The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency investment market has matured and evolved significantly in the past decade or more. As a result, investing in digital currencies or virtual currencies has become easier than ever. Indeed, according to the Financial Conduct Authority’s latest consumer research, 78% of UK adults have now heard of cryptocurrency, and 2.3 million of us hold some form of crypto asset. Not only has the crypto industry evolved, it is also gradually finding its place within the mainstream market with increase in usage of crypto app.

One of the reasons for this opening up of crypto is the advent of the crypto app. A crypto app not only makes investing in digital currencies a lot simpler and more convenient,it also allows crypto investors to keep track of the price movements in different cryptocurrencies.

Opening Up Crypto App

One of this new generation of simple yet secure mobile apps pioneering mainstream crypto adoption is the decentralized finance platform Zumo.Zumo is a secure and easy-to-use crypto currency wallet that enables crypto enthusiasts to buy, sell, spend, as well as store cryptos and traditional currencies.

Now Zumo is aiming to open up crypto to a whole new set of users with a £10k Bitcoin SV giveaway.

Bitcoin SV, or BSV, is one of the derivatives of BTC Bitcoin, and is the third and most recent cryptocurrency to be added to the Zumo app. It is an extension of the same original blockchain, with some amendments that have targeted the dual benefits of cheaper transaction fees and increased transaction capacity.

Now a public £10k Bitcoin SV giveaway aims to do something impactful both to celebrate the addition of BSV to the Zumo app and to give a new set of users the chance to discover a whole new cryptocurrency – for free.

The focus is on accessibility and allowing as wide a range of people as possible to get comfortable with crypto and start their crypto journeys.

The giveaway has been designed to be as simple as possible, and anyone interested can find the full details on Zumo’s £10K giveaway here. Entries are open until 26 July 2021: entrants must be UK resident, and aged 18 or over.

In total, Zumo will give away some £100,000 of BSV over the coming months for users interested in getting started with crypto.

Why The Zumo Crypto App?

Zumo offers its users a blend of security and convenience.

For those curious about crypto, everything about the Zumo mobile app has been designed to be as accessible and as intuitive as possible to get you started on your crypto journey. Smart money is for everyone, not just those who can navigate the crypto jargon.

That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on security though. Zumo also offers one of the most secure non-custodial wallets on the market, giving you full ownership of your money. In an industry in which security and regulation is such an ongoing topic, Zumo has done a lot of work on security and regulatory compliance to say to its users: this is a solution you can trust.

For further information, please consult the Zumo website.

Start Your Crypto Journey Today With The £10k Zumogiveaway

With Zumo, crypto no longer needs to be cryptic. If you want to be in for a chance to win £10k worth of BSV, visit  or download the app by 26 July – and join the smart money revolution.

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