MBA Students Raise $3k

Before I explain the Salamander and Robin Hood, let me just say this is a brilliant story… Both heart-warming, and all-round hilarious. A group of students from INSEAD graduate business school’s Paris branch, currently enrolled for their Masters of Business Administration, raised a magnificent $3,000 for the school’s Scholarship Fund, appropriately named the ‘Robin Hood Scholarship’. How? An NFT sale of course!

Michelle Yu, Ferdinand Issels, and two other students masterfully created a beautiful, inspiring, awe-inducing masterpiece and sold it via an NFT sale. Alright, alright I’ll tell you about the Salamander! Their spectacular, electrifying, breath-taking piece of artwork… Depicted a pixel Robin Hood jumping on and subsequently riding a pixel Fire-Football-breathing Salamander (Fire-Soccer-Ball-breathing Salamander for you Americans) on a green backdrop, afront a classic explosion effect and (this is the best part) trailing a Nyan Cat-inspired rainbow behind them.

You’re dying to see it, I know, well here it is:

This brand-new method of fundraising for schools and scholarships will be sure to catch on, but I’m not really sure what can beat what these students have done artistically.

If you’re aware of how NFTs work, you’ll know full well that any secondary sale of this NFT will result in a percentage of the sale value going straight into the Robin Hood Scholarship fund, allowing our beloved Salamander friend to keep on giving to students in need of financial aid for their education. The royalty on this NFT has reportedly been set at 10%, so if our Salamander keeps making the rounds and increasing in value, he’ll change a lot of lives for many years to come.

To make the NFT more accessible in the initial sale, the NFT auction was held in Fiat currency as opposed to cryptocurrency, however it will be minted through Ethereum when it’s transferred to its new owner, graduate Goldman Sachs banker Alberto Marega.