I have been asked many times this year about crypto signals, bots and automated trading services,i beleive they all have thier place abd in this article i will review how you can Increase your cryptocurrency trading results by using crypto Bots and Crypto Signals. Achieve fast and efficient trading and get to know the top crypto bots and signals.


Cryptocurrency trading is the act of buying and selling of cryptocurrencies through a trading account or an exchange. In simple terms, cryptocurrency trading is the act of speculating on the price movements of cryptocurrencies. Traders can then trade the cryptocurrency without necessarily having ownership of the coins. You can buy when you speculate that the currency will rise in volume and sell when you think it will drop in value. Crypto trading through an exchange is whereby you purchase the currencies through an exchange and hold them until you are ready to sell. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, you need to have good trading strategies to make it. Luckily there are trading courses, mentoring services and trading crypto signals and trading bots that make cryptocurrency trading much easier. They will make it easy for you to know when to buy or sell your cryptocurrencies and help you to make the right decision on the choice of currencies to trade.


They are crypto signals that come in form of a set of instructions that inform you on which cryptocurrency to buy, its buying price, the target selling price to get a profit and when to exit to stop loss. When it comes to giving value, it is not at all times that a signal will give an absolute value. In some cases, it will give you a range. Most trading crypto signals are accurate and once you follow their recommendations there are high chances that you will get a good return. That explains why many crypto-traders are keen on using crypto signals to ease their trade.


Crypto-trade signals can either be generated manually or automatically. Manually is through a professional trader whereby the trader will do his research and technical analysis and send the signals. Automatic crypto signals are normally done by trading algorithms and bots. Most crypto signal providers will charge you a fee through different subscription plans for you to buy signals. There are also free crypto trade signals though they are not that reliable since most are from open source.

Crypto signal providers will send you the crypto signals through mail or your preferred means of communication. Most of them prefer to send cryptocurrency signals through Telegram. The information will be given promptly so that you can get the most out of them. In addition to the basic information provided by Crypto Signal providers, some providers will go the extra mile by providing you analysis and crypto trading charts. Some will give you supporting evidence on why they settled on a certain trade. It is important to note that crypto trading signals are normally affiliated with cryptocurrency exchanges. That means that you need to have an account with that cryptocurrency exchange to trade off the signal.


Cryptocurrency trading bots explore market opportunities then capitalize on them to make a profit. As much as this can be done manually by a trader, it is a lot of work and not efficient. It is also not convenient as cryptocurrency markets are very volatile. The best bit about a crypto bot, however, is that it not only monitors crypto but also can monitor several markets at the same time. It is also very fast when it comes to executing the trade.


crypto trading bot is an automated crypto trading software that uses API to get all the relevant information about the market then use that information to either buy or sell cryptocurrencies on your behalf. A trading bot does this by interacting with a financial exchange to monitor and analyze market conditions such as the trading volume, orders, price and time for it to do algorithmic trading. As much as trading bots are automated, they can be pre-programmed according to your needs and preferences. Even though trading bots offer so much convenience, most of them cost a significant amount of money.


4C-Trading If you are looking for a platform that can give you trading crypto signals while at the same time be a bot then 4C trading is the right platform for you. 4C-Trading offers the full automation package that allows traders to use their algorhitmic trading crypto signals which were developed and are constantly updated by quant traders. Full automation means that you connect once to the system via API and can then enjoy profits while sleeping.

While other providers rely on traders emotions, mood and consistency 4C-Trading has taken a data driven approach which is a similar direction favored by hedge funds.

The platform has a unique interface and can easily be set up with. your telegram account. Their Smart USD trading bot operating on Binance has been proven profitable over more than 18 months by now and is consitently outperforming a buy and hold strategy.

The crypto signals have a high accuracy of up to 80% which is very reliable and suits the needs of retail investors. They also offer specific solutions for funds and high networth individuals upon request. The Brussels based team has also set high standards for customer care and education material in form of written and video content all paid members have access too.

The small downside of the platform is the price since you need to cover your costs eventually and therefore should put a minimum of $2000 in their trading system. Otherwise 4C-trading excells in professionalism and the auto-trading feature which functions on a very high level.

Hassonline It deems itself as the number one Bitcoin trading bot platform in 2020. Through the platform, you can automate your trade and concentrate on other things. As much as Hassonline is well known for Bitcoin trading, it can support other altcoins as well.

Haasbot will increase your chances of success as it works with several exchanges especially the large main ones such as Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Binance. It works with up to 21 exchanges.

Security and safety are an integral part of a platform and Hassonline ensure that. The platform is safe legitimate and free from any scam alerts. The downside of the platform is that there is no balance in terms of the user interface. It is not the simplest for beginners and at the same time does not have many advanced features to advanced users. The customer care is not in many languages as much as it meets the global standards.

STC This is a user-friendly crypto trading Bot platform that works for both experienced and inexperienced users. The Smart Trade Coin software is a powerful information tool that can help you trade several orders at the same time in a fast and effective way. The tools provide information on different exchanges, crypto reporting, and investment training.

This has helped increase profitability and live testing has been done to confirm it. By owning the coin, one can join the Smart Trade Community to learn more from other traders.

Blockchain Whispers If you are looking for a reliable and effective crypto signals platform, then Blockchain Whispers is the right choice for you. It has a reputation for being the most reliable when it comes to Bitcoin signals and providing market insights. It not only provides crypto signals based on the market condition but also provides education and empowers its users to maximize profits and lower losses in the bear market.

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