The advancement of technology is taking the financial industry by storm with the key objective of accessing financial services with ease without compromising quality and reliability. Blockchain technology favours the financial industry with more advanced solutions to not only make payments but also to favour investments. As such, many companies are introducing financial and investment solutions in line with blockchain technology, considering that it is currently the ongoing buzz. As such, Xanto is not only implementing blockchain technology but it has also introduced XAN, its crypto token.  

XAN is a utility token that can be exchanged for a commodity, more specifically, the xanthohumol. Xanthohumol refers to a commodity from Xanto, which is a natural extract from hop cones. This token, XAN, is built on the TRON blockchain tech. The TRON ecosystem is designed to provide a secure environment to hold, buy, as well as sell XAN tokens. Many projects choosing TRON blockchain benefit from low transaction costs and better efficiency and scalability. 

The key objective of XAN is to fill the gap between the commodity market and blockchain tech to enable quick acquisition of Xanthohumol. As explained on one of the Xanto official videos, individuals can obtain XAN tokens and exchange their tokens for Xanthohumol.f It comes with a ready market considering that the Xanthohumol benefits are readily accepted in the market across the globe. 

After the launch of the token on 15th September 2021, the XAN CEO, Tomasz Tokarski, announced the token promotion period. Initially, the token price started at $2 during the first week of sales. It was evident that the early buyers benefited from the advantage of receiving more tokens while at the same time enjoying lower prices. As a utility token, this means that XAN token holders can get Xanthohumol trading against the number of tokens owned. The more tokens owned by a token holder, the more Xanthohumol they can obtain. 

What is Xanto?

Xanto, a Poland-based company, is currently the world’s cleanest Xanthohumol producer that serves to deliver industrial quantities of Xanthohumol at a global level. Backed by collaborations from national and international research institutions, Xanto is producing the purest of Xanthohumol with over 99% HPLC. 

Largely, Xanto manufactures natural bioactive molecules. Such molecules are used in the medical field. Even with the large quantity production, the company applies a fully natural method based on a unique patent and registered across the globe in more than forty countries. 

Xanto received the prestigious “Made in Poland” award in July 2021 during the “Made In Poland Congress. This award served as a commendation for its significant impact on the Polish economy. 

Their capability to produce high-quality products to satisfy the international market did not go unnoticed. This year Xanto has also received several other awards in the field of innovation, such as Symbol of Innovation 2021 or Polish Innovation Award 2021, which is certainly no coincidence but an expression of recognition of the company’s product and its potential. 

Such a gesture offers a highly positive perception, and it gives the perception of a bright future for the company as well as the XAN token. Many individuals are more likely to entrust their investment due to the global recognition assuring them of the product’s value. 

Benefits of XAN 

The XAN token key focus is its financial benefit. Consumers trading in the token benefit more by acquiring more of the product at more affordable pricing than those willing to pay in fiat currency. Determining the price of the token is dependent on the time of its acquisition. On the other hand, the price of Xanthohumol comes from two perspectives namely from the time of its acquisition as well as from the quantity being purchased. With both processes, consumers can exchange XAN for the product at a price more affordable than that of the market price. Individuals will pay a fraction of the expected market price allowing the individual to acquire more of the product without having to spend extra. 

The financial significance can be realised in three different classes.

  • Token price 

 The token is highly dependent on the time of its purchase. Price value changes from time to time; thus, the reason it can be considered an investment option. The initial token purchasers seem to have the upper hand because they purchased the token at lower prices as compared to the current market value. They can choose to trade for the commodity after the token price increases.   

  • The price of the Xanthohumol product against product quantity 

There is bargaining power for individuals purchasing a high quantity of the Xanthohumol product. This pricing model is based on the amount bought once from the market. In this, consumers purchasing more are more likely to spend less. 

  • The price of the Xanthohumol product against the method of its purchase 

The method of purchasing Xanthohumol determines the price. There are two methods of purchase, namely, Classic Forward and Prepaid Forward. Understanding the payment options will help you make the right choice considering they have different bargaining power to a consumer. 

XAN Token Explained – Backed By Its Physical Commodity Xanthohumol

The XAN Token is a utility token that allows consumers seeking to purchase Xanthohumol to trade with their token. Xanthohumol is known to have health benefits rich in anti-inflammatory properties as well as improves brain activity. The XAN token, TRC-20, is divisible to 18 decimal places. This utility token is specific to one product (Xanthohumol), and it cannot be used to trade other commodities. Built on the TRON blockchain and based on the TRC-220 technical standard, it eases the process of creating smart contracts as well as implement tokens.  

Individuals seeking to buy XAN tokens are expected to have a TRX address. This address must be in the TRON network and created through a crypto wallet that has the ability to support the network. The first step would be to create a TRX address and follow up by activating it. Once XAN tokens are sent to the address, they will remain visible as additional resources. As part of a larger project, namely EMCODEX, the XAN token comes in handy to eliminate the need for intermediaries. In such cases, only the two parties can complete a transaction. With XAN token, users can experience financial freedom giving an independent means of exchange. 

Is Xanto’s Xanthohumol Pure? What makes it so special? 

Xantho’s Xanthohumol is the purest of its form in the market, offering about 99% of purity. With the advancement in technology, the company is incorporating innovative projects backed by adequate and sufficient research. 

Innovation is an important aspect that is currently leading the operations of the company. The high standard of innovation seeks to boost the quality of production as well as customer support among the company and their business partners. Through innovation, Xanto is distinguishing itself from competitors to retain market leadership. 

The company is placing a high focus on research with the objective of improving and strengthening the state of both humans and animals. Xanthohumol, which contains high levels of antioxidants, seeks to boost individual levels of their natural defence mechanisms. By so doing, it becomes better to prevent diseases and intoxications. Xanto has significant collaborations with research bodies such as scientific institutes and universities to ensure better results in their findings. 

As an added advantage, the company is keen to uphold quality and integrity in the production as well as sales processes. Right from the production stage, all processes take place in a lab whose conditions are always up to standard in terms of cleanliness and the best of machinery. As such, the end product remains safe for use not only for medical purposes but also for food purposes. Xanto’s Xanthohumol is a pure and special product due to its high quality and levels of purity. 

Global recognition also goes a long way into proving that the product is of high quality and special in the market.

How does Xanto use Blockchain to make Production more Transparent? 

The company is committed to full transparency in an effort to promote and build better consumer relationships. To promote transparency, the company is incorporating blockchain technology and 3IPK. According to a tweet on the company’s official site, “Xan is officially onboarding with the number one security and audit provider in the world CertiK International. We are providing a new level of transparency and value for our clients within the crypto sphere.” 

The concept of blockchain to promote transparency is possible due to end-to-end tracking in the supply chain. With blockchain technology, the company is able to digitise physical assets as well as create a decentralised, immutable record of all transactions. This ability makes it possible to track the asset, in this case, Xanthohumol, right from the production stage to the delivery. 

3IPK’s blockchain provides a competitive edge for consumers as it reduces overhead costs. This process management system offers blockchain-based solutions to enhance the management of wide supply chains as well as quality control. It allows for real-time tracking solutions and reduces costs. The culture of transparency ensures that the company remains responsible and manages self-organisation. 

Xanto is providing a tool allowing consumers to track every stage of the production process, right from the hop cones harvest process to obtaining the final product. In the production process, you can easily find information about the labs and tests conducted. Potential purchasers have information at their disposal that will guide their decision-making process. 

The concern of not receiving the product when you expect it is something that is long gone. Consumers can identify the stage at which the production process is so that they can know when they can expect the final product.


Purchasing the purest form of Xanthohumol is now possible with the ownership of XAN tokens. 

Acquiring Xanthohumol can be fully accredited upon completing confirmation procedures of KYC confirmation.

Ownership of the tokens can be done by making payment to the specified wallet address, which will now be a bridge to accredit the ownership of the XAN tokens and therefore, consumers can now maintain and keep check of the information.

Xanto is not only producing the purest form of Xanthohumol but it has gone an extra mile in the financial realm to incorporate their crypto token, XAN. While we thought that barter trade was non-existent at this time and era, the revised model of the same is currently allowing for crypto commodities.  

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