The subscription business has increased dramatically in recent years, with some regions reporting a nearly 100 per cent increase. Consumers today want personalised, frictionless, and flexible products and services. Observing the current subscription sector, one can conclude that it is no longer restricted to magazines and newspapers but has expanded its network to include media, entertainment, consumer goods, and businesses.

Consumer preferences are shifting toward hassle-free shopping, free delivery, and immediate gratification. All of these objectives are met by the subscription model, which provides value to customers with minimal effort and provides enormous growth potential for subscription-based organisations.

Until recently, subscription models were limited to sports membership, magazines, and cable television. However, the internet and technologies such as cloud computing have completely changed the game, and this is precisely where Subme plays a crucial role. Subme is a new crypto project that aims to transform the world of subscription.

What Is The SubMe Investment Tool, And How Does It Work?

Subme can be utilised as a crypto investment tool in conjunction with one of the most powerful crypto investing strategies available is Dollar Cost Averaging. It is a strategy for reducing price risk when buying investments such as stocks, mutual funds, or cryptocurrency investing. Rather than investing in a single item at a single price, dollar cost averaging allows you to divide the amount of money you want to spend and buy little amounts of the asset over time at regular intervals. This reduces the danger of overpaying for an investment before market values fall.

Of course, prices do not always shift in one direction. However, splitting your purchase into many purchases increases your odds of paying a lower average price over time. Furthermore, dollar cost averaging allows you to put your money to work regularly, which is important for long-term investment growth.

The most sensible strategy to become a crypto investor is to invest regularly. The Dollar-Cost Average Bitcoin method purchases a set quantity of BTC every month, week, or day over an extended period of time. The only problem with this plan is sticking to it and remembering to invest. Subme promises to simplify DCA by offering an Investment Subscription.

The crypto world provides an excess of chances relating to capital freedom and the industry’s ever-changing character. Subme will be able to provide crypto membership sales with their partnership with Bitcan, Central Europe’s largest cantor. Users will be able to buy BTC with fiat money on a recurrent basis with the help of their partner Bitcan. A certain quantity of cryptocurrency will be sent to the user’s wallet. You can imagine not having to worry about your investment and simply cashing out when BTC reaches its all-time high or when you are satisfied with the profit.

A Brief Overview Of SubMe’s Business Model

The Subme business model is set up in such a way that you will be rewarded for each subscription. The margin and the category level of the service or product determine the subscription category. Subme offers low-cost items and services to its users since it delivers a steady stream of money to the goods’ supplier.

Subme will create its first fulfilment centre in 2022; the shipment cost might be substantially lower than consumers who opt to obtain more than one subscription product. Users can benefit from a 3% cashback in the form of Subme Cash when they purchase a membership. The Subme crypto token ($SUB) can be easily withdrawn and sold on the open market. Aside from that, there’s a chance they’ll be able to put that money towards their next subscription.

Every crypto investor can enjoy staking, which is why Subme has decided to allocate 10% of the subscription cost to rewarding long-term investors. Subme has also set aside 5% of his earnings for charitable and environmental causes. Subme employs a game theory optimisation approach to maximise demand for Subme Cash by utilising the subscription price collected. This will be accomplished in part by using the charge collected, which will be used to purchase Subme currency on the open market. Each quarter, 5% of Subme’s total sales will be incinerated.

This will lower the supply of Subme tokens and increase demand until 44% of all tokens are purchased back. Nonetheless, Subme members will have the opportunity to contribute regularly to the foundation of their choosing. They can subscribe to nearly anything, even being a decent person.

Is SubMe Compatible With Cryptocurrency And Traditional Finance?

Subme, as a global platform, provides services to its users for all kinds of investing, including cryptocurrency investing and traditional finance investments. Subscriptions are quickly becoming the most popular payment method globally, and even the most established businesses are adapting (like Photoshop). Subme Cash has devised a strategy to revolutionise the subscription economy.

Subme is a project that aims to transform the way we think about e-commerce by integrating the worlds of cryptocurrencies with the flourishing subscription economy. Subme can be utilised as an investment instrument and a subscription platform for receiving your favourite product/service. Using the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency investing approach, Dollar Cost Averaging, a crypto investor can earn enormous profits in just one year with a monthly investment of $100. The project’s initial cooperation was formed with Bitcan, one of Europe’s largest fiat to crypto exchanges, enabling future subscription purchases using crypto at Subme considerably easier and without KYC.

Subme Cash is another way for Subme to participate in the cryptocurrency investing market. Cryptocurrency is only one part of the Subme finance system. The platform also has a subscription model for traditional financial investment. The DCA approach works well with various financial products, including stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), while exposing you to minimised risk.

What Is Sub Cash Token?

Sub Cash is a BEP-20 token issued on Binance Smart Chain with the name Sub Cash. The SUB token is considered the heart of the Subme ecosystem. Subme customers receive SUB tokens in the form of a cash refund provided by the Subme platform. From an investor’s perspective, the SUB token provides an opportunity to gain exposure to Subme’s sales revenue, as 5% of it will be utilised to purchase back SUB tokens from the market every quarter.

The Subme Cash token is a BEP20 token that will power the Subme economy. According to Subme, a portion of the fees is collected when buying a single subscription or a “subscription basket”. This fee portion will be used to repurchase the Subme Cash token from the market. Furthermore, the demand for the token will grow as the number of products, services, and subscribers grows, even without factoring in demand from investors and traders looking to speculate on the price.

How Can You Buy Sub Cash Token?


The e-commerce and subscription sector is rapidly expanding, and it is expected to exceed $4 billion by 2020. Subme, for example, can be a game-changer in this situation. Subme is the world’s first subscription platform that allows consumers to subscribe to tangible things and services. A crypto token investor can create their own and exclusive subscription packages with the Subme ecosystem. It simplifies their daily lives and serves as an all-in-one app. As a result, Subme platform customers don’t have to remember to buy consumable products every month. They are also not compelled to set appointments for any recurrent services or to save for the future.

The Subme platform allows users to manage their apps and subscriptions while on the road, including Spotify, Netflix, HBO GO, Tidal, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office 365. It should be emphasised that keeping track of these subscriptions is tough, and one is prone to forgetting about them. As a result, crypto investors may find themselves paying for services that they do not use. Users may do all of this in one place with the Subme ecosystem. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Subme can reshape and disrupt the whole subscription sector. It makes it simple to subscribe to physical and digital items, allowing users to save money and time and simplify their lives while being crypto-friendly.

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