not focused on the crowded GameFi space. It has created a niche for itself in e-learning where it sees opportunities for growth and created a blockchain gaming platform out of this.

The name Quizarena is an inspiration that comes from two names: Quiz and Arena. Quiz is a set of questions that can be asked either as statements or in the form of a puzzle. Arena is a venue where people come and engage in competitive sports for an agreed prize money as they entertain their spectators. These two, when combined, form an apt meaning for the name. It is a platform that intends to leverage on blockchain quizzes and create educational games where players can compete and win.

Quizarena Ecosystem Explained

There are three categories of games within the Quizarena platform. The first is the free to play games, also known as F2P gaming. These are games you can play without any tokens. You will then get rewarded with tokens (called Quiz Credits or QC) that you can use to wager on other games on the platform. These QC are utility tokens that players can use in battle quizzes, paying for tournaments or purchasing in-game products on the Quizarena platform.

Secondly, the other category of games are the player vs player games or battle games. These can also be called C2E gaming. These are games where one player battles it out against another player on the platform. Both players wager an agreed amount of tokens and whoever wins walks away with the set amount. 

Thirdly, there are tournaments that are organised on the C2E gaming platform. These are competitive tournaments where players compete to amass as many trophies as they can get. Whoever collects the highest amount of trophies as agreed upon on the platform will walk away with the prize tokens that has been agreed upon, together with other bonuses. There is also a leaderboard where they will be listed. The prize money for the top spot is $2,000 worth in Quizarena tokens. There are other bonuses that are included in this prize money. For one to take part in these tournaments, they will have to book a spot using Quiz Credits.

The Game Flow System in Quizarena

The general aim of each player in this game is to get as many Quizarena tokens as you can. QZA are BEP 20 tokens developed on the Binance smart chain smart contract protocol. They are used as the means of settling payment on this blockchain gaming platform. The first step on the Quizarena platform is to make sure that you have Quiz Credit. These are in-house gaming currencies that you will use to play games on the platform. QC will be used for purchasing of gaming products on the platform, wagering on battle quizzes and also taking part in competitive tournaments on the platform. You can access QC by staking QZA or purchasing them using Quizarena tokens. If you do not have any QZA, then you can get some QC from the free to play games on the platform – also known as QuizFi. These are the games that will give you access to QC. The free to play games are basically a set of quizzes that test your knowledge on blockchain technology.

Once you have your QC, you can now take part in battle games. These player vs player games have been organised on the platform. Players are pitted against each other and answer a set of questions that have been set up on the platform. The players will have agreed on an amount of tokens that the winner walks away with. Whoever wins this match gets to walk away with the prize. 

Thirdly, there are tournaments that are organised on the platform on a monthly basis. Players can take part in these tournaments and compete against each other to see who walks away with the highest amount of trophies. The winner who amasses the highest amount of trophies will walk away with the agreed-upon prize money and also earn bonuses. The trophies that will be handed to the winners in these tournaments will be in the form of NFTs. These NFTs can be sold on the secondary market. You can also stake them and be rewarded with QZA. Tournaments will be categorised into two sections. In the first section, winners will be awarded with QZA and NFT trophies. In the second instance, only a select number of people will be awarded with tokens.

The platform has set up anti-scripting measures to curb cheating on the platform. Random tokens will be offered on the platform from time to time, and if a player does not redeem these within the set number of consecutive attempts then it will be deemed that they are cheating and can be permanently banned.

What makes Blockchain Gaming so Special?

Blockchain gaming is here to stay. The rise of GameFi and increased interest in this industry shows that we are bound to see even more products coming up in this space. First, C2E gaming on the blockchain has made it possible for players to wager with each other without necessarily having a middle man. This decentralised approach has opened a whole new way in which players interact with gaming platforms. Gamers can also be able to easily and automatically access their winnings without delay. There is also a reduction in hacking incidents. Traditional gaming required gamers to input their credit card details and these are prone to hacking.

Blockchain technology is also decentralised. This means that gaming platforms are less prone to hacking incidents

The in-gaming assets that are bought in blockchain gaming platforms are also uniquely identified and can be used across multiple games. These NFTs can also be traded in secondary markets, thereby enabling intangible assets to have value.

Blockchain gaming enables gamers to have a single profile that they can use across multiple games. Most of the games require players to create profiles before they engage in a game. Blockchain can enable users to create one single profile that they can use across multiple games.



Blockchain gaming is a revolutionary concept that is bound to take gaming to new levels. QuizFi, as introduced by Quizarean, is an interesting concept that leverages on e-learning and blockchain. The team behind this platform is highly experienced in the blockchain and tech space. They have launched multiple successful projects in this field. QZA is a token that is developed on Binance smart chain. Binance smart chain was chosen as it is highly scalable, can work with Ethereum Virtual machine and can also handle a large number of transactions per second. The total number of QZA tokens that will be released is 500 million. Currently, there are about 16 million tokens that are in circulating supply, with a market cap of about $200 K.

The gaming software used to develop games on this platform is Unity Software. Unity was adopted because it has the ability to create 2D and mobile games. They also have extensive documentation on their platforms. This means that in case of any hiccups, the team at Quizarena can handle the bugs with ease.

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