The Grandpa Ape Country Club (GACC) is a collection of 5,000 Grandpa Ape NFTs, that reside on the Ethereum blockchain. It also doubles up as your membership card to the Country Club and grants access to members-only benefits.

Among the key benefits for the members is access to THE GREENS, a place where you can just hang with the boys and future perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

The floor price was 0.045 Ethereum and the highest sale price so far is 1.2 Ethereum. All the Grandpa Ape NFTs are sold out and you can now buy them through secondary sales on OpenSea. There are currently 1,584 owners of the GACC NFTs.

Nonetheless, the developers are still keen on further developing the community and are regularly showcasing their collections on their social media channels and conducting regular interactive sessions on social media with the users.

In fact, such is the level of interest and interaction on social media that they recently retweeted a tweet by one user who believed one user tweeted that every holder of Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs should hold at least one GACC NFT and have them side by side.

Moreover, they also use their social media channels to update users about their sales performance. For instance, it tweeted this week that 55 GACCs were sold in the preceding 24 hours and the seven-day average sale is 0.32 Ethereum. The 14-day average sale is 0.36 Ethereum.

There are 305 GACC NFTs listed below 0.5 Ethereum and 453 GACC NFTs listed above 1 Ethereum. Besides, there are 234 GACC NFTs that are listed at between 0.5 Ethereum and 1 Ethereum.

In terms of their roadmap, they will airdrop Grandpa Apes as well as Ethereum to GACC holders and create a community wallet. Besides, it will also launch GACC Merch Store, which will offer limited edition clothing and accessories.

The team behind the GACC are two friends who set out to make some spiffy apes and test their skills.