In this article, discover how Wasder brings the gaming community to a whole new level.

Cryptos have gained global recognition in the past decade. As a result, several industries have benefitted from the availability of cryptocurrencies, in particular, because they offer a whole lot of convenience and security.

One of the industries that have benefited from the introduction and launch of cryptos is the online gaming community.

According to a recent market report, close to 75% of gamers are interested in exchanging their digital assets (cryptocurrency) for another currency that they can further use to sell and purchase on another crypto social platform. In essence, cryptocurrencies allow online game players to gather as well as trade-in digital assets that they can easily trade and exchange across different global platforms. This provides the gaming community an easy and safe way to earn money and rewards. Today, the converging of crypto and blockchain with online gaming offers a host of opportunities to users, established players, and innovators in the gaming space. In fact, online gaming happens to be one of those industries that have benefitted, despite the pandemic. While COVID-19 forced people to remain confined to their homes and led to movement restrictions in several ways, many started searching for new avenues or ways to entertain themselves in the wake of being stuck at home.

This is where a crypto social platform such as Wasder comes into the picture. Wasder is a gaming platform that enables gamers to not only explore their favourite games, but also join the Wasder community and share content with their friends or other gamers.

In this article, discover how Wasder brings the gaming community to a whole new level.


If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast who also enjoys online gaming, then the Wasder crypto social platform is tailor-made for you. Wasder is a unique platform that provides the gaming community with quick and convenient access to some of the popular games, all in one spot.

There is nothing like finding great content for gaming, but it is the finding of such content that matters and is never too easy. However, with Wasder, online gamers get an opportunity to find their favourite games in one place. The Wasder crypto social platform puts you in complete control of your game interests. It provides you with Spaces that gather some of the key features of Wasder based on the games that you enjoy. Hence, when you choose to follow a Space, you get to discover all the games, and the gaming content that matters, all in one single spot. Right from gaming-specific content to events (yet to be launched), and communities to Party Chats, you can do it all on the Wasder platform. This means you can explore the Wasder social crypto app and connect with other gamers based on content that is important to you.


Wasder is a one-of-a-kind platform designed for the gaming community. If you are into cryptocurrency investments and if you have been searching for a social crypto app, then download the Wasder app/platform to make the most of online gaming. Unlike any other crypto social platform, Wasder lets gamers create their profile and personalise it by including the games they enjoy. Gamers interested in meeting new friends to enjoy games with, or even those looking for quality gaming content, can turn to the Wasder crypto social platform to create personalised profiles. These profiles are not only exciting in looks but also powers their gaming experiences and share their story. Wasder lets you customise the profile and display your achievements and favourite games. After adding some of your preferred games, connecting with other players who enjoy the game is simple and can be done through the Party Play feature.

The Wasder crypto social platform lets you engage in multi-player gaming that offers an excellent social experience. Gamers are fully aware that things such as toxicity, comms, as well as bad pings can be very annoying. However, Wasder’s Party Play feature allows you to connect with other gaming enthusiasts by simply tapping a button. This means you can avoid all the annoying and less fun stuff and get your gaming party started.

The gaming community looks forward to joining platforms that allow them to play and enjoy their games in a non-toxic and friendly environment. They also look forward to finding their ideal matches via games, regions, and platforms. Often, gamers want to look for and match with people who have the same rankings for competitive playing. This is where Wasder offers all the fun.


The Wasder crypto social platform offers a host of exciting features to both the desktop and mobile phone users. Thus, desktop users get access to features like Global Feed, Livestream Discovery Feed, Personalised Content Feed and Designated Game Spaces, Game Tags when creating Posts, Direct Messaging, Find, Manage and Create Communities, Party Chat – Group Chat, Personalise your Profile with your favourite games and Verified Badges.

On the other hand, users who download the Wasder social crypto app on their mobile phones can access features such as Global Feed, Tag system in Posts, Party Play – Matchmaking; Find friends to play with, Direct Messaging, Party Chat – Group Chat, and Personalise your Profile with your favourite games.

In addition to the above, Wasder is also planning to introduce other cool features for its users soon.

So, apart from personalising their profiles and indulging in multi-player gaming, gamers will also get to make the most of other features. For instance, you can share your feed and find out what games you like the best while playing with other gamers who are equally passionate about gaming. Remember, there are billions of people out there. However, there isn’t a single social media platform for gamers. This implies that you will have to go through hundreds and thousands of feeds to find what interests you on other social networks.

This is where the Wasder social crypto app and platform works wonders for the gaming community. It provides a single platform that is entirely personal and lets you tailor the feeds to all the games you enjoy playing simply by accessing Spaces. Gamers can easily tag their own posts for other gaming enthusiasts to find their amazing content. Thus, by tagging your content, you can engage with a crowd that is interested in gaming. The Wasder crypto social platform also allows you to upload some of your favourite memes or share more about your entire day with friends who are passionate about gaming and game-oriented feeds.

The Wasder social crypto app also offers the exciting Party Chats feature. Gamers can use this feature to connect with their friends while on the move or even from the comfort of their homes. If you belong to the gaming community, you understand that gaming isn’t something you can’t engage in throughout the day, especially if you aren’t a professional. Many of us enjoy other things too, such as talking. With Wasder’s Party Chats feature, users can have several Party Chats and invite their friends, even when they haven’t joined Wasder yet.

Apart from this, the Wasder social crypto app will soon launch the Friends Hub feature. With this feature, gamers can keep their friends close to them on Wasder. Once added, both gamers and their friends can hang out together. They will also get to know what their friends are up to via activities, thus sharing their passion for online gaming. Using the Wasder Friends Hub, gamers and their friends can explore together and have loads of fun together.


Wasder believes that a community created by gamers is what is at the core of gaming. It therefore intends to take the gaming community a notch higher by offering gaming enthusiasts superior member managing systems and visual community hierarchies. Gamers who opt for the Wasder crypto social platform will have access to community calendars featuring events, raid nights, and other tools for event management. Game players will also have leaderboards for their members who participate in the maximum number of raid nights. In addition to this, Wasder also offers community badges and achievements.

If you enjoy cryptocurrency investing, then you will be glad to know that the Wasder platform also lets you earn as well as spend tokens. Thus, if you are willing to earn rewards and give rewards to others for their excellent gaming, then the Wasder crypto social platform is ideal for you. Wasder offers a token-based reward system that offers excellent experiences and value to its users.


– To take part in VIP gaming events with influencers, streamers, as well as E-sporters.

– Earn tokens as part of hosting gaming tournaments.

– Supporting your preferred content creators on the Wasder platform.

– Ranking high on gaming community leaderboards or beating other guilds for earning rewards.

– Getting rewarded for their contribution to the gaming community in different fun ways.

– Sell and purchase exciting digital things within your NFT marketplace.

Thus, those looking for cryptocurrency investment opportunities and are inclined towards gaming can use WAS tokens to maximise their gaming experience. Cryptocurrency investment enthusiasts can purchase the WAS token at two different places, including, 0.exchange and Uniswap. Also, users will have to use a cryptocurrency wallet such as the Metamask or Ledger wallet (in case you need a hardware wallet). Apart from this, users will also require some ETH (Ethereum) to purchase the tokens.

Wasder also provides its users with the opportunity to stake their Wasder tokens and get rewarded. Wasder staking provides cryptocurrency investment enthusiasts with a highly flexible-staking contract for their ERC20 tokens. Even though Wasder is a social gaming platform, it also provides its users with liquidity staking. This implies that users get to offer liquidity for a crypto token pair that is trading on Uniswap. Thus, participants get rewarded for making a deposit and holding WAS tokens with guaranteed returns. The Wasder social crypto app/platform calculates these rewards based on the time of staking. Hence, the longer a user stakes, the more he/she earns.

In addition to this, Wasder will also let users lock tokens and unlock huge rewards. As a result, those interested in cryptocurrency investment can lock their tokens for a specific time and get rewarded as per the amount and time they lock. The first phase of single asset locking is live now, and will close June 26. On top of generous APYs, you can also win prizes – things like custom NFT reaction bars, gaming gear, to an all-expenses paid trip to the Wasder HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.


To sum up, if you find cryptocurrency investments exciting and are interested in gaming, then the Wasder social crypto app is the best way forward. Apart from enjoying your favourite games to searching for gaming content and sharing your feeds with other gamers, it lets you do a host of other things such as enjoy game events and tournaments.

Features like Party Chat, Party Play, Personalising Profile, and Tag systems make Wasder one of the most sought-after social crypto platforms globally. Wasder also plans to bring the Friends Hub feature, which will provide the gaming community with plenty of opportunities to find like-minded gamers and hang out with them.

Wasder also plans to work towards making event management powerful and easy for everyone. The social crypto platform will hand over the tools for event management to brands, communities, publishers, and brands. With these tools in place, users will get create, showcase and manage all types of gaming events, such as gaming nights and game releases. With this, Wasder will not only make event management fun and easy but also allow users to showcase and schedule their events in front of gaming enthusiasts via Spaces.

The Wasder social crypto app/platform brings all kinds of gamers, big and small, to one spot and allows them to make the most of their gaming knowledge, skills and experiences. So, if you are curious about cryptocurrency investment and gaming, then opt for the Wasder platform right away!

To learn more about the Wasder platform visit, https://wasder.gg/!

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