Boujee Leopard Club plans to offer a plethora of benefits to the holders of its 6,590 non-fungible tokens (NFT) once they are sold out, including a gateway into the metaverse. The development roadmap begins only when the entire 100% of the collection is sold out. 

To begin with, there will be some real-world utilities such as free Ethereum, a trip to Dubai, trips to wildlife sanctuaries and even scholarships, to name a few. 

Boujee Leopard Club will donate US $100,000 to a wildlife reserve chosen by the community and also raffle a Porsche 911 worth US $114,000 to one of the holders, as part of the celebration. 

There will be celebrity endorsements, billboards etc to gain mainstream exposure and 25 Ethereum will be kept at the community vault for the longevity and future community driven ideas. 

To make things even more exciting for the holders, the team will be raffling 10 custom Boujee Leopard NFTs to lucky holders and there will be daily giveaways for the next 30 days. Thereafter, they will make their entry into the metaverse. 

There will also be a Sandbox game at this stage and the team will explore the possibilities of expanding its presence into other metaverses such as Decentraland and more upcoming platforms in order to have a strong presence all over the metaverse. 

Finally, the team will start staking tokens. They have already started working with a team of blockchain developers to create its own $Boujee token. These tokens will have future potential benefits such as access to exclusive chats, future projects, burning the tokens for tangible goods, Merch and much more. 

The public sale will happen on February 25, 2022. Interested buyers can get their Boujee Leopard Club NFT from the project’s official website. Further details on the same are available on Discord. 

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, holders of the Boujee Leopard Club NFT can also explore, monetize, earn passive income and create digital realities of their own. In fact, holding a Boujee Leopard Club NFT grants its holders complete creative and commercial rights and they can see their NFT on their OpenSea account. 

Meanwhile, the specific NFT volume of 6,590 was decided because there are only 6,590 beautiful and majestic snow leopards left on planet Earth, that are mostly found in the mountainous regions of central and southern Asia. Their population have dwindled over the years due to excessive hunting of this species. 

The Boujee Leopard Club wants to raise awareness about these snow leopards and the imminent dangers being faced by the species. “We want to do whatever we can to prevent their extinction”, the founders of the project said in a statement. 

They plan to donate US $100,000 to a wildlife foundation for snow leopards. The Boujee Leopard Club wants to give a second home to the snow leopards in the metaverse.