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There are different ways to make a living from cryptocurrency. Without mentioning many options, let us jump straight to crypto mining. It is important to note that mining crypto takes one of the top positions in the list due to its flexibility allowing you to mine from home.

Mining is gaining popularity and for good reason. Individuals who cannot afford to purchase ASCI-miners may consider cloud mining.

Cloud mining provides a modern solution to investors who have made their research and weighed the positives against the negatives. With the right equipment and a strong internet connection, you can mine crypto right from the comfort of your home with cloud mining. This mining process utilizes a remote data center with a shared processing power.

Only after adequate research should you invest. All factors held constant, cloud mining is an easy to start venture. You will just sign up on your preferred cloud mining service, pay the required amount, and you start earning. It is also easily accessible as you can spend any desired amount on any share of equipment.

On the other hand, keep in mind that with cloud mining, the hardware does not entirely belong to you. Also, you need to be careful of cloud mining scams considering that it needs the internet to operate. Beware of fake cloud mining sites.


Cloud mining popularity translates to an increase in the number of cloud mining companies in the market. To avoid scams, it is best to identify the most reliable cloud mining company to invest in. Identify sites that have a proven record of settling payments and those, which offer ideal tariff plans. For ease of use from home, ensure you select a site with a friendly user interface. Keep in mind that the maintenance fee differs from one site to another. Below are 10 popular cloud-mining sites up for consideration to mine or buy Bitcoins.

IQ Mining

IQ Mining makes it to the charts because it automatically switches between the most profitable altcoins making it ideal even for beginners. After, the different currencies are converted to Bitcoin. It is also diverse allowing you to choose up to five digital currencies. It features international cloud mining contracts so you can go all out despite mining from home. You do not have to make any commissions for payment transactions and you enjoy the determined payback period and income.


Investors who believe in eco-friendly traits can rely on this mining farm. In addition, it boasts of the lowest industry withdrawal fee with no hidden fees attached. Also, you can make the first withdrawal within 24hours. You can mine BTC and Ethereum. They have monthly and 5-year contracts for individuals mining Bitcoin and a one-year contract for Ethereum miners.

Genesis Mining

This mining site allows you to monitor other mining farms thus promoting transparency. Here, it is fast to install the system and in the event there is a system failure, all capacities are redirected to other pools. They also offer a wider variety of crypto to mine on the site.


With more than 1000 miners, this service provider allows mining to start immediately after you make the payment for the cloud mining contracts. Other than mining, you can also earn from its referral system where you receive 11% for each client you invite. There is a variety of payment modes ranging from BTC, LTC, to Visa Mastercards.  In addition, their data centers operate cameras at all times. Its popularity increases thanks to its forecasted profit of 130% per annum. However, it only mines BTC and LTC.


Although it is a young company in the market, it offers a wide range of mining tariffs for major digital currencies. Providing its services to more than 165 countries, it has managed to create an impressive portfolio. This platform also cooperates with BTC.com and Antpool, which are some of the largest mining pools.

Nuvoo Mining

Nuvoo not only allows for cloud mining but also allows you to rent a mining farm. Experts develop these mining farms making them authentic. Also, these experts ensure an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly system for mining. It has no extra charges accompanied by low electricity bills and cooling prices. Its multi-currency mining capability allows for diversity.


AlienCloud offers an indefinite validity of contracts and the use of computing power is not limited in time. In addition, you get to enjoy a 100% warranty on the equipment. This company offers other services, as it is also a crypto exchange. It also provides a wallet suitable for traders. For convenience, the site supports four different languages: English, Korean, Russian, and Chinese.

CCG Mining

This international mining platform, mines Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can exploit its wide variety of contracts and explore 24 hours of technical support in case you need help. You remain up to date with the presence of its income calculator. Soon after registration, mining starts immediately.


HashFlare is fast with a 0.001-sec hash rate allowing you to mine a wide range of digital currency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and Litecoin. There are no delays when withdrawing and they will leave detailed statistics regarding the status of your equipment in your account.

Hashing 24

The contract prices for Hash 24 are affordable making it possible to start with a $20package. It also provides punctual payments as provided on the website. Its downside is that you can only mine one digital currency, BTC.


Mining Bitcoin has been made easy to understand because cloud mining allows individuals with little experience in the field to take part. Cloud mining has provided many investors with the option to mine Bitcoin. With Bitcoin cloud mining, all you need to do is identify a reliable and reputable cloud mining company.

The company will indicate the registration fee and the process to complete your registration. Currently, several sites start the mining process as soon as you pay your registration fees. These processes are automated making it easier for investors.

An alternative is mining using great computers power (ASICs) which compete with other miners. The first miner to update the ledger receives new Bitcoins as a reward. The miners will make several guessed attempts, Hash power, before identifying the next Bitcoin block.


Bitcoin mining refers to the process of updating the blockchain. Cloud coming offers a reliable and profitable residual income for investors. Although the mining rewards have reduced, mining Bitcoin still stands as a lucrative way to make a living. Despite the initial sluggish market, Bitcoin mining hardware is costly but the process is currently profitable in the long-term.

Bitcoin mining uses smart contracts to enable credible transactions. Smart contracts eliminate the need of a third party thus the reason they are termed self-executing contracts. The absence of third parties leaves more profit to the investors and the mining site only.

However, mining becomes profitable after a certain period. Crypto mining websites provide ROI calculators that guide investors on which coins to invest in given a specific amount. Most mining services range between 12-16 months, and after this period, you will register profits. Determining factors include the price of Bitcoin, electricity bill and the amount you chose to invest. When Bitcoin prices go up, so does the total revenue. The less power you use, the higher your profits.

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