Ernest in Disguise Drop: A Safe NFT Investment

Ernest in Disguise, a friendly alien and NFT collection of 6,000 on the Solana blockchain, is seeking to revolutionise the future of NFTs, thus taking the entertainment industry to new heights with outstanding earnings for investors.

As an Ernest in Disguise investor, you stand to benefit by obtaining a pass to the platform’s exclusive end of year Comic-Con event, all inclusive of accommodation and the best of Comic-Con experience. To reap this benefit, Ernest in Disguise should be completely minted.

Ernest in Disguise has set up multiple ways for investors to receive a portion of revenue shares. Of their collection, 14 Legendary NFT’s come with a  0.5% stake in the Ernest Beyond Launch and future Ernest mints to help generate a stable source of income. Their staking system allows those who stake to earn their native token “EVO” in order to purchase NFTs and re-sell them on the secondary market, as well as a 40% profit share from the Ernest Comics series, which are set to release on a monthly basis, as of June 2022.

Ernest in Disguise Drop Happening in April

The Ernest in Disguise Drop is scheduled to take place on the 16th April 2022, with the key objective of engaging individuals through creativity, thus bringing forth individual and collective inner potential to existence. In turn, our community members can take part in the creative process, while at the same time growing their earnings.

Looking at the roadmap, Ernest in Disguise has achieved milestones offering fully-developed comic series that are sold as NFTs and hard copies, an animation production company, seasonal NFT mint collections, and the NFT Launchpad. You will also highlight the B2B NFT integration of more projects that have their own comic arc.

This is your time to be a part of a new generation of entertainment, as well as grow your financial position.

Discussing the Ernest Comics Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah stated, “ It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons. We are truly excited to share the Ernest Comics project and explain its fundamentals to our readers about the comic characters, species and how to own their unique tradeable NFTs! We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

A quote from Founder of Ernest Comics Anthony, “We believe trust is the best form of currency. The Platinum Crypto academy has done a fantastic job establishing this over the years, within their community. Being able to work intimately with such dedicated people, has not only been an inspiration, but also an opportunity for us to learn and build a strong foundation within our own.”

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