Swampverse is a collection of 9,600 NFTs featuring frog and toad characters, with algorithmically generated clothing, expressions and accessories. It is an Ethereum based project looking to create ongoing utility for its token holders through its current rollout and future metaverse plans. In fact, it is increasingly becoming sought after due to the multiple benefits that it offers to its holders, including unlocks, staking and community access.

In fact, the NFTs double up as your membership to the Swampverse with exclusive access to a tight-knit community, limited merchandise, events and other collections such as Swampverse Creatures or Swampverse VX, which are yet to be released. 

As for the toads, not only do they have utility, but they also love to croak, which generates a $Token and that can yield even more rewards. You can unlock exclusive channels in the Discord server, have a vote in the community, unlock a 3D or VX version with $CROAKS and yield 5 $CROAKS per day. 

The developers of the project said their goal is to help anyone break their way into the NFT world successfully while having fun. The Phase 1 is being wrapped up and the Phase 2 will begin shortly.

The Swampverse brand is filled with unique and randomly generated pixel creatures to enhance your online experience. They are intended to be avatars for the two-dimensional space as well as playable avatars on platforms such as the Sandbox. 

The Sandbox and the metaverse open the possibilities for the community to create community games, adventures and experience with their uniquely owned Swampverse VX avatars. Moreover, the community will be able to vote on the future plans that the Swampverse creators will propose. They also want to host real life games and collaborate with other projects too.  

Meanwhile, in an effort to engage with their existing holders and also lure new users, the project developers are holding special contests for the coming Valentine’s Day.

The winner of the first prize will get a Valentine’s Swamper + merchandise item + custom rug and a gift card worth US $50. 

The winner of the second prize will get a Valentine’s Swamper + merchandise item and a gift card worth US $50.

The third prize winner will get a merchandise item and a gift card worth US $50 and the fourth prize winner will get a merchandise item and a gift card worth US $25. Finally, the winner of the fifth prize will a merchandise item. 

Earlier too, they have conducted various other events and contests through their social media channels and rewarded participants with giveaways.