Crypto Ape Skull Club - A collection of 10,000 Uniquely Generated Characters

NFT projects being launched almost on a daily basis have various themes and objectives at their core. While some are launched purely for commercial gains, there are projects that have care and welfare objectives for the real world built in.  

Some NFT projects focus on environment and endangered animal conservation while there are others who use their sale proceeds to help human beings in distress – be it economic, physical or economic distress. 

Here is an NFT project whose core theme may not be about helping causes in the real world but it wants to help in the growth of its own community by sharing most of the earnings from the project with its own holders. In a way, the developers of the project claim that its objective is broader welfare of the NFT community. 

The Crypto Ape Skull Club (CASC) is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain network. No two are exactly alike and each one of them can be officially owned by one single person on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The project is a limited collection inspired the crypto society and is different from most projects, as claimed by the team behind it. The minting begins over the weekend and you will be able to mint up to 5 CASC NFT out of 27 in the Phase 1 of the Dutch auction. The current price is around 0.2 Ethereum. The project’s launch is after the mint and they have written the method of how to unite holders and squeeze flippers in the contract. 

Once the mint is over, the project developers will work with all holders to make the community and the project more valuable. Their goal is to make the holders proud just like those holding CryptoPunks or BAYC. There is also the opportunity for rewards, which would be announced in due course. 

They claim that their objective is not to make money from the beginning but push to provide more opportunities for the future of the crypto community. According to them, CASC is the first NFT project to share most of the earnings with its holders and many BAYC, MAYC and Azuki NFT holders have already joined their community. 

In fact, it has decided to gift all Azuki holders a gift to thank the team’s contribution to the overall NFT community. The details regarding eligibility of getting the gifts have been shared on their social media channels. 

The team is also offering spots in the whitelist through their social media channels on a first come first serve basis. CASC will use ERC-721A to save on gas fees. They also call the project as a collection for diamond hands and, as they care for their holders, they share most of their earnings with the holders. 

With all the benefits stated above, such NFT projects will go a long way in ensuring inclusive growth and development for the entire NFT community. Needless to mention that the innovative ideas being seen in different projects will further boost the overall development of the broader NFT community.