Cryptocurrency investing has become a norm today. With thousands of cryptocurrencies and over 500 crypto exchanges available in the online marketplace, more and more people are looking to maximize their gains through digital currency trading. This is where companies like QoinIQ is providing an easy-to-use crypto trading platform called QoinSuit to traders globally.

In this article, find the top reasons for choosing QoinIQ’s QoinSuit platform for digital currency trading.


Based in Meilen, in the outskirts of Zurich, QoinIQ is incorporated under Swiss law and its founders have decades of expertise in financial technology and finance. The team at QoinIQ understands the varied requirements of the finance industry and the fact that the world is currently moving towards an environment where high-end financial services can be accessed by everyone instead of just a few. QoinIQ realizes that cryptocurrency or digital currency is the ideal way to fulfill this objective. It has further prompted the company to create a set of tools for users so that crypto becomes mainstream in the future.


QoinIQ, has created a user-friendly crypto trading platform called QoinSuit. The platform can be easily interfaced with multiple exchanges and is also highly reliable, fast, as well as easy to customize. This allows it to meet the needs of the users. In essence, QoinSuit is decentralized order management as well as a multi-book trading platform. It provides a market overview simultaneously with QoinIQ’s multi-window as well as multi-screen displays. Additionally, order management is decentralized and resides within QoinSuit’s secure servers. As a result, orders get forwarded to crypto exchanges directly through them.

The platform also features a horizontal book, real-time pricing comparison along with market-scan, and extended conditional orders, among other exciting elements that make QoinSuit perfect for digital currency trading.

The QoinSuit platform provides a range of services for different financial actors. It does this by bringing the leading cryptocurrency exchanges of the world together, as well as by ensuring that they are easily accessible through one globally available trading tool. This approach offers maximum execution efficiency.

With the QoinSuit trading platform, a customized multi-exchange platform/trading interface designed to help traders place their orders and manage their portfolios, traders can achieve more. It allows traders to enhance their trading efficiency and track results with minimal effort. Traders simply need to connect their exchange account with the QoinSuit trading platform, following which all the transactions, balances, as well as orders, can be automatically synchronized. The platform offers a plethora of tools to both professional and beginner traders. With the QoinSuit platform, QoinIQ aims to set up a highly intuitive and fully optimized interface that consists of all the necessary tools needed for day-to-day trading. The platform also intends to provide digital currency trading enthusiasts with the most comprehensive trading data.


In essence, QoinSuit functions as a multi-exchange trading platform which is quite different from what one has seen within the cryptocurrency investing landscape. The platform aims to simplify crypto trading and make it more efficient and thus more profitable. Designed to feature a unique graphic layout, QoinSuit allows traders to not limit themselves to a single operation on just one financial instrument at any given point in time. It enables traders to operate, monitor, and manage different cryptocurrency pairs simultaneously. As a result, traders can correlate multiple digital currencies with one another or even exploit arbitrage opportunities between different financial instruments, given the ability to open different negotiation and creating custom montages which traders can quickly call up.


QoinIQ has developed the platform to simplify and speed up the trading processes for customers. Through different tools such as a trading book, the trader can view all the necessary data for operating and managing their positions. It is also possible for traders to open different books on multiple cryptos or derivatives simultaneously, and on more than one exchange, launching several orders in just one click. QoinSuit provides a watchlist that allows traders to choose and customize different parameters of cryptocurrencies or derivatives that they are thinking of operating or simply checking their progress, comparing price levels among the other connected crypto exchanges.


If one pays attention to the current market trends, they would notice that today people have become more aware of the latest, innovative, and advanced investment concepts, such as digital currency trading. With cryptos being incentivized in the decentralized world, they have managed to record tremendous growth, as well as acceptance. Today, cryptocurrencies are easily scalable, and cryptocurrency exchanges register hundreds and thousands of trades every second. As a result, more traditional traders are searching for alternative assets and crypto investors are looking for more conventional and structured derivative products, leverage etc.

While there is stiff competition in the shape of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, as well as online trading networks/platforms providing similar products, QoinIQ differentiates itself by introducing different functionalities that the market hasn’t witnessed yet. Features like extended conditional orders, latest graphic layouts, sophisticated trading books, and more have been incorporated within the platform.

QoinIQ targets both institutional clients and individual users. For its institutional clients, the company plans to target crypto exchanges, online trading portals, family offices, banks, asset managers, market data providers, and file hosting or server providers, as well as universities. On the other hand, for targeting the individual users, the QoinIQ intends to use web communities, word of mouth, dedicated marketing such as mass media, etc.


Today, many traders trade on more than one exchange simply because not all cryptocurrencies are available on one exchange or because not all of them offer low commissions. Also, crypto exchanges today lack advanced systems for trading. However, with QoinSuit, things are much different. The platform allows traders to manage different exchanges from a single platform. Apart from this, other multi-exchange platforms fail to offer opportunities for short sales, even though their preferred exchange provides it. As a result, traders are unable to manage margin or portfolios. However, QoinSuit has paid heed to this aspect and incorporated the same in the design & development of its multi-exchange trading platform.


As far as the QoinIQ utility token is concerned, it shall be available for the users to access the QoinSuit platform in addition to its services. Users can pre-purchase them via the TGE or Token Generating Event. During the event, as many as 100 million tokens with CHF 0.25 nominal value shall be minted. After the event, the QoinIQ tokens will get listed on one or many more exchanges.

These tokens can be used for accessing, as well as using the services of QoinSuit. Thus, 60 percent of the tokens will be sold through the TGE, and 40 percent shall remain with the company for developing the QoinSuit further.


The QoinIQ tokens can be used to access the below-mentioned services

  1. For accessing different levels of the QoinIQ platform. Every level will provide access to the chosen exchanges, which will further vary by the level of membership a user selects.
  2. Accessing QoinSuit’s training version and participating in training sessions personalized for users. Users will find multiple subscription levels to match their needs, with periods and layered services. Each and every subscription level shall be selected, accessed and acquired via the platform using the tokens.
  3. Additionally, users can access multiple packages with different rebates, based on the chosen subscripon levels as well as periods. Users who opt for longer subscription periods will get rewarded with attractive discounts.

To Sum Up

QoinIQ has conducted extensive research & analysis of the existing cryptocurrency market only to find that the existing tools available for digital currency trading offer basic functions only. The company also found that these tools suffer from many limitations. It has helped the digital currency trading platform identify areas that needed improvement, and that is how QoinSuit has come into existence.

Today, QoinIQ offers the highly sophisticated QoinSuit platform that provides a newly designed layout and a host of other cryptocurrency investing features. While the layout allows crypto traders to trade different cryptocurrencies simultaneously.

Additionally, features like multi-book enable traders to choose what data can be displayed and the trading vehicles that need negotiation. Given that many cryptocurrency investing exchanges have launched crypto futures, as well as options trading, QoinSuit makes it convenient for them to view all the relevant data & information on just one screen.

Another striking feature offered by QoinSuit is the extended conditional orders. QoinIQ realized that in financial markets that are highly volatile and lack regulation, large movements in prices take place too often. The company also realizes that in the absence of strong money management, traders are bound to end up in losses. However, with QoinSuit, this problem can be tackled to a large extent. QoinSuit makes it possible to easily manage all the orders, like take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop, directly via the book using different parameters, in comparison to what is available in the market today. For instance, after defining the parametes and with one click, cryptocurrency investing traders can place as many as three orders at once. The platform also makes it easier for traders to manage conditional orders through the creation of crypto trading strategies, thus safeguarding their position and maximizing profits.

Those are some of the many reasons why QoinSuit is best for digital currency trading. If you are searching for a versatile, efficient, and innovative cryptocurrency investing platform that functions as a decentralized multi-exchange and order management portal, then QoinSuit is the right way forward! It is a highly efficient and powerful platform that allows traders to manage their books and execute orders in a wide range of digital currencies on different exchanges. QoinIQ offers the unmatched QoinSuit platform that offers quick execution, ensuring enhanced trading performance and experience.

With features such as decentralized order management, simultaneous market overview, multi-book trading, trading on margin, real-time price comparison, and more, QoinSuit responds to the requirements of a fast-developing and technologically advanced market perfectly well.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor. 



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