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LCG Energy is a utility provider with over 10 years of market experience. The company plans to become the first electricity supplier to adopt blockchain technology and offer renewable energy projects worth €80 million offering 20% ROI to investors.

With new strategic partnerships and its upcoming blockchain initiative, LCG Energy is forecasting its revenue to reach €200 million in 2020.

Research has stated multiple use cases for blockchain in the energy sector, suggesting that the innovative technology might be the key towards the resolution of some of our most pressing environmental problems. Recently, the blockchain market was faced with a precedent – an experienced energy company announced its plans to become a pioneer in the sector by creating a unique blockchain-enabled energy ecosystem.


LCG Energy is a licensed utility provider, energy contractor and trader that has been around since 2009. After acquiring official licensing by the German and Austrian state Federal Network Agencies for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Posts and Railway in 2014 and 2015 respectively, LCG Energy became one of the few independent electricity suppliers in the D-A-CH region. The company is currently serving the needs of over 50.000 customers and is planning to become of the top utility providers in Europe. Having already established 5 subsidiary companies in The Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Gibraltar, LCG Energy has secured its reach on the old continent. With plans to acquire licensing everywhere in Europe until the end of 2021 and go global in 2022, the company is on its way to become a world leader in the energy sector.

What is special about LCG Energy is the fact that unlike most startups on the blockchain market that are newly founded, the company has already been generating profit for ten years prior to the launch of its Initial Coin Offering. Funded exclusively with private funds, LCG Energy has acquired no debt since its foundation and has been steadily increasing its revenue each year after its foundation. After reaching its record revenue of over 40M in 2019, LCG is one of the very few companies on the blockchain market that has a working business model with a guaranteed return of investment. This translates in much lower risk for the investor and a higher expected ROI due to the high market expertise of the company, its available resources and yearly investment volume.


The full-fledged energy ecosystem with the LCG Energy platform at its heart will provide multiple energy-related services to consumers even beyond the geographical reach the company. Through the digital platform, existing customers of LCG Energy will have detailed reports about their consumption and will be able to acquire energy at even lower prices than they currently are. What is more, LCG Energy is working on a revolutionary blockchain-enabled Smart Meter, a concept that has been only a projection until now. Having installed Smart Meters for years now, LCG Energy knows the technology behind them in and out and is able to work on its further improvement. The blockchain Smart Meters will potentially become a worldwide standard, which will position the company in a unique position.

As an integral part of the project, the LCG token will facilitate all payments inside the LCG Energy ecosystem. The token will hold utility value as a payment instrument on the LCG Energy platform, while it provides a secure and reliable investment tool at the same time. Being backed by green investments, the LCG token will be basically supported by a stable financial instrument with an expected ROI of 20%. 80% of all proceedings raised in the three phases of the Initial Coin Offering will be dedicated to the acquisition of renewable energy projects, each of which will be evaluated by a dedicated team of experts and enlisted in land registers, ensuring their legal conformity. The activities related to these investments will be made accessible to all token holders on the LCG Energy platform, thus the complete transparency of the activities of the company.

The LCG token will further act as a pillar for investments related to the traditional business model of LCG Energy. The company is currently in the process of setting up a € 350 mn fund for renewable energy projects with an initial investment flow of 20M Euros in early 2020. With new partnerships later this year and the conclusion of the LCG Energy token sale in April, the company believes that the fund will quickly grow to reach over 80M Euros in early 2021.


After a successful private sale and over 10M Euro raised, LCG Energy is now conducting a pre-sale, offering 15% bonus LCG tokens on all investments. The main and final phase will commence in March and April 2020.

Although most utility companies are seeing research and development in green energy and tightening regulations such as higher carbon taxes as a hit on their cost structures, LCG Energy has decided to embrace the change rather than to fight it. By taking the big step towards the consensus between energy efficiency and financial stability, the company is able to transform this in a competitive advantage and become a visionary. To learn more about LCG Energy, their blockchain initiative and track record, visit  LCG Energy

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