Blockchain applications are gaining popularity in the healthcare industry and this could be one of the most important disruptions in the medical field. Exchanges are also adopting blockchain technology, and while many investors are familiar with ICOs, STOs are coming up strong. Security Token Offerings (STO) are designed to serve as an investment product. An STO provides the potential to deliver significant efficiencies as well as cost savings. The process involves the selling of digital tokens to the public from cryptocurrency exchanges, but to distinguish them from ICOs, security tokens represent actual securities tied to a company.

STOs combine blockchain technology and the requirements of regulated security markets to support liquidity of assets and a wider availability of finance. Basically, STOs refer to the issuance of digital tokens in a blockchain environment in the form of regulated securities. Many crypto exchanges are adopting this concept as more companies introduce STOs. Over the years, STOs are taking the financial market by its horns, as more institutions embrace this type of investment. Catching up is the healthcare sector/industry, as we discover one of the world’s first examples of a tokenised preferred equity investment, backed by a revenue royalty stream from Radiologex. The R-DEE network offers diverse services to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. 

Understanding Radiologex: Blockchain-Based Healthcare Solution

Radiologex refers to a one-in-all blockchain-enabled platform designed for meet the needs, wants, and specifications of the healthcare industry, which will include the financials, research, medical records, etc. Radiologex will deliver all the necessary objectives without compromising on integrity and the confidentiality of information on its platform. With an outstanding team in various fields (medical physicians, various varying healthcare providers, IT and software developers, and blockchain and DLT experts), Radiologex offers real-time productivity and information source. 

The healthcare sector over the years has adopted technology as more processes are digitised. As more healthcare procedures are being digitised, Radiologex Digital Encryption Environment (R-DEE Network) is the world’s healthcare first all-inclusive platform delivering on productivity and collaboration for not only professionals in the field but also companies affiliated to the industry. With an ongoing pandemic in the globe, it is crucial that contact is minimal and, as such, Radiologex has provided a solution applicable worldwide. In a press release, John Kiyo Smith, CEO of Radiologex, said: 

“The recent appearance of novel coronavirus, and the very real possibility of a pandemic, is illuminating the need for a one-stop instant communications platform dedicated for the healthcare industry that is also equipped with a full suite of relevant services and productivity-enhancing tools, allowing healthcare professionals to carry out various tasks in the most efficient manner when timing is critical. Yet in providing such services, Radiologex does not want to sacrifice security. Secure and safe transmission of information will always remain a top priority for Radiologex.”

What Is Radiologex STO?

Radiologex STO refers to a security token offering sold by Radiologex Technologies LLC, which is a company based in the United States. As one of the top STOs currently in the market, it is important to note that it is still ongoing and therefore, investors have the opportunity to make initial investments. In addition, there are upcoming exchange listings, allowing more individuals to trade RDG tokens on secondary markets. It is due to this that individuals can participate globally. However, traditional startup investments may not gain access to a secondary market. 

The total fixed supply of this security token is 100 million. However, the first round will see a total of only 20 million security tokens sold. United States residents can make a minimum investment of $5,000, whereas the non-residents can make a minimum investment of $2,500. 

Considering that the first round of sales is underway, each security token comes with a face value of $1. This phase will see the sale of this top STO at a more affordable rate as compared to other rounds that the platform will release. Round 2 of this top STO will open in the fourth quarter of 2021, which will see the remaining tokens sold at a higher price per security token. While the face value of the RDG STO sale for Round 2 has not been communicated, investors can be sure that it will be more than $1. 

The Radiologex STO comes with various offers on the table for the first 500 investors. Investors can take advantage of the available bonuses from the platform. These bonuses are available in different tiers.

– Tier 1 offers a 100% RDG bonus with an investment of 50,000 or more, paid in either USD or crypto. 

– Tier 2 offers a 75% RDG bonus with an investment of between $25,000 and $49,999.99, which can also be paid in USD or crypto.

– Tier 3 offers a 50% RDG bonus with an investment of between $15,000 and $24,999.99, with a similar payment criteria. 

– Tier 4 offers a 25% RDG bonus for investments worth $2,500 and above, but they are not able to reach the third tier limit. It gets better for investors because Tier 1 and 2 offers come with an additional 2021 MacBook. As a smart device with outstanding features, you can access the Radiologex platform with ease at any time, thus boosting convenience and efficiency when monitoring your investment. 

The above offers and bonuses are designed to give investors their money’s worth.

What Makes This STO A Secure Investment Opportunity?

As one of the top STO tokens backed by Radiologex, it provides a secure investment policy that is bound to attract investor attention. While the market has adopted the concept behind STOs, Radiologex stands out to provide a secure STO, not just through its unmatched security but also through backing the investment to ensure investors’ investment is not lost.

The STO is backed by a revenue royalty stream

First, this investment is backed by a revenue royalty stream. This means that its returns are not purely based on a fiat currency or on the economy fluctuations. Keep in mind that each security token represents a tokenised digital security. Therefore, each token has a direct royalty claim on part of the Radiologex platform, not only for revenues but also on the platform proceeds that arise from potential monetisation of the business. Returns are therefore guaranteed for investors. 

Dividends payout

Radiologex pays out dividends on a quarterly basis to all investors. All dividends are automatically dropped into an investor wallet or into their dashboard, making it easier and faster to access it. The on-time payout ensure a secure investment because your initial investment remains intact. In a financial year, dividends are paid out four times as compared to other investments, which pay out semi-annually or annually. 

Availability of bonuses

Many investors tend to shy away from investing in companies, be it IPO, ICO, or STOs, because if the company goes down, so does their investment. With Radiologex, investors can receive bonuses that can cushion their investment. For example, some bonuses are as high as 100%, which means that their investment is already double.

Why Is Radiologex Unique?

The healthcare industry and blockchain have merged efforts before now but in differing capabilities. The most recent merge has given birth to Radiologex, which is now a buzz across the globe and for good reason too. Radiologex has managed to encompass every healthcare need and provide the solution to it under a single platform. The co-founder, George Tyler, said

“The healthcare industry is highly vulnerable to security breaches and transactional bottlenecks, negatively affecting patient care, including critical care logistics, from start to finish. Radiologex solves for all of that in one easy-to-use platform, with safety and speed built in as the vanguard, and partnering with Trusona only serves to enhance these capabilities.”

Radiologex stands out in the market for a number of reasons, ranging from its security standards, all-in-one environment, as well as investment opportunities. If you are wondering why Radiologex is unique, this Radiologex review outlines its unique capabilities below.

Global reach

Unlike many medical platforms, Radiologex allows for a global reach for all members in its platform. Considering it is not restrained geographically, you can always access your medical records as well as receive healthcare wherever you are without compromising on quality. Global reach is crucial, especially in times of a global pandemic such as with the coronavirus, making it a one-stop software ecosystem specific to the healthcare industry. All you need is a web portal and a smart device to enjoy the platform services.

Free-to-use capacities/no need for intermediaries

Radiologex comes with diverse features that users can gain access to at no extra cost. This affordability is a key reason as to why it is gaining popularity worldwide. In addition, the cost that comes with intermediaries is eliminated when using the platform, especially for professionals.

State-of-the-art military security

The aspect of doctor-patient confidentiality is important, not just in a hospital setting, but also on every medical platform. Radiologex adheres to this law and it is therefore protected by the highest level of security. The inclusion of Trusona Technology allows individuals and institutions to access a seamless yet ultra-secure access without the need to remember a username or password.

Real-time productivity, collaboration and information source

This feature comes as an added advantage because you will not need to search different platforms to obtain all relevant information. Real-time productivity enables individuals to make current decisions because they can obtain relevant and up-to-date information.

Opportunity to invest

How To Buy RDG Tokens 

The purchase of RDG tokens has been made possible for individuals as well as institutions. Before making an investment, members are required to register. The registration process helps to create an account for Radiologex. This process is made possible via Securitize ID. When registering, you are expected to provide a valid email address, a password, and finally accept the provided terms and conditions. In this, the process is simplified, while at the same time, secured to ensure your investments are safe. 

When providing an email address, the member should ensure it is a valid email. The password requested must meet the expected requirements, which must include a minimum of 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 number, and it must have a minimum of 8 characters. Also, the country of residence must be specified, from which the platform will provide a list of the countries accepted by Securitize. Despite the restrictions on some countries such as Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Zimbabwe and South Sudan, users of the Radiologex platform in these blocked countries can contact the management. The management will notify the user when the RDG STO will be added to a secondary exchange that allows the specified regions. This means that the STO will be available to more of its users as they expand on the number of secondary exchanges available across the globe. 

Once a user creates an account, they can access their investments by logging into the account whenever they choose to buy more security tokens, sell, or simply monitor their investment. You can trade (buy & sell) on the authorised exchanges, which encompass the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. 

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