4 Years Development Sandbox

After much anticipation, a lucky few players will soon be playing the metaverse event in The Sandbox dubbed ‘The Sandbox Alpha’. The Sandbox uses a Play-to-Earn model (P2E) allowing users to monetise their time spend within the Sandbox Metaverse. Players are able to purchase virtual land within Sandbox and earn SAND, the Sandbox Token through completing quests in-game.

During the Alpha, a group of just 5,000 users will have the opportunity to earn 1,000 SAND (approximately worth $3,500 based on current market prices), as well as three fully exclusive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) through spending time on 18 different Sandbox experiences.

The 3 aforementioned NFTs will only be available through the Alpha and will give its first holders the eternal bragging rights that they took part in the Sandbox Alpha, a privilege coveted by thousands.

What are the 3 NFTs?

One is a medieval-style gate, another is a black-and-blue dragon, and the third is a beautiful long-sword, each one of them fully utilisable within The Sandbox game.

3 NFTs

Who are the lucky 5,000?

Well, to be one of the lucky 5,000 you have to hold an ‘Alpha Pass’. The Alpha Pass is an NFT ticket which will grant full access to the Sandbox metaverse Alpha. 1,000 of these passes will be awarded through a raffle amongst Sandbox Landowners. Another 2,250 will be distributed to Sandbox account holders through daily social contests which are to take place over three-weeks. It is unclear where the last 1,750 will be allocated, however I imagine they will end up going to members of the Sandbox team and project-investors.

Yat Siu, co-founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands stated:

“I would recommend for people who want to experience it, you know, just go to the places, experience them, join the community on Discord, have a chat with them. See what it’s all about before you make the plunge to buy land because, you know, it’s like buying real estate anywhere in the world.”