The QoinIQ team unifies under the shared belief, that conventional finance is becoming outdated and the world currently is moving dramatically fast into a reality where premium financial services are made available to everyone. And not just a small group of the privileged few. Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency are the way to accomplish this goal and the spirit that commands QoinIQ’s mission. This mission is to create the right tools for the cryptocurrency world, thereby making it suitable for cryptocurrency investing and becoming the new normal.

QoinIQ is a firm in the crypto universe founded and run by a group of successful people with a financial industry lineage, spanning over many decades in aggregate. The team designed the QoinIQ ecosystem, that builds the equipment for the financial industry to gauge in the crypto revolution.


The QoinIQ ecosystem engineers the QoinSuit platform. It provides an unparalleled set of trading services for every financial actor by synching the world’s leading cryptocurrency investing exchange terminals. This deed makes them accessible in a single international trading tool. With this approach, there’s the highest level of execution proficiency and with a decentralized order management system.

QoinSuit is created for the initial purpose of simplifying cryptocurrencies’ trading activities among market participants or the investors. The transfer or deposits of cryptocurrencies, fiat money, or any type of financial asset cannot be executed through the platform.

The thrilling bullish trend that lasted for two years (until January 2018) surprised both experienced and inexperienced traders in the crypto market. This resulted in a dramatically violent market correction. Without relating the appropriate money management skills, many investors and funds with holdings in the form of digital assets suffered losses, sometimes up to 95%. The capital exhausts and the ability to earn profit, too, is lost.

QoinSuit, via the inception of a sequence of innovations and features, targets to significantly increase each trader’s processes, tools as well as risk management activities.

Existing trading tools for cryptocurrencies developed by other competitors provide mostly elementary functions and suffer from several limitations. Having performed a long and meticulous analysis of the market, QoinIQ identified several areas they considered deficient and they committed themselves to the goal of designing a terminal that eliminates such issues.

QoinSuit is the result of the aforementioned efforts and also the consequence of bundling a decade’s long experience in the financial field, beyond cryptocurrency investing and arbitrage, completely distancing themselves from everyone else and steering their efforts towards meeting the needs of the cryptocurrency community.

The QoinIQ terminal designed a new layout including charting analysis tools, which allows traders to operate in multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. QoinSuit supports the use of multiple displays. Traders using two or more display units can keep an eye on much more uninterrupted data. QoinSuit supports the simultaneous view of several chart graphs in a single presentation.

On QoinSuit, it will be possible to view on the same screen, for instance, a book on Bitcoin, a book on Bitcoin futures, and an option series with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as underlying.

In QoinIQ it is unthinkable that traders performing arbitrage or using any such instruments to hedge a position have to continuously and laboriously open and close different screens in search of instruments on which they intend to trade.

QoinIQ has introduced extended conditional orders. In markets with strong volatility and without regulation, large price movements occur only too often. Lack of rigid money management is an inevitable gateway to suffer losses. On QoinSuit, it’s possible to manage orders like stop loss, take profit, or trailing stop directly from the book but with completely different specifications than being available thus far within the marketplace.

For example, with one click, up to 3 orders are often entered directly, allowing position management under any market condition as the trader sees fit. It’s also possible to manage conditional orders separately, creating real trading strategies, not only protecting the trader’s position but also helping maximize profits, even when the trader is far away from his terminal.

The management of all orders, conditional included, is decentralized and resides within QoinIQ’s secure servers, which communicate with the varied exchanges to which QoinSuit is going to be connected. This feature allows the user to work completely autonomously and to enter and manage orders that are completely different from those offered by any exchange.

QoinSuit is, thus, also armed against possible market manipulation and sets the quality for excellence in security and hardware. Currently, available tools don’t have books to foster high-frequency trading. To fill that vacuum, QoinSuit will introduce a scalper book to satisfy the requirements of consumers who have high operational capacity levels.

The QoinIQ ecosystem terminal also will introduce a market scan to warrant real-time price comparisons of any given cryptocurrency traded and help users buy where the quoted rate is more attractive or maybe perform arbitrage.

Multi-exchange platforms don’t provide for short sales, albeit the exchange of choice allows it; therefore, the ability to manage a portfolio on margin isn’t given (exchanges currently move towards providing leverage to customers and ensure liquidity, especially after the market correction in 2018). That has been treated with high priority within the development of QoinSuit, as a multi-exchange platform.



Immediate, personalized overview of all available cryptocurrency exchanges altogether. Real-time-based data analysis (percentage, volume, or daily variation) & trends monitoring individually configurable for content and layout


One of the Core functions of QoinSuit

  1.  Helps monitor the trend of every currency
  2.  Displays the ten best price levels for purchases and sales
  3.  Displays ticker of the last 30 trades. Possibility to extend the view via the use of the Deep Book
  4.  Quick dispatch of market orders, single or multiple
  5.  Trade order confirmations notifications
  6.  Visible: price, percentage gain/loss, trend, quantity, avg. price, P&L
  7.  Quick order placement via the mouse function
  8.  Conditional orders entry, with extended function


Summary of all daily or weekly orders:

  1.  View of still open vs filled orders
  2.  Ability to change pending orders’ parameters or cancel orders (also multiple, linked to a specific operation, via a single click)
  3.  Ability to recall any transaction from the order history


Provided by TradingView

  1.  Customizable
  2.  Multiple technical analysis indicators/ tools (Bollinger bands, Elliot tools, Fibonacci retracements and time zones, RSI, Aroon  oscillator, MACD, etc.)


  1.  Display of executed orders (price, quantity, real-time P&L) and type of wallet in use
  2.  Displays conditional orders can be entered directly from the portfolio window via the “Adv. order” function
  3.  Displays conditional orders entered individually, can also be displayed separately via the “Adv. order” function
  4.  Displays partial conditional orders possible, for example purchase of BTC in USD and sale of a fraction in EUR, with a trailing stop conditional order being entered simultaneously)
  5.  Continuous monitoring of the current position size under “Available balance.”
  6.  Total intraday P&L realized on the day coins are negotiated, and total theoretical gain/loss of all coins in the portfolio


Located at the highest of the screen with icons for quick access to key features (watchlist, portfolio, orders, open previously saved desktop configuration, save the new configuration, change the graphic layout).

User icon to access personal setting sign-off. The features described above are functional on production go-live. The premises of connectivity, core functionality, and, most significantly, security/stability and risk management are going to be met from the instant QoinSuit is commercially available.

Server security (including backup servers with ample capacity) may be a pivotal factor that directly impacts our entire-architecture. Continuous “timbering” and update of those features (e.g. setup of knowledge feed and order routing for brand spanking new exchanges, extend automatic management of multi-broker exposure and P&L, etc.) are going to be warranted beyond launch and can absorb a neighbourhood of the resources used for pre-launch development, testing and fine-tuning.

An array of additional elements that enhance QoinSuit’s capabilities are identified and placed within the pipeline. The terminal has defined two cycles during which development and complete platform integration of those elements will happen.


Look & feel enhancements

  1.  Development of performance charting for the portfolio
  2.  Creation of a wallet
  3.  Complete customization of colour schemes, font selection, etc.
  4.  Responsive layout for portable devices & app
  5.  Creation of a “playground” for new traders – practice tool


Launch of performance display (charts) for the portfolio

  1.  Launch of cryptocurrencies allocation chart with net total displayed in the currency of choice.
  2.  Extended display: allocation chart breakdown by broker a/o exchange.
  3.  Programming and design of a derivative products’ trading platform with cryptos as underlying technical support in modelling and customization of structured products (QoinX).
  4.  Launch of Chart trading functionality based on technical analysis patterns.
  5.  Forum and “follow top traders” stage, as well as opinion crowdsourcing platform (Qoinnect)


This is QoinIQ’s space where the members and new users of the platform will be able to connect and share ideas. They’ll be able to interact, share opinions and also their knowledge about new proposals with the community. Qoinnect is the place the members can expand their knowledge and network. Here’s where they can connect with the users of the QoinSuit platform and also grow their reach.


This is the platform for crypto derivatives. QoinX will not only be dedicated to derivatives trading, but through it, QoinIQ will also provide support in structured products modeling and customization.

The time to introduction of any of the above elements could also be significantly shortened, counting on capacity but also on specifications requested by the sponsoring bodies. Because of QoinSuit’s system design and scalability, the QoinIQ team envisions extending its range to be used beyond the digital asset markets, within the traditional financial markets (e.g. equities, futures, options, etc.).


QoinIQ utility tokens will be available to the Users as the means to access QoinSuit and its services by pre-purchasing them through the Token Generating Event (TGE).

During the TGE period, 100 million QoinIQ tokens with a nominal value of CHF 0.25 will be minted. After the TGE, the tokens will be listed at one or more exchanges.

The maximum supply of tokens sold during the TGE is set to a corresponding counter value of CHF 15 million.

Depending on the development of QoinSuit, a portion of tokens up to 5% of the free float may be burned. This will be announced a week before the burning event.

QoinIQ intends to allocate the issued tokens as follows:

  1.  60% will be sold via a token generating event
  2.  40% will remain with QoinIQ for further developments of QoinSuit.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor. 



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