The Boujee Leopards Club has announced its plan to offer members a plethora of amazing giveaways. Among the benefits to be enjoyed are real-world utilities, including free Ethereum. However, the development map is set to start once the entire collection of 6,590 Leopard NFTs has been sold out.

An Overview of the Giveaways

The club has outlined several stages, each of which defines what members will be expecting. Firstly, the project will offer members an opportunity to own real-world utilities. Aside from scholarships, there’ll be a free ETH, a trip to Dubai, and several free ones to different animal sanctuaries.

Second, the giveaways include $100,000 to a wildlife reserve, plus raffling off a Porsche 911 worth $114,000 to one holder. Furthermore, “We’ll be keeping 25 ETH in the community vault, for the longevity and future community-driven ideas”, said Love, the CEO of the club.

The Boujee Leopards NFT project will also raffle 10 Custom Leopards and there’ll also be daily giveaways for 30 consecutive days. Besides this, members will be joining the technical team in exploring the metaverse.

The development journey will also focus on giving members helpful information about the NFT space, creating valuable connections, an opportunity to own the Boujee Leopard Collectible (Tangible Figurines like Kaws), and getting $Boujee token rewards.

The Boujee Leopards Club Project

As a result of extensive poaching, the number of snow leopards has massively reduced. Currently, there are only 6,590 left on planet Earth. That’s why membership is capped at 6,590 in order to create awareness, donations and just support this family of amazing ghosts of the mountains. In other words, the goal is to prevent possible extinction of the snow leopards.

The Boujee Leopards Club is an NFT project whereby membership is solely through owning one of the 6,590 Snow Leopard NFTs. None of the amazing leopard artwork resembles  another. They feature a variety range of hand-drawn traits like different aesthetics, personality, and utility.