99Defi.network is a permission-less decentralized protocol that enables lending and borrowing services through Blockchain smart contracts.

The current DeFi landscape is growing, and there is no doubt that it is ripe with massive potential. However, glaring issues still arise as the DeFi ecosystem expands and new cryptocurrency investors join the markets.

99DEFI hopes to address those issues and offer superior DeFi products for investors, token holders, and the cryptocurrency markets in general. We also hope to become the most prominent decentralized P2P network for secured loans in the world.

99Defi Protocol enables you to Borrow and lend in a safe and transparent way. The 99DEFI smart contract automatically matches borrowers and lenders and calculates interest rate based on the ratio of borrowed to supplied assets.


The platform consists of three main components: our Global Liquidity Aggregator, our Smart Yield Farming Aggregator, and Smart Asset Management. These three components complement each other and create the 99DEFI ecosystem: the goal is to provide users with a one-stop shop for DeFi services. 99DEFI is a fully autonomous protocol that hopes to offer more liquidity than other decentralized exchanges and platforms. Users will be able to trade their assets thanks to liquidity sources from both centralized and decentralized exchanges.


One of the most innovative aspects of the DeFi platform is that 99DEFI actually calculates creditworthiness to ensure that lenders are providing access to capital for those who are serious about paying it back. One of the bene ts of DeFi is that people that would normally be overlooked can get access to  financial services.

However, we also understand that there has to be some sort of way to determine creditworthiness. The 99DEFI platform will calculate the repay pattern of users to ensure that creditworthiness is considered. This unique feature will differentiate 99DEFI from many other DeFi platforms, and it will allow for smarter data-driven decisions regarding  financial products.

Discussing the 99DEFI Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah noted: “ It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons. We are truly excited to share the 99DEFI project and explain its fundamentals to our readers. We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

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