NFT Market Summary May 23, 2022


Financial markets around the world are going through a very turbulent phase at the moment and crypto and NFT are not immune to it. However, as experts say, this should not be seen as the end of the road for emerging sectors like crypto and NFT Market. Instead, dark days are when new innovative ideas germinate and history is witness to it.

In the world of crypto and NFT, many new use cases and utilities are being talked about and, thankfully, there are investors too who are willing to bet on these new opportunities. This will only increase once these use cases align with the priorities and needs of mainstream financial markets.

One such product is Real-World Asset (RWA) NFT, in which physical assets are represented as digital tokens. Where else to showcase a new financial instrument than on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum’s annual meet in Davos, Switzerland this week. It is the place where the crème-de-la-crème of global business and politics meet to discuss the future of world economy.

CurioDAO has therefore lined up a five-day event in Davos to showcase its latest financial product within NFT Market technology to some of the world’s most influential people almost simultaneously. Read on to find out more.

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CurioDAO to host special event at Davos

As the world’s most powerful political and business leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland this week to discuss the future of the global economy, CurioDAO will be hosting a special five-day event in Davos to showcase their pioneering work in NFT Market technology and culture.

RollApp Launch

RollApp is CurioDAO’s Real-World Asset (RWA) NFT launchpad and people can visit their NFT Shop in Davos to meet the team behind it, look at how the platform works and why it represents such a major leap forward for the crypto sector.

RWA NFT are physical assets represented as tokens (fractionalized or not) on the blockchain. The Curio team, along with Swiss asset manager, Leo Trust, will be providing live demonstration of how anybody can submit such assets – cars, diamonds, fine wine or even real estate to RollApp for tokenization.

Leo Trust will harness Curio’s superior technology and regulatory framework to demonstrate the benefits of fractionalization by minting an NFT of physical artwork. Fractionalization allows investors to rebalance their exposure to the asset as valuation evolves or dollar-cost-average into a high value collectible asset. Investors can use their tokens as collateral to access instant lending and even earn passive income by re-investing their loan – all free of gas fees.

Curio has recently integrated the SKALE network with RollApp to bring gasless NFT minting and trading on the platform. SKALE integration offers a secure solution to a key problem facing the NFT market – unpredictability and high fees.

1inch Pro Day

Decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator 1inch Network will be talking about 1inch Pro, their solution to bring institutional investors to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and discuss the challenges involved in bringing the more traditional, regulated financial world to what many see as the Wild West of DeFi. There will also be plenty of VC in attendance to share their thoughts on DeFi, regulation, NFT and investment strategies for current market conditions.

Women and Web3

An all-female panel will meet to discuss what will shape tomorrow’s economic transformation in the world of Web3. The event will be co-hosted by shechain and Unit Network. There will be lot of opportunities to buy new NFT throughout the event.

Defy Trends

Women-led crypto analytics platform Defy Trends has signed on as a strategic partner to the Cristobal Balenciaga: To the Moon NFT Market Drop, which aims to set the standard for NFT fashion through community building, inclusivity and empowerment.

Earlier this month, it hosted a brunch titled “NFT and Mimosas”, which was the first in a series of events focusing on the Cristobal Balenciaga: To the Moon Drop, NFT and more broadly women in crypto.

Defy Trends also presented a big opportunity for those attending it to receive a whitelist spot for the upcoming drop. This limited drop is set to launch NFT and is inspired by Lorenzo Riva’s never-before-seen collection of 8,000 drawings carefully crafted by Cristobal Balenciaga during the height of the couture movement.

This drop will feature a plethora of redeemable objects such as designer gear, gift cards to high-end designer brands, digital metaverse wearables, and even the 70-year old drawings by Cristobal. It will ensure focus on affordability, utility, community and longevity, which are also core to the mission of the project.

VIP Card Room

VIP Card Room is a community-driven NFT and poker gaming platform on the blockchain. The public sale will begin on Monday and the poker game, NFT staking and token airdrop will be launched simultaneously. The initial price for whitelisted pre-sale is 0.01 ETH plus gas fees.

The NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique tokens living on the Ethereum network. The holders are qualified to access its gaming platform and every NFT holder is entitled to play in the freeroll game with prize pool up to US $50,000 each day.

The team behind the project, comprising game developers with over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, promises to bring more games and elements to create a superior entertainment experience. It is also backed by several major gaming companies with strong resources in poker community, both online and offline.

The NFT will also give special tailor-made attributes to the gameplay, which will be revealed in the next phase. The game project will be heavily powered by strong token economy and play-to-earn structure.

In terms of the in-game features, certain special perks are embedded in the NFT which the holders can enjoy when playing the game. The perks depend on the level of rarity of each NFT. Rare NFT are often more sought after in the secondary market and hence, their price will be marked differently. The game is set to be launched in the second half of the current calendar year.

Mutant Sheeps Lab

Mutant Sheeps Lab is a collection of 5,555 uniquely designed mutated sheeps-themed NFT living on the Solana blockchain. The official minting price is 1.5 SOL for whitelisted users and 2 SOL for the general public.

Mutant Sheeps Lab

Holding a Mutant Sheep NFT grants the holders 10 $WOOL tokens per day and, for Legendary NFT, it will get them 30 $WOOL. Apart from that, it will grant access to exclusive community events, such as giveaways, social events for holders, exclusive access to merchandise and early access to its play-to-earn game. Besides, holders of Mutant Sheep NFT will also be able to breed a totally new Mutant Sheep NFT in the next few months.


As evident from the above developments. there is no dearth of new project launches in the crypto and NFT space. That itself proves that some people are convinced that this dark phase is transitory and there are many opportunities in crypto, NFT Market and blockchain, which still remain to be explored.
Perhaps, this meltdown in the market will clear the froth that had developed in the market due to excessive speculation and genuine and strong ideas in crypto, NFT and blockchain will evolve to be the next big things. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you.