If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and don’t know what crypto to invest in, then remember that you are not alone. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that people use for investing, as well as, for carrying out online purchases. For instance, one can exchange a real currency like the dollar to buy crypto coins or digital tokens of any cryptocurrency. While, there are many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Litecoin that one can invest in, the ATROMG8, is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that you can consider adding to your portfolio.

Here, discover more about the ATROMG8 token economics and what makes it perfect from an investment point of view, in case you have no idea around what crypto to invest in.


In case you are wondering what crypto coin to invest in, then ATROMG8 is undoubtedly a great choice. The ATROMG8 crypto coin is popularly known as the ATROM, and it is further divided into one hundred million (100,000,000) units of BETROM. In the beginning, only 440 million crypto coins had been created, but after ATRONOCOM as well as VISIONG8’s merger, ATROMG8 was reduced to about 369 million ATROM.

Later, after the announcements of a few fresh regulations, and in the wake of an entirely new ecosystem, the coins were further reduced to around 269 million ATROM crypto coins. The burn took place on the 31st of July, 2020 after which the miners, as well as the developers, removed the coins or tokens from circulation.

After a recent board meeting in Estonia AtromG8 have again decided to burn another 185 Million Coins! The reason was that they don`t want to hold and have any coins which are not dedicated to a person or a service making the coin more scarce so the total supply is now only 84 Million Coins! Every year AtromG8 will issue 3-7% to keep the balance of lost coins in the system. Lets say trough lost wallets or other technical issue and of course subject to the growth of the platform

Today, ATROMG8, an innovative multi-DLT as well as Blockchain system, empowered by the new MixNet 5.0, is slowly but gradually creating a niche in the cryptocurrency industry. The AG8 was recently listed on the Probit (Professional Digital Currency Exchange) in South Korea in the shape of AG8/USDT pairing.


When you take a look at the features of the ARTOMG8 project, you will no longer have to think about what crypto to invest inAs far as ATROMG8(https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mixnet-5-0-superstructure-powered-142758454.html ) is concerned, it is a completely decentralized DPoS blockchain-based platform that allows human communication. It lets you learn, manage, and organize in a fast, secure, and simple manner. Thanks to its innovative DLT as well as blockchain system, ATROMG8 is capable of optimizing human-based communication as well as value exchange at an entirely new level, while maintaining complete security and privacy. ATROMG8’s MixNet superstructure tech is ideal for creating a real-time based ecosystem on digitally advanced platforms, which is safe for both large and small group interactions.

Numerous blockchain-based networks will find it easy to access the decentralized enterprise open-source Blockchain ledger of the platform while executing transactions through direct satellite communication when required, thus making the network safe, both in terms of privacy and security.


Powered by the AG8tokens, the platform is designed to facilitate numerous activities across the ATROMG8 ecosystem. These activities include sending as well as receiving data, financial transactions, services costs, as well as compensation charges for the stakeholders and node operators.

Recenty the ATROMG8 blockchain structure was chosen by the Department of Health in Kerala India for its E-health pilot project. This E-health pilot project aims to initially keep patient health records for approximately 35 Million residents on the decentralized ATROMG8 blockchain that is secure, rather than storing it in a centralized system that is insecure from data breaches. The E-health pilot project’s core aim is to enable better data security and data accessibility for all patient medical records. With approximately 35 million inhabitants, Kerala is a small state in India but still one of the most progressive states that embrace the use of modern technological achievements!

Apart from functioning as a P2P transaction vehicle, AG8 crypto tokens shall also provide a platform for exchange, a value storing coin, as well as a unit for accounting. The holders of the token will get to use and access the complete ATROM system and utilize its products/services. Also, the ATROMG8 platform is very user-friendly, as well as easily accessible through different devices such as a tablet, desktop, and mobile phone. So, if you are still not sure what crypto to invest in then consider including ATROM into your portfolio.


Another reason why you must not be in doubt about what crypto to invest in is because the ATROMG8 ecosystem offers the best solutions.

The ATROMG8 (https://www.platinumcryptoacademy.com/press-release/atrom-network-listing-on-probit-exchange/ecosystem) is a globally recognized system, designed to facilitate secure and safe communication (about the conversation, financial transaction, and value exchange) across the world. The crypto network is duly regulated and licensed and thus offers fair and cleaner transactions. Currently, many developers are working on the network’s applications as well as other interactions that are helping to build more transactions.

The ATROMG8 team relies on the blockchain solution to rebuild the chain cycle as well as contact tracing and exposure analysis. The company is currently working on several projects that will help to transform the planet for the better.


ATROM is showing active participation within the ChainSat project powered by Accubits Technologies. A one-of-its-kind project, Chainsat is essentially a low satellite orbiting the earth that has been designed and created by Accubit to set up an enterprise-level blockchain ledger that enables secure transactions for the next-gen enterprise blockchain apps. It provides a highly secure communication system for enterprise association communication, which does not make use of the internet. The communication with this satellite shall be made using UHF Telemetry of 115 kbps data as well as an S-Band payload Transmitter.


Still, wondering what crypto to invest in? Well, the ATROM coin is definitely the right choice!

One of the major reasons why you must invest in the ATROMG8 project is because the crypto coin has made it to the list of the “Top 20 Promising Blockchain Projects in 2020“. The ATROMG8 project was among the 3 best projects on the list. As per a report released by the Hackernoon, AtromG8’s system will likely grow with a strong base of clients. ATROMG8’s highly impressive ecosystem that offers much scope for solid learning, working, communication, and organizing for you, as well as, your friends will be a major driving force behind the popularity of the project.


When it comes to things like what crypto to invest in and how to carry out cryptocurrencies transactions, it is wise to choose a recognized crypto exchange such as ProBit. South Korea based cryptocurrency exchange is a widely recognized crypto exchange. It has also been featured in the list of Top 20 crypto exchanges, as far as trading volume, is concerned. The exchange supports as many as 500 trading pairs.

At present, the exchange has over 100,000 community members, 500,000 plus active users every month, and 2,500,000 web visitors per month. Apart from this, the exchange has 40,000,000 members on wallets and partnering aggregators like CoinMarketCap. The ProBit exchange is an essentially multi-lingual website that supports 25 unique languages, which makes it one of the most efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange.  This makes it convenient for traders/investors to use the AG8/USDT pair. Given that ATROMG8 has been recently included in the ProBit exchange, the decentralized and blockchain ecosystem is more likely to reach out to an increased number of users around the globe. The AG8/USDT pair is completely functional on the ProBit exchange in South Korea. Thus, you no longer need to think of what crypto to invest in, and you can easily pick ATROMG8 over other coins available in the market


To counter inflation and losses caused as a result of lost wallets, as well as technical devices, and to pay compensation to the node operators for expenses and electricity, the company decided that around 3-7percent (of the total supply of 69 million) fresh coins will be issued each year. In fact, on January 21, as many as 14 million coins were issued for programmers and have been distributed among more than 100 individuals who shall leave the team.

At present, the key has been circulated by the experts on the team, and thus no coins will be issued on a fresh basis. This means that currently 12.68 million coins are in circulation & distributed on numerous exchanges as well as private wallets. Once the listing has been done on the 4th exchange, all the coins that haven’t been frozen shall be distributed. This would bring another 17 million crypto coins into circulations.


The token primarily aims at exchanging information, as well as, can also be utilized in the form of a key for activating services.

– Staking

– Wallet activation as well as access to the company’s crypto exchange.

– For online-based school tools, for instance, schools offering their study courses.

– For diploma and document certification within the blockchain.

– Utilizing social media elements that are subjected to payment.

– Placement of unique offers on sales platforms.

– Placement of ads (revenue shared between ATROMG8 and customers).

– Payments of in-house expenses for wallet, debit card, exchange, and listing. The payment can be done in ATROM upon request. This provides benefit to the client from extremely low prices in their specific areas.

Creating your digital token on ATROMG8’s blockchain.

Thus, there is no denying the fact that ARTOM is a great project, and you don’t have to be in any sort of confusion regarding what crypto to invest in.


For people who are still unclear about what crypto to invest in, they must have a look at the other use cases of ATROM.

Public Blockchain: The ATROM coin can also be used within the public blockchain. This can be done for purchasing RAM (Random Access Memory) to enable the use of the blockchain system without any bandwidth limitation and restrictions that offers a high level of security for cost and finance involved for 3rd parties.

Enterprise Private Blockchain: As far as the Enterprise Private Blockchain for ministries and institutes are concerned, ATROM can be used for payment of annual costs and fees as well as for buying RAM to use the blockchain without any kind of restrictions and bandwidth issues.

In case the customers make the payment of usage fees in fiat currency, then payment conversion will take place in ATROM, through the crypto exchanges. The ATROMG8 platform doesn’t hold any fiat currencies or accounts in this particular case.


As far as the blockchain technology is concerned, it has transformed the numerous social media platforms. The decentralization of blockchain ensures improved data security. Blockchain has also played a crucial role in improving transparency, prevention of identity theft, and has simplified the process of identity verification. Apart from this, blockchain also helps to improve both P2P sales and crowdfunding

This is because users are needed to follow the KYC, as well as anti-money laundering regulations which have led to increased privacy and secured P2P sales via social media.

How ATROMG8 is Helping Universities and Students?

ATROMG8 has been launched to transform the social media platforms for the better for both you as well as your family members. Thus, if you don’t know what crypto to invest in, then choose ATROM right away!

It is a blockchain-enabled application designed using numerous open source-based projects of the past few decades, as well as own innovations. The app can be utilized like that of a highly secured messenger or even file transfer that comes with metadata protection. Thus, this app can assist students in registering and building a strong social network of like-minded individuals. Using the ATROMG8 platform, students can learn more about the offers coming from within the community. Apart from literature as well as motivation, a student can also get the most of entertainment and sports.

Additionally, students can even learn from other individuals in the ecosystem via numerous social groups. They can access different forums to work in tandem with their fellow students as well as a specialist in the area. The ATROMG8 system also offers video sharing features, allowing students to freely communicate with each other and gather more experience.

Yet another advantage for students comes in the form of their loyalty program. This allows students to acquire extra income while studying. Students, as well as others in their community, are rewarded for actively participating in the ATROMG8 platform. ATROMG8 offers the students a sort of coupon platform consisting of inexpensive offers that further assists them to reduce their costs daily. The numerous groups on the platform offer an excellent place for students to search for cheap carpooling, apartments, eating joints as well as other services.

The platform also provides students with a wallet which can help them to monitor their finance, receive funds, as well as bills. To get extra funds, students must offer help to build the platform and participate in its development to get incentives.


In case universities are wondering what crypto to invest in or what are the benefits of ATROMG8, then they must know that for institutions, the ATROMG8 system offers numerous advantages, such as managing and issuing of certificates and diplomas via blockchain. The institution could utilize the platform for creating their page, which they could further use to present themselves to the fresh batch of students. By establishing contact with students through the platform, institutions can strengthen their network.

The ATROMG8 platform also offers an opportunity for institutions to design their token on their blockchain. This way institutions can develop as well as manage their ecosystems. They will also get the opportunity to encourage students and staff members to become a part of their ecosystems. Finally, the institutions can take part in the platform’s development and become a part of the great innovation.

ATROMG8, in essence, integrates numerous technologies that allowed the firm to establish a safe and efficient ecosystem. This platform is extremely dignified, helping individuals and clients on a broad spectrum. The platform provides the ATROM token that can be used for sending as well as receiving data, services cost, and compensating for all the efforts made within the network by the community and node operators. The firm emphasizes on speed, security as well as protection of data. The privacy protection during transactions and communication has influenced and guided the decisions in recent years.


If you have any doubts regarding what crypto to invest in, then you’ll be glad to know that ATROM is supported by some of the renowned personalities.

As far as the ATROMG8 platform is concerned, personalities from across the globe are supporting it. This includes the likes of Herbert Sterchi, Thomson Reuters former COO, who has been instrumental in the development of blockchain and crypto in Europe in the past like Ethereum and today Board member of Consensys. Apart from this, Jorge Sebastiao, CTO of Asia’s technology giant and a cybersecurity expert as well as Dr. William Nonnis, Fullstack Developer of the Ministry of Defence of in Italy and Mauricio Prazak the President of IBREI in Brazil and Jithin VG CEO / Co-Founder Accubits Technologies one of the most awarded companies in the World in this field and in technologies partnership with ATROMG8.com


Another reason why you don’t need to think about what crypto to invest in any longer is because the ATROMG8 platform is highly secure, safe and efficient.

Thanks to ATROMG8’s innovative multi-DLT as well as the blockchain landscape, the company has been getting a great deal of attention for its emerging technology movements. In their bid to establish a reliable decentralized future, the company has partnered with Sendvalu, the world’s leading money transfer services providing company. As a result of this partnership, Sendvalu will offer its services to the members of the ATROMG8 community across the globe. At present, the project has been extended only in Latin America, particularly the market in Brazil, and offers all the advantages of money transactions and proactive communication.  With nearly 200,000 payout points across 75 nations, ATROMG8 offers a digital banking card to its users that can be used for conducting country-wide transactions with the help of a Point of the Sale charging network.


  1. ATROMG8 Recent Partnership Announcement 

AtromG8 has recently announced a long-standing partnership that has recently been signed on Saturday the 4th of July 2020 between ATROMG8, IBREI and ACCUBITS Technologies after working together for many months they decided to make it official as the first projects are already in development. (https://atromg8.com/2020/07/05/atromg8-ibrei-and-accubits-technologies/ )


To sum up, if you have any confusion regarding what crypto to invest in, then ATROMG8 is certainly a project to heavily consider. The ATROMG8 platform relies on effective communication. The system makes use of existing technologies, designed by trusted companies to offer solutions to the market. ARTOMG8’s MixNet based solution ensures maximum security through different mechanisms and also incorporates metadata within its protection system.

The company is focused on simplifying the everyday lives of its users. ATROMG8 has designed a unique ecosystem with its experienced partners to meet the demands of today’s users. As a result, users can now pay their bills easily or switch between multiple currencies effortlessly. Everything is being provided within their wallets by trusted and licensed partners in a highly secure environment.

Remember, an ecosystem is useful only when it meets the requirements of the society. These needs can be present in the form of training, friendship, travel, job, marketplace and many more. ATROMG8 recognizes this and has accepted the fresh challenges that are coming its way. The company is planning to build the COMG8 network with support from its team members and the ecosystem will go live by November 2020.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor.

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