HAVE NFT - The Veteran Bulldog NFT

Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment (HAVE), a two-year old US-based organization set up to connect veterans with support and opportunities in the real world through blockchain, plans to launch a total of 4,444 NFT Digital Challenge Coins and also launch new initiatives using blockchain technology.

Traditionally, Challenge Coins are collectible coins or medallions that carry an organization or unit’s insignia or emblem and are presented by a unit commander to acknowledge an accomplishment of a unit member.

By blending the tradition of military Challenge Coins with cutting-edge NFT, HAVE is raising funds for veteran non-profits, to connect veterans with each other and with resources to heal and empower more efficiently for a larger impact by serving those who served.

The Digital Challenge Coin NFTs will be divided into four sets – Veteran Bulldog, Falcon, Goat and Mule. The first collection of HAVE NFT is the Veteran Bulldog, which is a collection of 1,111 unique NFTs available on havenft.io marketplace.

Owning a HAVE Veteran Bulldog NFT enables you to participate in all future HAVE NFT launches, grants you membership to the HAVE ecosystem of veteran healing and financial empowerment services, and unlocks the growing ecosystem of blockchain based financial tools for you.

The HAVE NFT project is a veteran owned project for the veterans and their families. On an average, 22 veterans commit suicides every year, despite the number of support organizations burgeoning to over 30,000 nationwide. Therefore, the issue is not lack of available help, but ease of access to such available help and support.

HAVE also plans to implement blockchain documentation of the healing modalities and outcomes as well as blockchain documentation of existing programs for veteran mental health and suicide to create a central database. 

The goal of HAVE is not only to fund groups that support such veterans, but also to bring these organizations under one roof so that veterans can effectively find the support and healing they require.

The funds raised will be used to donate to up to 100 non-profit organizations for veterans, fund gatherings, and connect veterans to the decentralized finance economy for access to capital, opportunities and empowerment programs.

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