Millennials followed by Gen Alpha are a concentrated pool of talent in the 21st Century. When we have youth with huge talent, it becomes all the more difficult to tap their potential and do justice by using an outdated system of talent acquisition and recruitment. 

It has become a need of the hour to come up with modern systems and processes executing the entire process of talent recruitment with utmost transparency, cost-effectiveness, and in the shortest time frame. TalentIDO is taking concrete steps in developing an open talent ecosystem where the young talent of the 21st century can thrive, develop and get their deserved success. 

How can you become part of the talent revolution?

The talent revolution begun by Talent IDO is the need of the hour. In present times 23 out of 25 players on the soccer field are marginalized. The numbers are alarmingly high for other sports as well. It is mainly because sports scouts pay attention to the top 2 or 3 players on the field and all others are left unnoticed. 

The entire process of talent recruiting becomes more tedious because neither clubs nor players have a direct connection to each other. The involvement of scouts and intermediates makes the entire process lengthy, expensive, and opaque. Intermediates do not want a transparent and democratic exchange of information because they are making much more money and reaping far more benefits than the player or the club.

All this has left a lot of opportunities unexplored and money untouched for many players who fail to come under the notice of scouts and intermediates.

Another big problem is that number of players looking for a place in clubs is much more than the number of vacancies in the club. It creates a big gap between demand and supply and players are left without any career growth opportunities.

With TalentIDO a player can create a standardized sports profile for himself/herself. It will be called their sports passport. This passport will contain personal information, career history, all sports achievements, market value, contact info, college, club, or academy info, and official data from sports organizations. 

The players will be free to add any sports achievement, experience, or new skills acquired by them in their sports passports. Things like game footage, action clips, performance analysis, social media presence of the player, and assessment of their economic value by the potential contractor will also be the part of sports passport. 

Why TalentIDO

Unique Solution

TalentIDO is all set to bring a unique solution to all the problems about sports recruiting discussed above. With the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, they will make the entire sports recruiting process democratic, transparent, efficient, quick, and cost-effective. 

Blockchains can be seen as public record books where every single piece of information, data, and transaction gets recorded. Since the blockchain created is stored in the community and operated by them, it eliminates the need for any middlemen. 

The icing on the cake is cryptography which makes every entry on the blockchain irreversible. It is the perfect answer to any fraudulent data that might be entered into the blockchain. Blockchain is not only used to store data but is also used to execute it to create smart contracts. These smart contracts validate the conditions and execute the data in the shortest period, cost-efficiently, and in a risk-free environment.

Building Trust 

Talent IDO is building a system that puts verification of data input by the user as its priority. The entire data available on the platform will be exhaustively verified to create a highly transparent sports marketplace. Since the entire system of blockchains is centralized, any hacker or scammer will have to bring down the entire community to misuse or fake the information present. 

Inclusive participation

TalentIDO is an open marketplace with the presence of all the stakeholders involved in the process of sports recruiting. Now neither the clubs nor the players will need to depend on the scouts or intermediates for getting noticed, recruitments, and opportunities. Now vendors can make direct contracts with the players by reading data about their talent, experience, and potential. Even players can get the true value of their talent and potential through the right assessment by AI used in the platform. 

Token Usage and Value

The talent token also known as TAL can be used as the facto currency on the TalentIDO platform. All the stakeholders can use the currency for membership on the platform, buying or selling their services, sharing various benefits offered as well as contributing to the currency growth.

If you want to be a part of the sports business as a player, recruiter, club, or merchandise sponsor, you can buy these TAL and become part of the community. Members holding TAL can also win rewards by value addition in the form of content, reviews, or recommendations on the platform. 

Clubs and sports recruiters can participate in buying and selling at the marketplace and get access to services of the Fieldoo platform by holding the TAL. They can use TAL for acquiring new talent on the platform, inviting the players for fresh opportunities, and negotiating fees as per the talent and potential of the players. 

Five Tips to Cultivate an Open Talent Ecosystem!

  1. Make the sports ecosystem flexible and open-minded. With the explosion in the number of players coming into the ecosystem to become professional players, the number of players looking for a place in the clubs is much more than the vacancies in the clubs. This gap has led to the emergence of scouts as sub-markets where players have no power and information to develop their careers and have to depend completely on agents. Removal of third parties and giving direct information to players can help in creating an open ecosystem. 
  2. Building concrete infrastructure and information system. The sports industry is blooming with exponential growth in the financial assets of the industry. Unfortunately, only the top 2 to 3% of the players can reap the benefits of this high-paying industry. Clubs with modest infrastructure and players with limited information and exposure are left to struggle and survive on their own. The development of an open marketplace for building infrastructure and exchange of information can help in creating an open ecosystem.
  3. Creating a transparent recruitment process. The recruitment process of the sports industry is completely broken, full of discrepancies and fraudulent activities. Since most stakeholders in the industry are not connected and data is not verified, 95% of players in the industry are not able to reap the benefits and growth opportunities available in it. If we can bring all the stakeholders on one platform and create a system where data is verified and the exchange of information is open, we can create an open talent ecosystem. 
  4. Creating a trustworthy price and money exchange system. Due to malpractices of one or more stakeholders involved in the transaction and the opaque system of price and money exchange, in almost every transaction the rightful owner loses a huge chunk of money. This is true in almost every sport. Creating a transparent system of price and money exchange like blockchains can put a stop to various fraudulent activities and give the players their rightful due. 
  5. Creating a system for minimizing talent loss. For most talented players their first career choice is sports. With faulty recruitment processes, the absence of structured information, and financial malpractices, these players are not able to make big and they quit. Creating a system where these players get access to deserving opportunities can help in creating an open talent ecosystem.

Business Ecosystem


TalentIDO is a decentralized crowd investing platform offering benefits to both recruiters and recruits. Elimination of intermediates and third parties will help in creating a lot of transparency and democracy in the entire process of sports recruitment. 

The sports industry is one of the fastest-growing industries with huge financial assets. TalentIDO ensures that most players in the pool can reap professional, financial, and social benefits from the platform, which they miss in the present faulty system of sports recruitment. 

If you want to start your journey in the sports business, the best way to start is by investing in TAL and start reaping the various benefits it has got to offer. It is an open talent ecosystem doing justice to each stakeholder involved.   

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