Audius Web 3.0

That’s right, Tweeters and Discorders, you’ll now be able to embed and showcase your NFTs on Twitter and Discord through Audius. Audius is a California-based music streaming platform founded in 2018 and launched in September 2019. It aims to empower musicians and bands by cutting out the middlemen in the industry, such as record labels, and shifting both money and power directly to the artists through the blockchain, creating a more direct relationship with their fans and supporters.

The new feature aims to help improve both fan engagement and user utility, making it easy to show your NFTs with your audience or simply show off the cool NFTs you have with your friends. Speaking about the new feature, Audius had this to say:

NFT holders can embed their collectibles from the two biggest blockchains on Twitter timelines, personal blogs, and websites. Thanks to this new feature, will further push collectibles into the mainstream.

In order to make use of this feature, users will need to connect their Audius account with their Phantom Wallet. Phantom Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet focused on the Solana blockchain.

Audius itself has had a magnificent year thus far: It currently hosts a few popular mainstream artists such as Katy Perry, Nas, and The Chainsmokers; and it has also seen its user-base increase multiple times over throughout 2021.

I personally think that Audius is making great leaps for the music industry. Sure, the social media embed is a nice feature to have, but what it’s doing is increasing the viability for itself to be a mainstream product, to intertwine itself with all of our other outlets and become a seamless integration into our lives. Audius is continuing to grow and isn’t showing much sign of slowing down, it will be interesting to see how the music industry looks in 5, 10, or 15 years, and how much change Audius has brought about for the better.