Zeta Hedged Coin (ZHC) is a revolutionary Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency backed by Gold Mining assets as well as by a combination of ETH and BTC. With the stock markets witnessing an eleven-year bull-run, investors are gradually shifting their attention to Blockchain assets and Direct Mining access-related projects. While Gold reached a peak of US$2,200 / oz recently, the actual leveraged access to Gold Mining derivatives offers investors an outstanding 10X exponential growth alternative.

Given that BTC and ETH have realistic potential to reach a price of US$100,000 / Bitcoin and US$20,000 /ETH within the near future, Zeta Hedged Coin (ZHC) constitutes an innovative Blockchain product, which hedges the investors RISKS caused by the inherent volatility of BTC / ETH, whilst still allowing for the intrinsic exponential growth potential.


Zeta Hedged Coin (ZHC) grants investors the unique opportunity to participate in the exciting Cryptocurrency space, while ensuring their investments are backed by substantial gold reserves, thus adding value and stability to the coin. The upside potential of ZHC is exceptional, whilst the downside is hedged by Canadian mining properties, minimizing the risk caused by the wild ETH/BTC price swings.

It must be noted that Zeta Group Holdings Limited, in association with a group of geologists, over the past several years has been discovering and exploring unexploited, new Gold Bearing Channels, like the Cardinal Channel, in regions such as British Columbia, Canada.

The discovered reserves in combination with the ETH / BTC exposure components constitute the backbone of ZHC. These elements grant investors an asset backed minimal downside risk, whilst simultaneously providing an exponential upside.

The ZHC hybrid structure / smart contract offers a UNIQUE PROPRIETARY HEDGED STRUCTURE to the participating sophisticated investors.


The achieved primary goal envisaged by Zeta Group Holdings Limited to locate and secure approximately 50 km2 of Mineral and Alluvial Claims in British Columbia, Canada constitutes the Key to Success.

It is worth noting here that Canada is the fifth-largest Gold producing country globally. The country boasts a stable legal, economic, and political system. Zeta Group Holdings Limited geological experts concluded in-depth research producing surveys, geophysical studies and geological reports, as well as other technical due diligence needed for verifying the location, quantum, and presence of Gold and mineral resources in order to potentially list the properties backing the minted ZETA HEDGED COINS on a relevant global Stock Exchange.

The exchange listing process grants ZHC investors a 10X LEVERAGED investment resulting from the direct access Gold Mining combined with the BTC / ETH growth potential. Currently, Zeta Group Holdings Limited has adopted the Toronto Stock Exchange standard for unmined gold reserves of US$110 / oz pending issuance of Exchange Compliant NI 43-101 reports.


The 2,100,000 ZHC minted coins are linked with the BTC / ETH price feeds on a 24×7 basis. ZHC combined two segments, including US$1,000 in BTC and ETH as well as US$1,000 consisting of Gold claim Properties in Canada.

ZHC launching price has been effected at a Price of US$2,000, which represents ZHC’s real intrinsic value.

Investors can acquire ZHC at (www.zetahedgedcoin.com) or via access to the Exmarkets Exchange creating an account with the launchpad platform for buying / selling ZHC and taking advantage of the coin’s enormous growth potential. Regular ‘Air Drops’ resulting from excess Gold Mining revenue will be enhancing the portfolios of the investors.


Fiat currencies are NOT backed by any assets and are fully supported by the Government issuing them, their values derived based on the supply & demand and on the stability of the issuing Governments.

On the other hand, even Cryptocurrencies like BTC / ETH are NOT backed by any tangible assets, their values being purely based on supply and demand and their wide acceptance.

…….However with ZHC, things are very different.

Along with the expected rise in BTC and ETH prices, the Gold asset component provides strength to the ZHC token and offers investors an asset-backed digital coin with minimal downside and outstanding upside potential. The astute investor looking for a high leverage / low risk, hedged Gold-backed Cryptocurrency, is well advised to scrutinize in depth ZHC.

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