Ferrari Roaring into NFT Space

Beautiful Italian luxury sports cars, usually in red, could be racing their way into your crypto wallet.

Ferrari have announced a partnership with the Velas Network, a Swiss blockchain start-up. In the announcement Ferrari stated that the multi-year partnership agreement was to jointly issue “exclusive digital content” for fans of Ferrari’s professional sports team, Scuderia.

Second to this, Velas will the be primary sponsor for Ferrari’s very own esports series, aptly named ‘Ferrari Esports Series’ (I wonder how long it took to come up with that one…). The Ferrari Esports Series is an online series designed to find the greatest virtual drivers to compete in the upcoming F1 Esports Series, on team Ferrari. The F1 Esports Series will include all the teams that are participating in the FIA Formula One World Championship.

The partnership sets the scene for Ferrari’s future within the crypto industry, and more specifically, the NFT and crypto-gaming sectors.

The exclusive digital content that’s to be issued for Scuderia’s fans could imply the future existence of not-so-exclusive digital content, allowing fans of Ferrari to perhaps mint a Ferrari NFT for themselves. Velas has a lot of experience within the crypto-space and will make a fine partner for Ferrari, so I’m sure as time goes on, we’ll see some magnificent things from the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, beyond the luxury Italian sports cars of course.

The General Manager of Scuderia Ferrari stated that the company chose Velas to be one of its premium partners due to the values that they both share, such as innovation and the performance of products and services that are technologically advanced. Similarly, newly-appointed CEO and co-founder of Velas, Farkhad Shagulyamov, stated that the partnership with Ferrari was natural, as they were “another icon of excellence”.

I simply cannot wait to find out what this exclusive digital content is, I’m crossing my fingers for something related to the ever-beautiful Ferrari Enzo, but I imagine since it’ll be oriented to Scuderia fans, we’re likely going to see something related to the SF90 instead.