Galaxy Eggs NFT is a collection of 9,999 Eggs of the metaverse that live on the Ethereum blockchain. It was launched in January at a floor price of 0.19 Ethereum and the entire collection was sold out within days. You can now buy Galaxy Eggs NFT on OpenSea and there are currently 5,071 owners of Galaxy Eggs NFT. The highest sale price so far for Galaxy Eggs NFT has been 41 Ethereum.

Galaxy Eggs NFT

This is the first project of (art)ificial, an art studio that explores the boundaries of technology and art. The goal is to take part in the creation of metaverse and support metaverse art. The project is led by artist Gal Barkan, a 3D visualization artist, visual designer and musician, who has been creating SciFi, Fantasy, CyberPunk, Surreal and Psychedelic artworks for many years.

In fact, the developers claim that every piece in the Galaxy Eggs collection is already a fully built 3D environment and they have not yet scratched the surface on what they could do with the 3D assets they already have.

The brief description of the collection posted on OpenSea summed it up as a culmination of a lifetime of work on one hand, and the beginning of a new chapter in participating in the creation of the metaverse. It has already acquired few parcels of land in NFT World and are looking for new ideas on how to use them. For the purpose, they have also invited suggestions from their community.

In the second phase of their development roadmap, the developers plan to partner with a top-notch screenwriter who would lead the creative story telling of the project. Together with the screenwriter, they plan to turn the foundation story into a pitch bible and present it to the studios.

In terms of giveaways, the holders of a Galaxy Eggs NFT and Galaxy Warrior NFT will get the first edition of the Galaxy Eggs Comics for free. Earlier, they sent a printed 10K resolution poster of their Egg, signed by Gal Barkan, to the homes of 20 randomly selected holders of Galaxy Eggs NFTs.