The fastest growing Cryptocurrency exchanges In 2021 is a key topic whether your are a beginner crypto trader or even if you are an experienced one, you must be well aware that using the best tools and services in this emerging market is a critical part of any investors or traders daily routine. Hence, if you are looking to make the most of the opportunities available in the cryptocurrency market, then start by searching for a top-level crypto exchange. Remember, when you choose a safe and reputed cryptocurrency exchange, you will get plenty of opportunities to buy and sell your preferred cryptos and earn profits.


When it comes to choosing and using one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges In 2021, you must keep the following factors at the back of your mind. To begin with, you must search for an exchange that is highly secure and safe to use. Exchanges ensure safety in multiple ways, such as 2-factor authentication, asset insurance, and stringent ID verification, etc. Apart from this, it is equally important to pick an exchange that offers low trading fees. In addition to this, a cryptocurrency exchange should be easy to use. It is especially important for traders who are new to crypto trading. Hence, if you are searching for ideal crypto exchange, then make sure you pick one that offers a smooth and simple user-interface.

Your ideal digital exchange should also offer excellent customer support. Whether it comes to verification, payments, or any other issue or concern, make sure your preferred exchange provides prompt and efficient customer service. A reputed exchange will not only help you resolve all your crypto-related queries and concerns but also help you understand its features to help you maximize your crypto trading opportunities. Additionally, also check the coins that are being supported by the exchange. Typically, popular crypto exchanges offer a wide variety of crypto coins for trading. Lastly, traders must check whether the exchange offers different modes or methods of payment or not. While some offer Mastercard or Visa card payment options, others provide bank transfers and other payment options.


1. BinanceThe fastest-growing Cryptocurrency exchanges In 2021 is none other than the leader in the space Binance.Next on our list of fastest-emerging crypto exchanges is Binance. The platform was concluded its initial coin offering in July 2017 and further raised around 15,000,000 US Dollars. The exchange is ideal for both newbie and professional traders and offers an in-built digital wallet that is perfect for storing Bitcoins for a brief period. Since its launch, the platform has witnessed tremendous growth and has more than 200 alternate currencies on its list. Binance is essentially a CEX (Centralized Exchange) and offers a discount to traders who use the BNB coins.

The BNB coins are its native currency that allows you to save money from purchasing and selling digital coins. The exchange charges a standard fee of 0.1 percent for trading, and one can reduce their fees further by paying their trading fees in BNB coins. To start trading with Binance, traders must register with their email ID. The platform also provides trading through mobile apps, and thus traders can trade on both Android and iOS mobile phones.

2. BityardAs one of the leading and fast-emerging online crypto derivative exchange, Bityard offers advanced crypto CFD (contract for difference) and spot trading services. The firm offers an easy-to-access and use trading platform, thus allowing new traders to trade comfortably. Apart from a user-friendly trading interface, Bityard also provides a concise platform with simple to follow instructions and commands. Another major advantage of Bityard is that it offers speedy trading services. The platform offers one of the finest and fastest crypto trading engines that match one million transactions every second.

Established in November 2019 in Singapore, the firm focuses on providing a “low threshold and highly professional” trading platform to global investors since more and more people have been entering the crypto market. Crypto market is more unstable than other types of asset market, which makes crypto investment much more difficult to the people who are not crypto experts. Hence, Bityard aims to help global investors to quickly become familiar with this untraditional asset.

At the same time, Bityard is duly regulated by the American Money Services Businesses, a financial crime agency that functions under the United States Department of the Treasury. Apart from this, Bityard is also regulated by the ACRA Singaporean Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, the MTR of Estonia in EU, and AUSTRAC in Australia. It makes Bityard one of the safest exchanges for crypto trading.

Besides offering crypto CFD and spot trading services, Bityard also has developed an innovative copy trading system which allows the users to copy experienced traders. The Bityard copy trading system has made CFD trading much easier to the users.

Bityard offers leverage of up to 100 times and charges a trading fee of around 0.05%. Apart from this, there is also an option of deducting the mining fees. The platform also offers the option of a demo trading account, which makes it convenient for traders to practice trading before they delve deeper into live cryptocurrency trading. Also, the maximum amount that traders can withdraw from the Bityard exchange is USDT100,000. It is way higher when compared to its peers. Unlike many of its competitors, the platform supports fiat currency deposits, as well as seven cryptocurrency deposit options. Bityard has a strong global presence and offers its services in over 150 nations.

To register and to open an account with Bityard, traders don’t need to spend any more than 30 seconds. Investors can trade an amount as small as 5 USDT, and also enjoy access to a host of features such as cold storage of crypto assets, 2-factor authentication, multiple offline signatures, a full refund, and risk audit in real-time. Bityard also offers a mobile trading option that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

3. PrimeXBTAnother one of the fastest growing Cryptocurrency exchanges In 202 is PrimeXBT. Established in Seychelles in 2019, the platform has witnessed exponential growth and has thus garnered global clients. The company offers a unique platform that provides traders with all the necessary trading tools for profitable and margin trading. PrimeXBT has a potent platform, which makes it ideal for both new and advanced traders. The platform executes nearly 12,000 trade orders every second and is integrated with over 12 liquidity providers.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, the platform also offers forex, commodities, and indices for trading. PrimeXBT supports five different crypto assets, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, Ripple, and Litecoin. The firm offers a leveraged trading opportunity that allows traders to enjoy increased exposure to their assets. For cryptocurrency pairs, traders can enjoy maximum leverage of 100:1 and as much as 1000:1 on foreign exchange pairs. To trade on PrimeXBT, traders must first register with the platform and later initiate trading after receiving their email verification.

4. FTX: Set up in 2019, FTX is one of the fastest growing Cryptocurrency exchanges In 2021. The firm was established by two traders Sam Bankman-Fried as well as Gary Wang. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the crypto exchange is owned and operated by FTX Trading Ltd., a firm incorporated in Barbuda and Antigua. The main trading product provided by the FTX platform is crypto derivatives trading like Bitcoin Perpetual Futures. The exchange allows traders to trade crypto contracts on the underlying digital asset instead of the cryptocurrency itself. This enables traders to earn higher leverage and access a host of products. FTX offers maximum leverage of 101X on derivatives. Thus, a change of one percent of Bitcoin’s price can result in a change of almost 100%. Other derivative products offered on FTX include Options, MOVE, Spot, and Leveraged tokens. For leveraged digital tokens, the platform charges 0.10% for either redeeming and creating them. Also, a fee of 0.03% is charges applicable for daily crypto management. FTX also provides discounts to traders who engage in high-volume trading as well as to those who participate in the platform’s referral program.


In a nutshell, choosing one of the fastest growing Cryptocurrency exchanges In 2021 to use as your prime trading location can be difficult, as well as time-consuming. However, if you pay heed to the trading fees, security, reputation, verification procedures, as well as geographical services that the exchange has to offer, your task will become much simple. Also, if you choose an exchange like Bityard or others, you will enjoy smooth, hassle-free, and safe trading, which is a must if you are concerned about the safety of your funds and crypto-assets. In particular, Bityard does an excellent job of providing low entry-level, innovative complex contracts, as well as a simple UI. The firm has simplified the trading process for new traders and offers a low transaction fee of .05%, which is much lower compared to the industry charges of 0.75%.Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor. 

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