ArtBay is an online marketplace for fine arts, similar to eBay, Amazon, etc. Now it has launched Artex on its platform.

On Binance Smart Chain, Artex introduces its platform, which connects art lovers and artists. Artex is a blockchain-based platform for fine art investment that permits hassle-free trading and management. Intending to disrupt all aspects of the Fine Arts market, Artex relaunched its v2, which comprises ArtBay Marketplace, CEX, and DEX.

ArtBay is an online marketplace for fine arts, similar to eBay, Amazon, etc., where anyone can sell/buy whatever type of art they like. As a complete new NFT marketplace on BSC, ArtBay isn’t just a place to sell or buy art; it will provide a smoother experience than OpenSEA, RareEBay, SuperRare, Foundation, and others. 

The Artex v2 solution will feature a CEX containing all artwork with unique NFT values. As a result, every artwork can be traded on its own NFT marketplace, among other NFTs that users can mint and sell. They will also develop a DEX platform like Pancakeswap, Uniswap, etc. This will make Artex a multichain.


Benefits of Artex v2

  • There will be increased liquidity in the relaunched version. Thus, the price will become more stable, and investors will become more interested. 
  • Your fine art piece price will be transparently calculated by art experts from different countries.
  • An innovative platform was developed with all security measures in mind. In this way, a person can buy and sell NFTs with peace of mind.


How Does Private Sale Investing Benefit You?

Investing in Artex as a private sale investor will mean you will get the first-week discount of 25%, a second-week discount of 20%, and a third-week discount of 15% as the PCS launch price. The airdropping will take place before the PCS launch and without investing. Artex private sale is your best chance to participate since new utilities will improve the market. 

Artex’s CEX platform is fully functional and ready to use, and you can take advantage of it. There are exclusive contracts with private art collectors to list their painting collections worth $13 million, which lends credibility to the platform. Currently, ArtBay is in development but will be fully operational soon. The company is on a mission to own Smart Chain as a potential future goal. The new Smart Chain will be designed to address some existing crypto-related issues. As a result of so many pertinent developments, Artex is on a mission to change the future of the arts!

Karnav Shah, Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, said, “The Artex platform was carefully designed to meet the needs of investors, artists, auction houses, and galleries by providing liquidity, security, transparency, and easy access. They intend to transform the art future with their own ArtBay Marketplace, CEX, and DEX. Their team is working hard to expand the features of their platform. This project can be a great investment opportunity.”