The e-commerce subscription market is a fast-expanding way of buying online. According to research, around 15% of online shoppers have one or many subscriptions for receiving their preferred products/services on a regular basis. Another survey found that 70% of business leaders think that the subscription model of business will be integral to their prospects for growth in the future and Subme Ecosystem will disrupt these subscription models smartly!

The subscription e-commerce service offers consumers a personalised, easy, and low-cost method of purchasing their desired products and services. Today, we can also see that e-commerce has become a prominent aspect of the subscription and retail industry. Besides, our life is way different from what it was a couple of years ago.

This is where platforms like Subme come into the picture.

With the internet becoming quickly accessible to everyone and in every corner of the globe, the market for the Subme ecosystem will only grow at a fast or similar rate at which the entire e-commerce industry is growing. The Subme ecosystem allows users to design their offers for several subscriptions and save both money and time in the process. So, if you are into cryptocurrency investing and intend to take advantage of the subscription market and model, then Subme is the right way forward.



The e-commerce and subscription market is growing at a rapid pace and has already surpassed $4 billion in 2020. This is where platforms like Subme can act as a game-changer. Subme is the first platform in the world that allows its users to subscribe to both physical products as well as services.

With the Subme ecosystem, a crypto token investor gets to design their own and exclusive offers for varied subscriptions. It makes their daily life easy and functions as an all-in-one application. As a result, users of the Subme platform don’t need to remember purchasing consumable products each month. Neither are they required to make appointments for any recurring service nor save for future purposes. The Subme platform lets its users manage their applications and subscriptions, including that of Spotify, Netflix, HBO GO, Tidal, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office 365 while on the go. It must be noted that managing these subscriptions is difficult, and one tends to forget them. As a result, a crypto investor often ends up making payments towards services that they are not using. With the Subme ecosystem, users can do all of that in one spot.

The Subme app allows users to save time as well as manage their expenses in multiple areas with ease. Subme follows the AI (Artificial Intelligence) module to suggest users based on their previous buying decisions. As a result, users come to know about the products and services that they may want to buy. With it, a crypto investor gets the opportunity to minimise the cost of their purchases, and get cashback in SUB currency, which may gain a higher value in the future (5% of quaterly revenue will be used to buy back $SUB tokens from the market).

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that Subme has the potential of disrupting the entire subscription industry and redefining it. It makes both physical and digital goods easy to subscribe to, thereby helping customers to save money, time, and make their life easy while being crypto-friendly.


Until some time back, the models of subscription were available only for sports membership, magazines, and cable TV. However, the internet and technologies like cloud computing have transformed the entire game, and this is exactly where Subme plays a vital role. The Subme ecosystem has revolutionised the entire e-commerce market. Today, many organisations have transitioned from a one-time buying model to a constant revenue stream. This provides greater scope to future streams for certainty and also helps in bettering the business decisions in the future. From a user perspective, especially within the SaaS industry, the subscription provides much-improved customer support aside from useful updates. The Global e-commerce subscription market, which stood at US$13.23 billion in 2018, is now expected to touch US$ 478.2 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 68.0% from 2019-2025. Hence, there is no denying the fact that the e-commerce subscription industry has witnessed a huge evolution in the past couple of years. Since its inception, the subscription market has become highly competitive.


The Subme ecosystem is beneficial for local businesses, global brands, crypto token users, financial services, and influencers. The platform helps local businesses to find and secure new as well as recurring orders on one hand, and on the other hand, it allows global brands to gain customer loyalty in one place. As far as a crypto investor/user is concerned, the Subme platform helps them to save both money and time, whereas financial service providers benefit in terms of increasing their portfolio of clients. Influencers also benefit through Subme as they can generate an extra income source by establishing a bond with the Subme users and community.

As far as producers and retailers are concerned, they can benefit by using Subme as an effective tool for sales and marketing. With the Subme ecosystem, they get a new set of clients to reach out to, and develop relationships with the existing ones for both selling and buying parties. Sellers on the Subme platform acquire an extra channel of repeat and predictable sales. Subme does not apply any charge for the creation of subscription baskets consisting of products but charges a commission on sale only. This works as an effective solution for local and small entrepreneurs who cannot design advanced platforms as well as online stores. As far as big brands are concerned, they too acquire an extra medium of repeated sales. The top brands also enjoy increased brand recognition via collaboration through placing products in the influencer baskets.

Aside from being a subscription platform for receiving your preferred product/service, Subme can also be used in the form of a tool for investment. One can use the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency-investing strategy – Dollar Cost Averaging – and in just one year and with an investment of $100 every month, a crypto investor can acquire massive returns.

The Subme finance system does not end with cryptocurrency. The platform also provides a subscription model for investing in traditional finance too. The concept of DCA works well with several financial instruments, such as shares, bonds, and ETFs, while exposing you to minimal risk. So, if we look at today’s Bitcoin DCA value, which stands at $4,530.28, you can expect an ROI to be 248.48%.

Thus, the same subscription concept can be used in many ways, not just cryptos but also for fiat currencies. Subme users can thus save for their retirement or buy other financial products, or save for their next holiday. So, for instance, if you are a crypto investor or even if you choose to use the fiat currency, then you can save for your next holiday, and the money would go to your preferred travel agency. After the subscription period ends, you will get to enjoy the much-awaited trip to your favourite destination at highly affordable rates.


With the Subme ecosystem, managing your apps such as Spotify, Netflix, HBO GO, etc., which are otherwise difficult to manage, is easy. Whether you are a crypto token user or even if you use fiat currency, often, you end up paying for applications even when you don’t use them. With Subme, this issue can be easily solved. The platform allows both fiat and crypto token users to manage all their apps in one single place.


If you are a fiat or crypto investor who believes in supporting good causes, then the Subme platform is apt for you. When you order your preferred goods and services through Subme, you also help many other individuals in need, and that too regularly. Simply pick one of Subme’s partner charities as well as the amount that you would want to send on a monthly, weekly, and yearly basis, and the platform will use it to support charitable causes.


The Subme business model has been designed in such a manner that you will earn a fee on every subscription. The category of the subscriptions revolves around the margin and the category level of the service or product. Subme provides its users with products and services at affordable rates since they offer a constant stream of revenue to the supplier of the goods. With the platform’s development and higher product amount, the cost of a shipment can be significantly lower than customers who choose to get more than one subscription product, as Subme will design its first fulfilment centre in 2022. Another advantage for users is that they get a 3% cashback in terms of Subme Cash every time they make a subscription purchase. One can easily withdraw the Subme crypto token and sell the same in the open market. Apart from this, there is also a possibility that they would get to use that cash for their next subscription.


Every crypto investor loves to stake, which is exactly why Subme has decided that 10% of the subscription fee will be used for rewarding the investors who choose to invest in the Subme project on a long-term basis (staking).

Subme has also allocated 5% for making contributions to the charity and environment. It uses the game theory optimisation process of using the subscription fee collected, thus increasing the demand for Subme cash. This will be done by partially using the collected fee, which will be used for market buying Subme cash. Each quarter 5% of the entire Subme revenue will be burned. This will reduce the supply of Subme tokens and further create demand until 44% of all the tokens are bought back.


In essence, Subme Cash is BEP-20 token, so created on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. Those looking to purchase Subme.Cash need to have their MetaMask digital wallet with BEP-20 network installed and enter the Public Sale panel at All the Public Sale Participants will receive 40% APY till the Token Generation Event and  $SUB listing on Pancake Swap.


Subme has recently opened its public sale (round two) for tokens. The pre-sale that commenced on the 29th of June aims to generate Hard capital of 600,000 USD. A total of 0,010393 USD will be generated, and the listing price of the token is 0,01500 USD. Also, the initial market capitalisation is around 1 million USD.

Once the Subme crypto token pre-sale is over, Subme will develop the subscription-based e-commerce platform integrated with Bitcan/Ari10, Coinpaprika, and MetaMask. Subme will also look to get listed on CEX or Centralised Exchange. The platform will also look at other industry expansions and include products, such as cosmetics, books, and audiobooks. By the end of the first quarter of 2022, the company will have rolled out its online subscription and also integrate Lightning Network while implementing an AI module to its business structure in the second quarter of 2022.


The Subme crypto token and subscription platform will likely witness tremendous growth in the future, given that e-commerce subscription consumers today look forward to enhanced consumer experience and subscribe only when their purchases give them benefits such as low cost or greater personalisation. The Subme model is apt for traditional and crypto investors.

Subme has the potential of disrupting the entire subscription market by redefining the same. The platform, along with the Submecrypto-token, makes subscribing to both physical and digital goods easy.

To sum up, if you are searching for the next best crypto token and would want to make the most of subscription products and services, then choose Subme right away! To learn more about Subme, visit!

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