Shark Boys Fight Club (SBFC) is a collection of 8,888 rare NFTs with 180 different traits, and residing on the Ethereum blockchain. You will be able to purchase, trade, train and compete your Sharks at the SBFC’s Fighterverse. The ownership and commercial usage rights over the NFTs have been given to the consumers.

Shark Boys Fight Club NFT

All the SBFC NFTs are sold out at a floor price of 0.089 Ethereum. You can now buy them on OpenSea and the highest sale price so far has been 2 Ethereum. There are currently 1,438 owners of SBFC NFTs.

The SBFC NFTs also double up as your membership card and grants you access to the exclusive SBFC Merch and parties. Moreover, they hope to launch matching SBFC VX by the end of February and it will be reserved only for SBFC owners.

SBFC VX is a set of custom playable avatars into the Fighterverse or Sandbox game. The first prototype of SBFC VX has already been publicly shared by the developers through their social media channels.

The SBFC is not just an avatar project and you can collect the SBFC NFTs to earn $LOX. Holders can train their Sharks for $LOX which may be used for a number of future utilities, especially in the SBFC’s Fighterverse.

There is also a trading card game, in which Shark holders will be present 4 SBFC NFTs to play or can use $LOX to borrow an NFT from the marketplace. This way, the developers claim, the value of $LOX will grow as in tandem with that of the project.

The project also plans to make a real impact by helping in the efforts to raise awareness of the critical issues that sharks face and, by doing so, protect those and other endangered species.

The founders of the project are 4 friends who grew up playing video games and watching Japanese animation and later wanted to have some fun in the NFT space. They started out with some random sketches on bar napkins and later turned them into a collection of Shark Boys NFTs. They are still open to ideas and suggestion from their community to further expand the project.