Today’s article explores a crypto payment gateway solution Tican, examining the need and requirement in the emerging space.


Smart contracts are self-executing business automation applications that run on a decentralised network such as blockchain.

And because they’re able to remove administrative overhead, smart contracts are one of most attractive features associated with blockchain technology. While blockchain acts as a kind of database, confirming that transactions have taken place, smart contracts execute pre-determined conditions.

While blockchain acts as a kind of database, confirming that transactions have taken place, smart contracts execute pre-determined conditions


TICAN Crypto infrastructure is a decentralised blockchain that’s designed to merge users, merchants and developers on a single platform for cryptocurrency based transactions (payment gateway) and exchanges towards daily purpose business and merchant transactions. 


Running inside the TICAN iFiat ecosystem on the TICAN blockchain is a merchant app that provides near instantaneous transactions with nil transaction fees. A blessing the merchants world-over were waiting for. The merchant application works in our TICAN iFiat Ecosystem that runs on TICAN blockchain, which is one of the cheapest and fastest blockchains to date; and our fiat pegged tokens, which we call iFiats (i.e. iUSD, iEUR etc.), are floating in this ecosystem, such that when users in the TICAN user app exchange, their crypto assets and transfer them to their iBucket (either by TICAN Trading Bot, TICAN AI engine or manually), they can instantly spend the funds in the TICAN merchant app, and the merchant would receive the funds in less than three seconds, and it can handle up to 6,000 transactions in one minute.

Once merchants receive the funds in their own iBucket, they can either order a card and load the fund onto the card or withdraw the money into their local bank accounts, or simply spend it in any of other TICAN Merchant applications (payment gateway), POS terminals or online merchants. The other advantage of this method is that merchants won’t bear the crypto market fluctuation risks, as they would receive the exact fiat value in their wallets; also, they don’t need to acquire a complicated system to keep track of the market to translate the dollar value to crypto value of users, which means there is no need to have multiple labelling and pricing systems for their goods or services. 


Given the current market scenario and the competition that it offers in terms of new crypto economy based companies, here are 12 reasons that make TICAN unique and way above the rest:

TICAN Blockchain: With its high speed and very low transaction fees, the TICAN Blockchain is way different from the rest. Completely decentralised and highly scalable, the blockchain has Smart Contracts for daily transactions with total reliability and security. TICAN Blockchain’s block size and block time are influenced by Ripple and Stellar Blockchains. Using similar principles, TICAN Blockchain has the fastest transaction settlement speed ever. Using our tailored blockchain, we can greatly reduce the cost of transactions, making them almost free. Users and merchants need not worry about transaction fees. A token generator engine and a block explorer to duly record every transaction with transparency are other added highlights.

Apps for User & Merchant: For the very first time, merchants along with the users would have a specialised app that’s simple and easy to use. Running inside the TICAN iFiat ecosystem on the TICAN Blockchain, the app provides near instantaneous transactions with nil transaction fees. A blessing the merchants world-over were waiting for. For regular users, the multi-currency wallet app is designed to accommodate up to 20 various cryptocurrencies – one of the highest in terms of wallet capacity in the prevalent market.

A TICAN Trading Bot: A smart trading bot that allows users to load multiple assets, thereby providing maximum gain from the cryptocurrency transactions. The bot also lets users to set conditions for transactions and the bot executes the trade when the conditions are met. This gives enormous freedom to users in customising trade conditions for maximising gains.

TICAN AI Engine: Based on the machine-learning and decision-making algorithm, the AI Engine is designed to advise users the best time for cryptocurrency to iFiat conversion to obtain the highest gain. The engine also uses several other sophisticated trade algorithms and market forecasts to deliver the most accurate outcome.

Desktop & Mobile POS Terminal for Merchants: Again, the first-of-its-kind, the POS terminal lets merchants receive any cryptocurrency and conversion of iFiat to Debit Card, Virtual Credit Card or bank transfers to account. The POS terminal offers 0% transaction fees, near instantaneous transaction speeds (as it runs inside the TICAN iFiat ecosystem) and can be installed at any location world-over. With this in place, virtually every retail store in the world can use the POS machines to receive cryptocurrency as means of exchange.

TICAN gateway API: Available in GitHub and an open-source, the API lets the user create a payment gateway of his/her own. With this enhancement, any online store can now accept cryptocurrency transactions simply by connecting to the TICAN payment gateway API. Ready and easy to install plug-ins offer additional benefits.

TICAN iFiat Ecosystem: The ecosystem runs on the TICAN Blockchain, thereby eliminating the need for any third-party untested, expensive and slow blockchains. The ecosystem offers the usage of iFiat like any other cryptocurrency with very small transaction fees. The iFiat runs through a decentralised exchange (DEX) on the blockchain.

iBucket: This can be termed as a decentralised wallet for iFiat tokens. Merchants are not charged any transaction fees when dealing with iFiat tokens, hence this makes it a coveted transaction method. Whether converting cryptocurrency to iFiat or using iFiat tokens for transactions, the iBucket provides the repository for any-time use, thus shielding the users from market volatilities and thereby maximising gains.

TICAN Debit Card & Virtual Credit Card: Designed to be accepted by over 25,000,000 stores world-wide, the unique feature of this card is the provision that it provides to the users to load the card for any transaction settlement within a few seconds. Various transaction limits have been set depending on complete or partial KYC that’s bound to suit everyone’s specification and need.

TICAN Token: TICAN’s internal cryptocurrency TIA is different from the rest in a way that it offers multiple revenue generation sources. All internal transactions, purchases and trading are charged in TIA, thereby ensuring liquidity and long-term stability. TIA is truly a value-added coin for users.


The TICAN ecommerce platform is revolutionary, featuring low-cost quality products from around the world. People from wherever can buy stuff using TIA via TICAN wallet and avoid unnecessary charges/spending, and get products shipped to their locations. The ecommerce platform also features all the necessary tools for creating and developing online shops. Unlike similar projects, the TICAN ecommerce platform is powered by blockchain and uses smart contracts. This innovation differs the platform from other e-commerce platforms. Manufacturers also don’t have to spend a lot of money and resources just to create an e-shop. They can upload their products to the platform and receive purchases from buyers from around the world.


With The TICAN BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, members can enjoy benefits quickly and easily via TICAN users’ network and products. A TICAN Brand Ambassador can accumulate TICAN Coins (TIA) and enjoy special bonuses with sales from TICAN products/services and affiliate benefits.


TICAN (TIA) is a payment gateway innovation; a multi gateway payment system that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT.

By implementing blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, TICAN Ecosystem has created a new decentralised blockchain and comprehensive crypto infrastructure for everyday banking and merchant transactions.

TICAN ecosystem offers the usage of iFiat like any other cryptocurrency with very little transaction fees. The iFiat runs through a decentralised exchange (DEX) on the blockchain.

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