Oni Squad NFT is a collection of 6,666 NFTs, residing on the Ethereum blockchain. All of them are currently sold out. Each Oni is unique, generated procedurally based on 242 traits and are hand drawn by top Reddit artists. Moreover, each Oni comes with their unique music that is generated using a particular program. You can also customize your own NFT game.

The floor price of the NFTs was 0.065 Ethereum and the highest sale price so far has been 2 Ethereum and there are currently 2,837 owners of Oni Squad NFTs.

The developers said their goal is to be the “Zynga of crypto” and are creating casual Web 3 play-to-earn games adapted from proven game types in the casual mobile and play-to-earn games. The Oni Mansion games have NFTs and tokens as the primary rewards for the players.

For instance, it is currently running offers and contests for followers of its social media channels and is offering varying quantities of Oni Mansion coins to the lucky winners.

The Oni Mansion NFT game developers claim that Oni Mansion NFTs will be important in future play-to-earn games developed by Oni Squad and promise to substantially enhance the drops and rewards for Oni Squad NFT holders in future.

In terms of their development roadmap, the first beta version of the Oni Mansion Game was launched in December in partnership with other NFT collections. It was also when they completed the seed round of venture capital fundraising.

Thereafter, in January, the second beta version was launched with music.

They would launch the Phase 2 of the Oni Mansion Game as well as iOS and Android versions of the game in the second quarter of 2022. In addition, it will launch Oni Verse (Metaverse) which will be a storefront for customizing NFTs.

They also plan to bring other NFT collections into their games, with a focus on collaborative game play and superior onboarding like bridgeless and gasless flow for their first on-chain game where users will be able to mint an NFT for free.

In fact, it claims to be the first of its kind game where one can build their own NFT and the games will be hosted on the Polygon network. For Oni Mansion games, the developers have developed technology that would enable players to bridge their NFTs over from Ethereum to Polygon.