Trade Crypto Together On a Community-Driven Exchange!

Although the traditional wealth management options still abound, they face competition from modern strategies. A perfect example of a disruptor is social trading. Think of it like the traditional office set-up whereby managers often share monthly performance reports with their teams. 

Team members can then get to know the best performer and learn effective strategies from them. In other words, social trading platforms like Maxxer allow novice crypto-currency traders to learn the trade from seasoned counterparts. 

Trends in the crypto market and various helpful information are often shared across the platform. Users don’t need to spend hours hunting for information. Further, the age-old and often expensive and time-consuming trial and error approaches are no longer necessary. Rightly so, social trading is low-cost and pretty convenient within the Maxxer ecosystem.

Social trading platforms feature two types of trades:

  • Single trade: The crypto trader initiates a normal trade by themselves.
  • Copy trade: The ability to automatically copy an expert trader’s buys and sells, hands-free for the investor.

Maxxer is all about hands-free, money-making strategies. Founded on 30th April 2021, it was registered as DXXR Holding BV with a seed capital of over €1.5m. While most crypto investing and trading platforms are decentralised, Maxxer is centralised. 

In fact, it’s the first CEX social trading platform. Remember, new regulations are shaping up across the globe. So, it’s crucial to be future-proof. Achieving that means avoiding popular strategies employed across some digital exchange platforms.

For instance, DEX social trading platforms have been leveraging the grey areas in existing laws to continue with their operations. The repercussions have been evident, with the crypto space witnessing an upsurge of lawsuits in 2020.

Aside from embracing CEX practices, Maxxer intends to get approvals from all major central banks. So, being part of the community alleviates the worry about integrity, transparency, and safety.

Just like other social trading platforms, Maxxer comprises a community of novice, as well as expert crypto currency traders. In the words of the CBDO of Maxxer, Salomo Van Mook, “The aim of our exchange is to lower the doorstep for people who want to get involved, but have  no idea where to start.”

Put differently, newbie traders can rely on Maxxer to learn how to ride the wild cryptocurrency investing and trading waves. That process can be automated. Alternatively, novices can choose to follow specific traders and copy their ideas. Overall, Maxxer provides an ideal environment for all to thrive.

Maxxer also has a unique function called the social trading league (STL). The STL features social traders, their performance, and even profile pictures. Users can use the league to identify top-performance quickly. New members can also become social traders and watch themselves move up the five different leagues. The feature is automated. Therefore, fairness is assured.

Like other leading digital exchanges, Maxxer has its coin––$MXXR. It’s worth mentioning that Maxxer, the token ($MXXR), and Maxxer are separate entities. Either is designed to deliver a specific set of benefits. However, both are linked together, forming the wider Maxxer project.

At Maxxer, everyone is free to use their favourite coin to make payments. However, it’s best to utilise $MXXR since processing the transaction is easier and cheaper. When you help Maxxer to cut costs, they reward you too. So, expect a 50% discount whenever you use the $MXXR token on trading commissions.

Maxxer is also keen on supporting the community. To achieve the objective, 2% of each transaction income is directed to a charity pool. At the end of each quarter, users can also make direct contributions to the pool. Since more transactions mean a growing pool, this is another reason to use Maxxer, the token.

Also, users will vote to decide the kind of charity work they’d like Maxxer to support. Donors with a significant amount in the charity pool will receive more attention during the voting process. Apart from receiving donation receipts, users will be eligible for massive rewards, and donations will bear the respective donor’s name.

The Maxxer ecosystem is a balanced combination of social trading and a reliable, tight-knit community. Coupled with its centralised functionalities, it’s a safe haven for cryptocurrency investing and trading. Social trading on Maxxer is pretty straightforward in that it negates the importance of knowledge in financial markets.

The platform also enables social traders to achieve a balanced portfolio without ever transferring a single coin—convenient and cost-effective. On top of that, newbie investors can rely on innovative functionalities to identify good traders. After that, they can decide to setup a copy trade. Here are the pointers to identify an excellent trader on Maxxer:

  • Social trading leagues
  • Badges
  • Risk scores
  • League frames

Social Trading Leagues (STL)

Volatility and cryptocurrency trading and investing go hand in hand. So, traders are often encouraged to carefully observe the market trends and interpret and act accordingly. The experience can be blood-chilling, especially when the bear market reckons.

However, the situation is different at Maxxer. Social trading leagues available on the platform ensure that trading is fun. The gamified experience includes a transparent and fair reward system based on the performance of expert traders. The platform hosts five levels of leagues, namely:

  • Maxxer
  • Challenger
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Bronze

While there will be monetary incentives, social rewards will also be available. The reward, however, will depend on which level a social trader is placed. The determining factor will be the performance of a trader. Besides, investors can rely on the STL system to choose the trader they’d like to learn from.


Badges as a social reward will be made available for the best social traders. That way, users will quickly identify the best social traders and run to them. As more newbie cryptocurrency traders flood the badge-bearer, newer social traders will desire to move up the ranks. Overall, social trading on Maxxer is designed to be a fun-filled activity.

Risk Scores

Maxxer has already implemented risk scores for its traders. Metrics will be based on the Sortino ratio, since it focuses on volatility when the market is unstable and losses abound. That way, emphasis is placed on the risk and not the reward.

Why is the Crypto Community so Important for Maxxer and Beginning Traders?

To reiterate, Maxxer is a CEX social trading platform. Therefore, the focus is to ensure that beginning cryptocurrency traders can achieve their investment goals with as minimal hustle as possible. Solid mechanisms, like a tight-knit crypto community, have to be implemented to achieve that.

On Maxxer, the community includes expert traders and content creators. Newbie traders are free to choose, follow and copy a specific trader. Meanwhile, content creators can use the feed to share content across the platform and receive tips from interested users.

How Does Maxxer Facilitate Social Trading?

In the recent past, cryptocurrency trading and investing have become increasingly popular. In response to the high demand, the world has experienced an upsurge of digital assets entities. However, volatility has been a significant setback, with newbie traders being the hardest hit.

In retrospect, some exchanges have incorporated social trading. However, providing a simple yet effective platform hasn’t been easy. In order to counter such challenges, Maxxer facilitates social trading via the below well-thought functionalities:

How Does Maxxer Make Cryptocurrency Investing Simple?

As far as cryptocurrency investing and trading goes, volatility remains the elephant in the room. While seasoned traders can interpret market trends and make informed decisions, newbies often have no one to turn to. Common challenges encountered include identifying the best coin to invest in, the amount to invest, selecting a trading platform, and where to get information.

However, traders can rely on innovative ideas for more manageable crypto-investing experience. Maxxer is an excellent choice since the platform features an easy-to-navigate interface. Novice cryptocurrency traders can rely on social trading functionality to make smart cryptocurrency investment decisions.

Also, the platform features a reward system like badges for the best social traders. So, investors can easily select their preferred trader, mirror their portfolio, and earn easily. On top of that, an automated risk score ensures that the platform retains knowledgeable traders only.

The Team Behind Maxxer’s Success

Maxxer comprises a team of veteran crypto enthusiasts, seasoned marketers, developers, compliance specialists, plus finance and commerce professionals. That provides a perfect balance required for a technologically as well as commercially competitive digital exchange platform. Here are the strategic leaders and a summary of their impressive resumes:

Benjamin Theobald (COO): Benjamin is a seasoned British-Dutch entrepreneur. He has eight years of experience in online marketing and five in the crypto space. Benjamin is familiar with the dynamics of running a successful business. He has founded several companies, among them, iGo Inc (NASDAQ), which he later sold. 

Michiel Triebert (CRO): Michiel is half Dutch and half Indonesian. He’s pretty familiar with the online marketing space and runs a couple of businesses. Michiel has perfected his lead generation skills, which have had him summoned by different tech and blockchain startups to help them grow their profits and achieve various KPIs.

Remy Gujit (CEO): Given his many years in the banking industry, Remy can easily handle risk and compliance, and private as well as institutional clients. His knowledge spills over to issues regarding integrity, ethics, wealth, and asset management.

Leandro Tridade (CTO): Leandro has worked with renowned cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin, and banking services in Brazil, including the Bank of Brazil. His primary role is to ensure an organisation has the water-tight security features to safeguard clients against possible malicious attacks.

Rien Bos (CFO): For over 15 years, Rien has created and traded using algorithms. This data-driven professional can easily interpret stakeholders’ needs and offer the best financial solutions. Rien will therefore help Maxxer to develop, communicate and execute strategies.


For quite a long time, social trading has been reserved for DEX (decentralised) platforms. The main challenge with DEX is the lack of transparency. Also, the adoption of new regulations across the globe demands compliance by design. Moreover, novice cryptocurrency investors and traders have been relying on costly trial and error approaches to make investment decisions. On top of that, the available exchanges often feature complex interfaces that can be pretty annoying. 

Maxxer can simply be defined as the answer to the above challenges. A user-friendly interface ensures that trading is as convenient as possible. Since it’s the first-ever centralised social trading platform, transparency is assured. In addition, CEX means the platform is adequately prepared for the future.

Novice crypto traders are well covered. They can be sure to earn an income, even though the crypto market is often volatile. That’s made possible through social trading. Rightly so, Maxxer is the place where we can all learn and earn.

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